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ANDERIC RRC745 JVC TV Remote Control

Part Number: RRC745

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RRC745 JVC Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RRC745 JVC Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic RRC745 remote control replaces many original equipment JVC TV remotes. The RRC745 will work right out of the package for compatible JVC TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RRC745 is a pre-programmed JVC TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like SLEEP, MENU, PIP and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual.

- This remote only works JVC TVs
- This remote will NOT program to any other devices (DVD players, Cable boxes, etc.)
- Full MENU features are supported with this remote
- This remote will replace the following models (but not limited to): RM-C751W, RM-C750, RM-C749, RM-C748, RM-C747, RM-C746, RM-C745, RM-C744, RM-C743, RM-C742, RM-C741, RM-C740, RM-C735, RM-C734, RM-C733, RM-C732, RM-C731, RM-C730, RM-C729, RM-C728, RM-C727, RM-C726, RM-C725, RM-C724, RM-C723, RM-C722

WARNING: Before ordering this remote, please compare the buttons on this remote with the buttons on your original remote to make sure this remote will operate all the buttons you need.

Model: RRC745 JVC
Part Number: RRC745
Catalogue No.: 35732
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401.3, Use code: 2757,2701 (click here for programming instructions)

ANDERIC RRC745 JVC Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: AV1414EE, AV1415EE, AV1434EE, AV1435EE, AV1438, AV14A10, AV14A3, AV14AMG3, AV14ATG2, AV14F10, AV14F3, AV14F4, AV14F4EE, AV14FM, AV14FMG3, AV14FMG3B, AV14FMG6B, AV14FT, AV14FTG2, AV14KG11, AV14KG21, AV16KG11, AV16N7, AV16N7VT, AV16N8, AV20020, AV20021, AV20121, AV20320, AV20321, AV20421, AV20421/SA, AV2049S, AV2059S, AV20721, AV20730, AV20820, AV209020, AV20920, AV20921, AV20D304, AV20N3, AV20N4, AV20N8, AV20NMG3B, AV20NT, AV20NTG, AV20NTG2, AV2104EE, AV2105EE, AV2115EE, AV2124EE, AV2134EE, AV2135EE, AV21A10, AV21A4, AV21ATG2, AV21BMG6, AV21CG16, AV21D10, AV21D3, AV21DM10, AV21DMG3, AV21DMG6, AV21DTG2, AV21EM, AV21F10, AV21F4, AV21F8, AV21FMG3B, AV21FMG6, AV21FMG6B, AV21FT, AV21GG11, AV21LMG3, AV21LT1, AV21LT3, AV21LTG1, AV21PM, AV21Q3, AV21QMG3, AV21TG16, AV21U3, AV21WM11, AV21YMG6, AV232980, AV2649S, AV2659, AV2659S, AV27015, AV27020, AV270201, AV27020PH, AV27050, AV27115, AV2730, AV27320, AV27330, AV27430, AV27432, Show more models

AV27432, AV27720, AV27730, AV27750, AV27770, AV27770P, AV277720, AV278020, AV27820US, AV2785, AV27850, AV278M6, AV278P5, AV278PS, AV2790, AV27900, AV279020, AV27920, AV279201, AV279210, AV27B4, AV27B95, AV27B96, AV27BH5, AV27BH6, AV27BP5, AV27BPG, AV27BX5, AV27CM4, AV27D104, AV27D201, AV27D303, AV27D501, AV27S33, AV2820, AV28750, AV2982T, AV311BM5, AV313P6, AV318MJ, AV318PS, AV31BM3, AV31BM6, AV31BMJ, AV31BMS, AV31BP6, AV31BPG, AV31BPS, AV31BX5, AV31DP5, AV32002, AV32015, AV32015A, AV32020, AV320200, AV320201, AV32020A, AV32020PH, AV320500, AV320501, AV32050A, AV32052, AV320S0, AV32330, AV32360, AV32430, AV32432, AV3270, AV32720, AV32730, AV32770, AV327781, AV3280, AV32820, AV32820A, AV32826, AV32850, AV32850A, AV32920, AV32920A, AV32950, AV32950A, AV32D201, AV32D201B, AV32D501, AV32S36, AV336850, AV35570, AV3570, AV35720, AV35750, AV35770, AV35790, AV35820, AV358P6, AV35955, AV35B5, AV35B96, AV35BC5, AV35BH6, AV35BP4, AV35BP5, av35bp6, AV35BPG, AV35BPS, AV35BX5, AV36020, AV36050, AV36050PH, AV3620, AV36320, AV36330, AV36360, AV3650, AV3685, AV368500, AV36850U, AV36950, AV36985, AV36D5, AV36D500, AV36D501, AV36S33, AV36S36, AV37770, AV37850, AV37950, AV37BM6, AV37BP6, AV38950, AV38M501, AV3950, AV39650, AV729489, AV82850, AVBM6, AVD7920, AVG36850, AVN8VT, AVT2982AR, AVT2982ARCK, AVZ7820, AZ2770, AZ27720, AZ27770, AZ27850, AZ27BM6, AZ27D201, AZ32720, AZ32920, AZV32850, C1301, C13010, C13011, C13110, C13111, C13111X, C131910, C13211, C13310, C13311, C13910GY, C13911, C13CL6, C13WL5, C13WL6, C20010, C20110, C20310, C20CL6, CF30D50, CT3910, DSTP100, DVP3560K/F8, GXN70U, HCDEC70, HDZ56RX5, HR930U, JVAAV27770, JVCAV20920, JVCAV278050, JVCAV27850, JVCAV32750, JVCAV35750, JVCAV36020, JVCAV36850

Compatible with TV models: 14527, 20920, 27730, 27770, 27820, 27850, 27950, 27BM5, 27D201, 29V27770, 32020, 32770, 32950, 35770, 35UX70B, 4VV27820, A27920, A328820, A35770, A36850, AAV27850, AB32020, AB32850, AB32920, AB32980, AC20920, AD27820, AD27850, AN36850, AU27820, AU27BP6, AU318BM6, AU32770, AU32850, AU35BP6, AV1403AE, AV1403FE, AV1404AE, AV1404F/E, AV1404FE, AV1407, AV14145/N, AV14148/N, AV1414FE, AV14A14, AV14A14/A, AV14A14/H, AV14A14/L, AV14AG14/U, AV14AMG4/G, AV14AMG4/S, AV14F114/B, AV14F14, AV14FMG4/G, AV14FMG4/S, AV16N214/V, AV17V214/V, AV20220, AV20220S, AV20N14, AV20NMG4/G, AV20NMG4/S, AV2103CE, AV2103DE, AV2103QE, AV2103TE, AV2103YE/SK, AV2104C/E, AV2104CE, AV2104D/E, AV2104DE, AV2104Q/E, AV2104QE, AV2104T/E, AV2104TE, AV2104Y/E, AV2104YE, AV2105, AV2107, AV2114YE, AV21C14, AV21CG14/U, AV21CMG4/G, AV21D114/B, AV21D14, AV21DMG4/G, AV21DMG4/S, AV21E14, AV21F14, AV21F24, AV21FMG4B/G, AV21L14, AV21LMG4/G, AV21T14, AV21T14/A, AV21T14/H, AV21TG14/U, AV21TMG4/G, AV21TMG4/S, AV21U4/SK, Show more models

Customer Reviews:


    Order came quickly. Replaced my very, very old different-brand remote and all the functions work perfectly, as they stated. The battery compartment is a very tight but still works.

    by Bonita on April 18, 2018.
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    It is the correct replacement for my old one. It works just like it said it would. I am very happy with it.

    by Barbara on November 07, 2017.
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    Excellent service, easy to use

    by joyce on May 02, 2017.
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    Quick shipping and good price.

    by Anonymous on September 25, 2015.
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    My TV had basically become non-functional because the remote could no longer control many functions for which there was no button on the TV. It would have otherwise been e-waste if I hadn't found your site. The new remote worked exactly as it should and the TV is now usable. Thanks!

    by Anonymous on September 02, 2015.
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    Works perfectly as a complete replacement for the original JVC remote. I use it only to turn on/off the TV, as all else is controlled through a set-top satellite receiver. I would have preferred a choice of colour other than black, too easy to lose sight of and confuse with other remotes - it's not a model T!

    by Anonymous on December 16, 2014.
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    Replacement Remotes

    by Anonymous on November 23, 2014.
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    We would recommend this site to others.

    by Anonymous on September 10, 2013.
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