ANDERIC RR511110 Panasonic TV Remote Control

ANDERIC RR511110 Panasonic TV Remote Control
Part Number: RR511110

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight 4-device universal):

The Anderic RR0777S 4-Device Universal remote control is great for combining up to four remotes into one. The RR0777S is an advanced universal remote that can be programmed to up to 4 devices using the TV, DVD, STB and AUX modes. The remote includes popular features for your Panasonic/Vizio/Samsung TVs like APPS, NETFLIX, HOME and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. All Anderic remotes come with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

• Pre-programmed for Panasonic TVs (but can be programmed to any brand using the provided operating manual)
• 4-Device Universal
• Extensive code database
• Learning ability
• Access INTERNET app by Pressing APPS key and selecting on the Internet app
• Full key Backlighting for easy use in dark rooms
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Optional screw for battery cover (included)
• Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01
• 1-Year Replacement Warranty

?Pre-programmed to the following:

TV - Panasonic (2731)

DVD - Samsung (3229)

STB - Motorola (5260)

Aux - Vizio Sound Bar (4240)

NOTE: by default, this remote [TV] mode is locked. When enabled, this feature allows for locking a device mode so that it cannot be re-programmed. To allow for programming the TV mode, please follow instructions for disabling the lock feature below.

  1. Press and hold the mode key (e.g. TV) you wish to enable/disable device mode lock for, for about 3 seconds until mode key lights and remains on, release the mode key.
  2. Input code “9 9 8 1”.
    • a. if Enabled - Mode light goes out directly
    • b. if Disabled - Mode light blinks 2 times

Model: RR0777S Preprogrammed for Panasonic TVs with Learning and Backlight
Part Number: RR0777S
Catalogue No.: 80890

The replacement for original ANDERIC RR511110 Panasonic Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original ANDERIC RR511110 Panasonic Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

This product is Discontinued. ANDERIC RRU401.4 IS THE SUBSTITUTE AND USE CODE 2777

This Remote can be Used as a Replacement for all the Following Remote Models: EUR511110, EUR511111, EUR511112, EUR511113 EUR641241, EUR501050, EUR501050A, EUR501051, EUR501051A, EUR501052, EUR501053, EUR501057 (NO CC), EUR501059 (NO CC), EUR641036, EUR50378, TNQ2AE006-1, EUR501220, EUR50174, EUR50441, EUR50444, EUR50487, EUR50433, EUR64743, EUR50379, EUR51245, EUR3615, EUR37130, EUR37140, EUR37212, EUR501200 (NO VCR POWER), EUR501201 (NO VCR POWER), EUR501220 (NO VCR POWER), EUR501222 (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501222A (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501223 (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501223A (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501224 (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501224A (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501225 (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501225A (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501230 (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501232 (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501232A (NO VCR & CBL POWER), EUR501331, EUR501332, EUR501333, EUR501334, EUR501335, EUR501337, EUR501338, EUR501341, EUR501342, EUR501343, EUR501344, EUR501345, EUR501371, EUR501372, EUR501374, EUR501375, EUR501376, EUR501380, EUR501350, EUR501450, EUR501451, EUR501453, EUR501452, EUR501455, EUR501456, EUR50173A, EUR50174, EUR50196, EUR50198, EUR50199, EUR50201, EUR50202, EUR50218, EUR50218A, EUR50255, EUR50256, EUR50264, EUR50291A, EUR50293A, EUR50294, EUR511000, EUR511000A, EUR511151, EUR511510, EUR511511, EUR511517, EUR7613Z30, TNQ2AE0071, EUR50721, EUR501221, TNQ2AE012, EUR501341, EUR50253, EUR501200, EUR501201, EUR501220, EUR501222A, EUR501221A, EUR501230, EUR501232A, EUR501310, EUR50323 (MOST FEAT.), EUR50344 (MOST FEAT.), EUR50350, EUR50416 (NO SLEEP), EUR50423 (NO SLEEP, AUD MODE, ANT, VCR, POWER), EUR50426 (NO SLEEP, AUD MODE, ANT, VCR, POWER), EUR511000 (NO VCR & CABLE POWER), EUR511000A (NO VCR & CABLE POWER), EUR511001 (NO VCR & CABLE POWER), EUR511001A (NO VCR & CABLE POWER), EUR511010 (NO VCR & CABLE POWER), EUR511010A (NO VCR & CABLE POWER), EUR511011 (NO VCR & CABLE POWER), EUR511011A (NO VCR & CABLE POWER), EUR511050 (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511050A (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511050B (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511050D (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511051 (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511051A (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511052 (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511052A (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), TNQ2AE001-1 (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511060 (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511060B (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511060A (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511061 (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511061B (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511061C (NO DSS, RCVR, CD, AUX), EUR511151 (NO CD/CBL/DBS/RCVR FUNC.), EUR511151B (NO CD/CBL/DBS/RCVR FUNC.), EUR511151C (NO CD/CBL/DBS/RCVR FUNC.), EUR511170 (NO CD/CBL/DBS/RCVR FUNC.), EUR511170B (NO CD/CBL/DBS/RCVR FUNC.), EUR511171 (NO CD/CBL/DBS/RCVR FUNC.), EUR511171B (NO CD/CBL/DBS/RCVR FUNC.), EUR511500 (NO DBS FUNC), EUR511501 (NO DBS FUNC), EUR511502 (NO DBS FUNC), EUR511511 (NO DBS FUNC), EUR511513 (NO DBS FUNC), EUR511514 (NO DBS FUNC), EUR511517 (NO DBS FUNC, ASPECT, SPLIT), and MANY MORE.
(If it is listed as an replacement for your remote then it should work most or all features. just look to see if it has all the features(Buttons) you need.)

1 year warranty on all Anderic Replacements.

Model: RR511110 Panasonic
Catalogue No.: 32567
Battery Required : 2 AA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2777 (click here for programming instructions)

ANDERIC RR511110 Panasonic Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Compatible with TV models: HITACHI 1018, PIONEER CDXFM12375, PIONEER CDXFM1237S, Panasonic CLT2580S1, Panasonic CT2010SV, Panasonic CT2769, Panasonic CT2769S, Panasonic CT2769SCW, Panasonic CT2769SW, Panasonic CT27D42F, Panasonic CT27G23, Panasonic CT27G34A, Panasonic CT27S22W, Panasonic CT27SF13, Panasonic CT27SF13U, Panasonic CT27SF35, Panasonic CT27XF14CV, Panasonic CT31SF13, Panasonic CT31SF13U, Panasonic CT31SF14, Panasonic CT31SF14V, Panasonic CT325F35, Panasonic CT325F35W, Panasonic CT325F36, Panasonic CT3269, Panasonic CT3269S, Panasonic CT3269SCW, Panasonic CT3269SW, Panasonic CT32G23, Panasonic CT32G34, Panasonic CT32G34A, Panasonic CT32G4A, Panasonic CT32S22W, Panasonic CT32SF35W, Panasonic CT32SF36A, Panasonic CT32SX30CB, Panasonic CT32XF55, Panasonic CT32XF55W, Panasonic CT35G23, Panasonic CT36G23, Panasonic CT36G24A, Panasonic CT36G34A, Panasonic CT36G43, Panasonic CT36SF35W, Panasonic CTF3430B, Panasonic CTF3430VB, Panasonic CTF3430XB, Panasonic CTH2600R, Panasonic CTK2073S, Panasonic CTK2085, Panasonic CTK2085S, Panasonic CTK2090, Panasonic CTK2580, Panasonic CTK2580S, Panasonic CTK2770, Panasonic CTK2770S, Panasonic CTK2778S, Panasonic CTK2781S, Panasonic CTL2250S, Panasonic CTL2580, Panasonic CTL2580S, Panasonic CTL2580S1, Panasonic CTZ0G24, Panasonic CY32G34, Panasonic DMRE10, Panasonic DMRE100H, Panasonic DMRE10D, Panasonic DT61SX60, Panasonic PANCT32SF35, Panasonic PC21S85S, Panasonic PT4590, Panasonic PT4590VY, Panasonic PT46G40, Panasonic PT46G40U, Panasonic PT46G41, Panasonic PT515X60, Panasonic PT51G40, Panasonic PT51G40U, Panasonic PT51G41, Panasonic PT51G43, Panasonic PT51G43W, Panasonic PT51G63W, Panasonic PT56WFX95, Panasonic PT56WG80, Panasonic PT56WG80W, Panasonic PT56WX95, Panasonic PT56WXF90, Panasonic PT56WXF90W, Panasonic PT56WXF95, Panasonic PT56WXF95A, Panasonic PT56WXP95, Panasonic PT56WXR95, Panasonic PT60G63, Panasonic PT61G41, Panasonic PT61G63W, Panasonic PT61SX60A, Panasonic PT65WX50, Panasonic PT65WX50B, Panasonic PTH3778R, Panasonic PTH4064R, Show more models

Panasonic PTH4064R, Panasonic PTJ3778R, Panasonic PTJ4077R, Panasonic PTJ4578R, Panasonic PTJ4583R, Panasonic PTJ4588R, Panasonic PTK4074S, Panasonic PTK4077, Panasonic PTK4578S, Panasonic PTL4578S, Panasonic PTM4074, Panasonic PTM4074SC, Panasonic PTM45786, Panasonic PTM4578S, Panasonic PTM578S, Panasonic PTN4075, Panasonic PTN4075S, Panasonic PTN4076, Panasonic PTN4076S, Panasonic PTN4578, Panasonic PTN4578F, Panasonic PTN4578S, Panasonic PTN4590VY, Panasonic S3136K, TECHNICS SLPD888, TECHNICS SLPDAA8, Panasonic SP2023, Panasonic SP2023D, Panasonic SP2023DB, Panasonic SP2023MA, Quasar SP2721, Quasar SP2721UW, Quasar SP2721UW1, Quasar SP2721W, Quasar SP2721W1, Quasar SP2722, Quasar SP2722A, Quasar SP2722UA, Quasar SP2723, Quasar SP2723B, Quasar SP2723B1, Quasar SP2723UB, Quasar SP2723UB1, Quasar SP2724, Quasar SP2724E, Quasar SP2724UE, Quasar SP2725F, Quasar SP2725F1, Quasar SP2725UF, Quasar SP2725UF1, Panasonic SP2727, Panasonic SP2727T, Panasonic SP2728, Panasonic SP2728U, Panasonic SP2729, Panasonic SP2729UV, Panasonic SP2729V, Quasar SP2731, Quasar SP2731UW, Quasar SP2731W, Panasonic SP2736K, Panasonic SP3118, Panasonic SP3118U, Panasonic SP3118UU, Panasonic SP3128, Panasonic SP3128U, Panasonic SP3128UU, Quasar SP3221, Quasar SP3221UW, Quasar SP3221W, Panasonic SP3229, Panasonic SP3229UV, Panasonic SP3229V, Quasar SP3231, Quasar SP3231UW, Quasar SP3231W, Quasar SP3232, Quasar SP3232A, Quasar SP3232UA, Quasar SP3233, Panasonic SP3233B, Quasar SP3233DG, Panasonic SP3233UB, Panasonic SP3234, Panasonic SP3234E, Panasonic SP3234UE, Quasar SP3235, Quasar SP3235F, Quasar SP3235UF, Quasar SP323W, Panasonic SR5133, Panasonic SR5133B, Panasonic SR5143, Panasonic SR5143B, Panasonic TC14S80R2, Panasonic TC21S80R2, Panasonic TC25P22R, Panasonic TC29P22L, Panasonic TC29P22R, Panasonic TC29P80R, Panasonic TP56WXF95A, Panasonic TUDST51, Panasonic TUDST51A, Panasonic TUPTA500, Panasonic TUPTA500U