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ANDERIC RMC12015 for Philips Master TV Remote Control

ANDERIC RMC12015 for Philips Master TV Remote Control
Part Number: RMC12015

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RR2573 Philips Master/Setup remote control):

The Anderic RR2573 is a fully functional Master/Setup Remote Control for ALL Philips/Magnavox Commercial and Non-commercial (consumer) TVs.

Fully functional substitute for the following remotes:
RC2573GR (Green Master ITV remote)
RG4172BK (Older style black Master remote)
22AV8573/00 (Newer Yellow Hospitality remote)

Works the following types of TVs:
- Philips ITV
- Philips Commercial TVs
- Philips Professional TVs
- Philips Hospitality TVs
- All Older Magnavox Commercial TVs

No programming required.
Note: There is no sliding switch on the RR2573 because it is not needed; it's default codes are set to the "Setup" mode, no switching required. This remote is also already in the "RC5" Setup mode.

Model: RR2573 Philips Master/Setup
Part Number: RR2573
Catalogue No.: 78586

The replacement for original ANDERIC RMC12015 for Philips Master Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original ANDERIC RMC12015 for Philips Master Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

This remote is discontinued and now substituted by the ANDERIC RR2573 MASTER REMOTE (see link above).

Model: RMC12015 for Philips Master
Part Number: RMC12015
Associated Number: RMC12015
Catalogue No.: 65822
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2810 (click here for programming instructions)

ANDERIC RMC12015 for Philips Master Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Compatible with TV models: 13PR12C121, 13PRC1, 13PRC10, 13PRC101, 13PRC10121, 13PRC10122, 13PRC10123, 13PRC10124, 13PRC10125, 13PRC12, 13PSC6, 13PSC60, 13PSC601, 13PSC60121, 13PSC60123, 14PT158259W, 14PT266505, 17PT156501, 19G602, 19prc1, 19PRC10, 19PRC101, 19PRC10121, 19PRC10124, 19PRC10125, 19PRC10126, 19PRC10199, 19PRC102, 19PRC10222, 19PRC10223, 19PRC10224, 19PRC10225, 19PRC1099, 19PRC121, 19PRC12121, 19PRC12122, 19PRC2, 19PRC231, 19PRC23121, 19PRC23124, 19PSC4, 19PSC401, 19PSC40121, 19PSC50121, 19TRC10121, 19TRC10199, 21PT166400S, 21PT226420, 21PT266558, 21PT447548, 21PT532458R, 22HFL3233D/10, 22HFL5662H, 22HFL5662H/F7, 24PW632458R, 25PT4275, 25PT447558, 25PT5105, 25PT5305, 25PT530500, 25TRC1, 25TRC10, 25TRC101, 25TRC1010, 25TRC10101, 25TRC1019, 25TRC10199, 26HF5544D, 26HF5544D/27, 26HF5544D/27B, 26HF5545D, 26HF5545D/27, 26HF5545D/27B, 26HF7945D, 26HF7945D/27, 26HF7945D/27B, 26HF7955H, 26HF7955H/27, 26HF7955H/27B, 26HFL3233D/10, 26HFL3350D/10, 26HFL3381D/10, 26HFL4371D/10, 26HFL4372D/10, 26HFL4373D/10, 26HFL5561L/27, 26HFL5561V/27, 26HFL5662H, 26HFL5662H/F7, 26HFL5830D, 26HFL5830D/27, 26HFL5830D/27B, 26HFL5850D/10, 26HFL5870D/10, 26HW9100D, 26HW9100D/27, 26HW9100D/27B, 27HT4000D, 27HT4000D/27, 27HT4000D/27B, Show more models

27HT4000D/27B, 27HT4000D27, 27HT7210D, 27HT7210D/27, 27HT7210D/27B, 27HT7210D27, 27TS52C103, 27Y10000AA, 28PT425500, 28PT477501, 28PT502501, 29PT510500, 29PT530501, 29PT532401, 29PT602156A, 29PT602173R, 30HW9100D, 30HW9100D/27, 30HW9100D/27B, 30HW9100D27, 313912875690, 313923812541, 32HF5545D, 32HF5545D/27, 32HF5545D/27B, 32HF7543, 32HF7543/37, 32HF7543/37B, 32HF754337, 32HF7544D, 32HF7544D/27, 32HF7544D/27B, 32HF7945D, 32HF7945D/27, 32HF7945D/27B, 32HF7955H, 32HF7955H/27, 32HF7955H/27B, 32HF7965D, 32HF7965D/27, 32HF7965D/27B, 32HF7965D/27E, 32HFL3016D/10, 32HFL3232D/10, 32HFL3233D/10, 32HFL3350D/10, 32HFL3381D/10, 32HFL4351D/10, 32HFL4372D/10, 32HFL4373D/10, 32HFL4441D/F7, 32HFL4461F, 32HFL4461F/27, 32HFL4461F/F7, 32HFL4462F, 32HFL4462F/F7, 32HFL4663S/F7, 32HFL5460D, 32HFL5460D/27, 32HFL5460S, 32HFL5460S/27, 32HFL5561D/27, 32HFL5561L/27, 32HFL5561V/27, 32HFL5573D, 32HFL5573D/10, 32HFL5662D, 32HFL5662D/F7, 32HFL5662H, 32HFL5662H/F7, 32HFL5662L, 32HFL5662L/F7, 32HFL5763D, 32HFL5763D/F7, 32HFL5763H, 32HFL5763H/F7, 32HFL5763L, 32HFL5763L/F7, 32HFL5763X/F7, 32HFL5850D/10, 32HFL5860D, 32HFL5860D/27, 32HFL5860D/27B, 32HFL5860H, 32HFL5860H/27, 32HFL5860H/27B, 32HFL5870D/10, 32HFL7382A/10, 32HFL7406D/10, 32PFL5332/45, 32PW630420, 32PW632401, 32ST220P, 32ST220P/17, 37HF7543, 37HF7543/37, 37HF7543/37B, 37HF754337, 37HF7544D, 37HF7544D/27, 37HF7544D/27B, 37HFL4481F/F7, 37HFL4482F, 37HFL4482F/F7, 37HFL5560D, 37HFL5560D/27, 37HFL5560D/27B, 37HFL5581D/27, 37HFL5581D/F7, 37HFL5581L/27, 37HFL5581V/27, 37HFL5581V/F7, 37HFL5682D, 37HFL5682D/F7, 37HFL5682L, 37HFL5682L/F7, 37HFL5880D/10, 37HFL7561A/10, 40HFL2082D/F7, 40HFL4683S/F7, 40HFL5573D/10, 40HFL5783D, 40HFL5783D/F7, 40HFL5783H, 40HFL5783H/F7, 40HFL5783L, 40HFL5783L/F7, 40HFL5783X/F7, 40HFL7382A/10, 40HFL9561A/10, 42HF7543, 42HF7543/37, 42HF7543/37B, 42HF754337, 42HF7544D, 42HF7544D/27, 42HF7544D/27B, 42HF7544D27, 42HF7544R, 42HF7544R/27, 42HF7544R/27B, 42HF7945D, 42HF7945D/27, 42HF7945D/27B, 42HFL3016D/10, 42HFL3233D/10, 42HFL4372D/10, 42HFL4373D/10, 42HFL4482F, 42HFL4482F/F7, 42HFL5581L/27, 42HFL5581V/27, 42HFL5682D, 42HFL5682D/F7, 42HFL5682H, 42HFL5682H/F7, 42HFL5682L, 42HFL5682L/F7, 42HFL5850D/10, 42HFL5860D, 42HFL5860D/27, 42HFL5860D/27B, 42HFL5860L, 42HFL5860L/27, 42HFL5860S/27, 42HFL5880D/10, 42HFL7406D/10, 42HFL7580A, 42HFL7580A/27, 42HFL9320A/10, 42MF237S, 42PFL5332D/37, 46HFL3683S/F7, 46HFL4382D/10, 46HFL5573D/10, 47HFL4381D/10, 50HFL3683S, 50HFL3683S/F7, 52HFL5580D, 52HFL5580D/27, 52HFL5581L/27, 52HFL5581V/27, 52HFL5581V/F7, 52TA441503, 55HFL5573D/10, 58HFL9582A/10, 58HFL9956D/10, 63TA441511, CC2541, CH1727, CR4523, CR4523A, CR4523A401, CR4524, CR4524P4, CS5160, CT1921C, EM4019C101, EM6019C121, EM6025, EM6025C, EM6025C121, EMK172C101, EML992CH, EML992CH02, EML992CH04, EMX162, EMX162C101, FS4620, FS4620A101, HC9919, HC9919C, HC9919C1, HD1305, HD1305C1, HD1305C121, HD1320, HD1320C, HD1320C101, HD1321, HD1321C805, HD1905, HD1905C, HD1905C1, HD1905C101, HD1905C121, HD1905C123, HD1920, HD1920C122, 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    Was not the remote that was advertised on ***.

    by Anonymous on August 08, 2013.
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Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control:

  • RMC12015OM
    RMC12015_INSTRUCTIONS, RC2573/01_INSTRUCTIONS Operating Manual


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  • Philips Master Quick Guide/PMQGOM
    Operating Manual
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  • 26HF5443/28OM
    26hf5443/28 Operating Manual


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