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ANDERIC RRC2016 Philips TV Remote Control


Part Number: RRC2016

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RRC2016 Philips Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RRC2016 Philips Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic RRC2016 remote control replaces many original equipment Philips TV remotes. The RRC2016 will work right out of the package for compatible Philips TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RRC2016 is a pre-programmed Philips TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like SLEEP, PIP and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

Additional information:

• This remote only works Philips TVs
• This remote includes the INTELLISENSE BUTTON!
• This remote will NOT program to any other devices (DVD players, Cable boxes, etc.)
• Full MENU features are supported with this remote
• 1-YEAR replacement warranty included
• This remote is a direct replacement remote for the following models (but not limited to): RC2016/01 (Part Number: 312814713082)

WARNING: Before ordering this remote, please compare the buttons on this remote with the buttons on your original remote to make sure this remote will operate all the buttons you need.

Model: RRC2016 Philips
Associated Number: RC2016/01-312814713082
Catalogue No.: 66956
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2759 (click here for programming instructions)
Dimensions: 2.00 x 9.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

ANDERIC RRC2016 Philips Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Compatible with TV models: PHILIPS 234PW9815, PHILIPS 24PW850412, PHILIPS 24PW9815, PHILIPS 27PT40, PHILIPS 27PT40B, PHILIPS 27PT40B1, PHILIPS 27PT40B101, PHILIPS 27PT91, PHILIPS 27PT91B, PHILIPS 27PT91S, PHILIPS 27PT91S1, PHILIPS 27PT91S121, PHILIPS 27PT91S125, PHILIPS 27PT91S199, PHILIPS 27TP91, PHILIPS 28PW850412, PHILIPS 28PW850512S, PHILIPS 28PW952512L, PHILIPS 28PW953605, PHILIPS 28PW953605R, PHILIPS 28PW953619R, PHILIPS 28PW954512, PHILIPS 28PW9616, PHILIPS 29PT8800, PHILIPS 29PT880057R, PHILIPS 29PT886079R, PHILIPS 29PT889069R, PHILIPS 29PT901558, PHILIPS 29PT904612, PHILIPS 29PT904658, PHILIPS 30PW9815, PHILIPS 30PW981517, PHILIPS 30PW9817, PHILIPS 30PW981717, PHILIPS 30PW981799, PHILIPS 30PW9818, PHILIPS 30PW9818/17, PHILIPS 30PW9818/99, PHILIPS 30PW981817, PHILIPS 30PW981899, PHILIPS 30PW9819, PHILIPS 30PW9819/17, PHILIPS 30PW981917, PHILIPS 310420709561, PHILIPS 310420709581, PHILIPS 310420709602, PHILIPS 312814713651, PHILIPS 32PT70, PHILIPS 32PT70B, PHILIPS 32PT70B1, PHILIPS 32PT70B101, PHILIPS 32PT71B, PHILIPS 32PT91, PHILIPS 32PT91S, PHILIPS 32PT91S121, PHILIPS 32PW850512S, PHILIPS 32PW850519, PHILIPS 32PW952305M, PHILIPS 32PW952305R, PHILIPS 32PW952312M, PHILIPS 32PW952512, PHILIPS 32PW9534, PHILIPS 32PW953405M, PHILIPS 32PW953412R, PHILIPS 32PW953419M, PHILIPS 32PW953505, PHILIPS 32PW953519, PHILIPS 32PW953619R, PHILIPS 32PW954419M, PHILIPS 32PW9546, PHILIPS 32PW954612R, PHILIPS 32PW954619R, PHILIPS 32PW955605E, PHILIPS 32PW955612R, PHILIPS 32PW955669R, PHILIPS 32PW9566, PHILIPS 32PW956605E, PHILIPS 32PW956605R, PHILIPS 32PW956619E, PHILIPS 32PW956658E, PHILIPS 32PW957619E, PHILIPS 32PW961512, PHILIPS 32PW961519, PHILIPS 32PW961558, PHILIPS 32PW9616, PHILIPS 32PW976501M, PHILIPS 32PW976501R, PHILIPS 32PW976512R, PHILIPS 32PW976519, PHILIPS 32PW976519R, PHILIPS 349W9815, PHILIPS 34PW98, PHILIPS 34PW9815, PHILIPS 34PW981517, PHILIPS 34PW981599, PHILIPS 34PW9817, PHILIPS 34PW981717, PHILIPS 34PW981799, PHILIPS 34PW9818, PHILIPS 34PW9818/17, Show more models

PHILIPS 34PW9818/17, PHILIPS 34PW9818/99, PHILIPS 34PW981817, PHILIPS 34PW981899, PHILIPS 34PW9819, PHILIPS 34PW9819/17, PHILIPS 34PW9819/99, PHILIPS 34PW981917, PHILIPS 34PW9846, PHILIPS 34PW984617, PHILIPS 34PW984699, PHILIPS 36PW952505, PHILIPS 36PW952519, PHILIPS 36PW952558R, PHILIPS 36PW976501R, PHILIPS 36PW9767, PHILIPS 36PW976758, PHILIPS 42FD9932, PHILIPS 42FD993299, PHILIPS 43P834, PHILIPS 43P8341, PHILIPS 43P834199, PHILIPS 43P8341A, PHILIPS 43P8341A37, PHILIPS 43P8341A99, PHILIPS 43PP9202, PHILIPS 43PP920217F, PHILIPS 43PP920284F, PHILIPS 43PP920299, PHILIPS 44PL95, PHILIPS 44PL9522, PHILIPS 44PL9522/17, PHILIPS 44PL952217, PHILIPS 44PL9523, PHILIPS 44PL9523/17, PHILIPS 44PL952317, PHILIPS 44PL952399, PHILIPS 44PL9773, PHILIPS 46PP9302, PHILIPS 46PP930201, PHILIPS 46PP930217, PHILIPS 46PP930217F, PHILIPS 46PP930284, PHILIPS 46PP930284F, PHILIPS 46PP930299, PHILIPS 46PP9302H, PHILIPS 46PP9302H/17, PHILIPS 46PP9302H17, PHILIPS 482221910647, PHILIPS 482221910695, PHILIPS 50P8241, PHILIPS 50P834, PHILIPS 50P8341, PHILIPS 50P834199, PHILIPS 50P8341A, PHILIPS 50P8341A37, PHILIPS 50P8341A99, PHILIPS 50P8341C, PHILIPS 50P8342, PHILIPS 50P834299, PHILIPS 50P8342A37, PHILIPS 50P8342A99, PHILIPS 50PP241, PHILIPS 50PP24199, PHILIPS 50PP9202/99, PHILIPS 50PP920217F, PHILIPS 50PP920284F, PHILIPS 50PP920299, PHILIPS 51PP93, PHILIPS 51PP9303, PHILIPS 51PP9303H, PHILIPS 51PP9303H/17, PHILIPS 51PP9303H/17B, PHILIPS 51PP9303H17, PHILIPS 51PP930H17, PHILIPS 51PP9363, PHILIPS 51PP9363/17, PHILIPS 51PP9363H, PHILIPS 51PP9363H/17, PHILIPS 51PP9363H/17B, PHILIPS 51PP9363H17, PHILIPS 51PW93, PHILIPS 51PW9303, PHILIPS 51PW9303/17F, PHILIPS 51PW930317F, PHILIPS 51PW930399, PHILIPS 51PW9363, PHILIPS 51PW9363/17, PHILIPS 51PW936317F, PHILIPS 51PW936399, PHILIPS 55P8241, PHILIPS 55P8271001, PHILIPS 55P8271002, PHILIPS 55P8271003, PHILIPS 55P8271004, PHILIPS 55P8271005, PHILIPS 55P8288, PHILIPS 55P834, PHILIPS 55P8341, PHILIPS 55P834199, PHILIPS 55P8341A, PHILIPS 55P8341A37, PHILIPS 55P8341A99, PHILIPS 55P8342, PHILIPS 55P834299, PHILIPS 55P8342A37, PHILIPS 55P8342A99, PHILIPS 55P834S, PHILIPS 55P916, PHILIPS 55P916004, PHILIPS 55P9161001, PHILIPS 55P9161002, PHILIPS 55P9161003, PHILIPS 55P9161098, PHILIPS 55P9161099, PHILIPS 55P927, PHILIPS 55P9271001, PHILIPS 55P9271002, PHILIPS 55P9271003, PHILIPS 55P9271004, PHILIPS 55P9271005, PHILIPS 55P9271099, PHILIPS 55P9401, PHILIPS 55PL9223, PHILIPS 55PL9223/17, PHILIPS 55PL922317, PHILIPS 55PL9223ST, PHILIPS 55PL9224, PHILIPS 55PL9224F, PHILIPS 55PL9523, PHILIPS 55PL9523/17, PHILIPS 55PL952317, PHILIPS 55PL9524, PHILIPS 55PL9524/37, PHILIPS 55PL952437, PHILIPS 55PL9773, PHILIPS 55PL9774/17, PHILIPS 55PL977S, PHILIPS 55PP241, PHILIPS 55PP24199, PHILIPS 55PP401, PHILIPS 55PP6363, PHILIPS 55PP930, PHILIPS 55PP9363, PHILIPS 55PP9363/17, PHILIPS 55PP9363H, PHILIPS 55PP9363H/17, PHILIPS 55PP9363H/17B, PHILIPS 55PP9363H17, PHILIPS 55PP94, PHILIPS 55PP9401, PHILIPS 55PP940199, PHILIPS 55PP950105, PHILIPS 55PPS401, PHILIPS 55PW6363, PHILIPS 55PW93, PHILIPS 55PW9363, PHILIPS 55PW9363/17, PHILIPS 55PW936317F, PHILIPS 55PW936399, PHILIPS 55PW9383, PHILIPS 55PW9383/17, PHILIPS 55PW938317F, PHILIPS 55PW938384, PHILIPS 55PW938399, PHILIPS 55RW9515/35, PHILIPS 55RW951535, PHILIPS 55YP45C, PHILIPS 60P8241, PHILIPS 60P8288, PHILIPS 60P828899, PHILIPS 60P8288A, PHILIPS 60P8288A37, PHILIPS 60P8288A99, PHILIPS 60P834, PHILIPS 60P8341, PHILIPS 60P834199, PHILIPS 60P8341A, PHILIPS 60P8341A37, PHILIPS 60P8341A99, PHILIPS 60P8341C, PHILIPS 60P8342, PHILIPS 60P834299, PHILIPS 60P8342A37, PHILIPS 60P8342A99, PHILIPS 60P916, PHILIPS 60P9161, PHILIPS 60P9161001, PHILIPS 60P9161002, PHILIPS 60P9161003, PHILIPS 60P9161004, PHILIPS 60P9161099, PHILIPS 60P927, PHILIPS 60P9271, PHILIPS 60P9271001, PHILIPS 60P9271003, PHILIPS 60P9271004, PHILIPS 60P9271005, PHILIPS 60P9271098, PHILIPS 60P9271099, PHILIPS 60PP24, PHILIPS 60PP241, PHILIPS 60PP24199, PHILIPS 60PP9202/17F, PHILIPS 60PP920217, PHILIPS 60PP920217F, PHILIPS 60PP920299, PHILIPS 60PP9363, PHILIPS 60PP9363/17, PHILIPS 60PP9363H, PHILIPS 60PP9363H/17, PHILIPS 60PP9363H/17B, PHILIPS 60PP9363H17, PHILIPS 60PP938317F, PHILIPS 60PP94, PHILIPS 60PP940, PHILIPS 60PP9401, PHILIPS 60PP940199, PHILIPS 60PP94C1, PHILIPS 60PW93, PHILIPS 60PW9363, PHILIPS 60PW9363/17, PHILIPS 60PW936317F, PHILIPS 60PW936399, PHILIPS 60PW9363H, PHILIPS 60PW9383, PHILIPS 60PW9383/17, PHILIPS 60PW938317F, PHILIPS 60PW938399, PHILIPS 60W9363, PHILIPS 62PL9524, PHILIPS 64P834, PHILIPS 64P8341, PHILIPS 64P834199, PHILIPS 64P8341A, PHILIPS 64P8341A37, PHILIPS 64P8341A99, PHILIPS 64P8342, PHILIPS 64P834299, PHILIPS 64P8342A37, PHILIPS 64P8342A99, PHILIPS 64P8347, PHILIPS 64P8432, PHILIPS 64P916, PHILIPS 64P9161, PHILIPS 64P9161001, PHILIPS 64P9161002, PHILIPS 64P9161003, PHILIPS 64P9161004, PHILIPS 64P9161005, PHILIPS 64P9161099, PHILIPS 64P927, PHILIPS 64P9271001, PHILIPS 64P9271002, PHILIPS 64P9271003, PHILIPS 64P9271004, PHILIPS 64P9271005, PHILIPS 64P9271006, PHILIPS 64P9271099, PHILIPS 64P927198, PHILIPS 64P927199, PHILIPS 64P9371, PHILIPS 66P9401, PHILIPS 66PP9401, PHILIPS FTR9952, PHILIPS FTR9952099, PHILIPS FTR995299, PHILIPS FTR9955, PHILIPS FTR9955/17, PHILIPS FTR995517, PHILIPS FTR9964, PHILIPS FTR996417S, PHILIPS FTR996499, PHILIPS FW770P, PHILIPS FW930R37, PHILIPS FWC85, PHILIPS L340W98, PHILIPS L340W9815, PHILIPS L34OW98, PHILIPS L34OW9815, PHILIPS LC4600, PHILIPS MX2791B, PHILIPS MX3291B, PHILIPS MX3691B, PHILIPS PHL34PW981S, PHILIPS RC200601, PHILIPS RC200601B, PHILIPS RC2011, PHILIPS RC202001, PHILIPS RC202001B, PHILIPS RC202101, PHILIPS RC203001, PHILIPS RC203101B, PHILIPS RC203301B, PHILIPS RC203501B, PHILIPS RC203501B310420709602, PHILIPS RC2061/01, PHILIPS TP2718C, PHILIPS TP2781, PHILIPS TP2784, PHILIPS TP27841, PHILIPS TP278DC101, PHILIPS TP2792, PHILIPS TP2797B1, PHILIPS TP3281, PHILIPS TP3284C101, PHILIPS TP3684C101, PHILIPS TP3684C102, PHILIPS TP3697B, PHILIPS TP3697B101

Customer Reviews:


    I use the remote on a regular basis. I ordered the remote so I would be able to change the picture settings on my television.

    by Anonymous on June 04, 2013.
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    It doesn't work at all with my TV.

    by Bonnie on January 18, 2019.
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    Very good at it when I need to

    by Raymond on July 21, 2017.
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    Great way to keep using old equipment

    by Anonymous on January 06, 2015.
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    ba-ba-booey! ***!

    by Anonymous on August 15, 2014.
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    Product is exactly what I ordered.

    by Anonymous on June 16, 2013.
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