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ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith TV Remote Control

ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith TV Remote Control
ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith TV Remote Control
ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith TV Remote Control
Part Number: RR3457

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning remote control):

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New with Version 4

• More extensive code database

The Anderic RRU401 4-Device Universal Remote control is great for combining up to 4 remotes into one for your home entertainment use. The RRU401 can easily be programmed to work most all brands using the provided instructions. The RRU401 is a 4-Device Universal remote and can be programmed for use with up to 4 devices using the TV, DVD, STB and AUX modes. The remote includes popular features for your TV like APPS (if applicable), CC, Sleep, Menu and of course, all other buttons for normal operations.

• Download FREE manual at http://www.anderic.com/rru401
• Programs for TVs, DVD Players, Cable Boxes, Sat Boxes, Set-top-boxes, Audio equipment, Roku and more.
• Smart keys for HOME, NETFLIX, APPS
• 4-Device Universal
• Extensive code database
Macro ability
Learning ability
• Full key Back-lighting for easy use in dark rooms
• Large easy to read buttons
• Can individually assign any keys to automatically punch-through to the mode of your choosing
• Can program for multi-unit combine POWER off/on of multiple devices with the single press of the POWER key
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Optional screw for battery cover (included)
• Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01
• 1-Year Replacement Warranty by Anderic.com

Pre-programmed for the following:
TV - LG (2698)
DVD - Samsung (3229)
STB - Motorola (5260)
Audio - Vizio Sound Bar (4240)

Quick Reference Guide for Programming to Roku Enabled TVs:
Note: The following codes must be programmed under TV mode, and disabling "ROKU PUNCH-THROUGH (no D-Pad)" is required (see instructions in manual).

  • TCL TVs with Roku - Code 2654 (RC280) - (SEE IMAGE ABOVE)
  • Hisense Roku TVs - Code 2722 (EN3A32, EN3B32HS, HU-RCRUS-18)
  • Insignia Roku TVs - Code 2723, 2724 (NS-RCRUS-16, NS- RCRUS-17, NS-RCRUDUS-17, NS-RCRCA-17, NS-RCRUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-19, )
  • Sharp Roku TVs - Code 2725 (LC-RCRUS-16, LC-RCRUS-17, LC-RCRUS-18, EN3B32R)
  • LG Roku TVs - Code 2726 (LF-RCRUS-16)
  • Haier Roku TVs - Code 2654 (HTRR01)
  • Hitachi Roku TVs (101018E0002, 101018E0003)

Note: When programming to a DirecTv box, you may have to change the settings for the remote control to IR. Using DirecTv remote, press MENU > Settings & Help > Settings > Remote control, then find the option to change from RF to IR mode.


Dish Hopper 3 (but will work all other Dish boxes, IR only)
Roku Stick/TV (but will work all other Roku boxes that accept IR)
Amazon Fire Stick

Model: RRU401.4 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning
Part Number: RRU401
Catalogue No.: 196618

The replacement for original ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

NOTICE: This remote is discontinued and now replaced by the Anderic RRU401. Please program the RRU401 with code 2736 (100% compatible).

The Anderic RR3457 remote control replaces many original equipment Zenith TV remotes. The RR3457 will work right out of the package for compatible Zenith TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RR3457 is a pre-programmed Zenith TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like MENU, INPUT and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your Zenith TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

Additional information:

• This remote only works Zenith TVs
• This remote will not program to any other devices (DVDs, Cable boxes, etc.)
• This remote is a generic substitute remote for many Zenith remote controls including: ZENITH MBR3457 (124-00212-37), MBR3455 (124-212-03), RR3457 Zenith (124-00212-64), MBR3447ZG (124-00233-P07), MBR3447Z (6710V00144A), MBR3447T (124-00233-P00A), MBR3447CT (124-233-04), MBR3447A (124-212-58), MBR3446 (124-212-60, 124-212-59), MBR3445P (124-212-09, 124-212-07), MBR3445 (124-212-01), MBR3440 (124-202-05, 124-202-07, 124-202-03), SR-3457 (SR3457), 12420207 and more.
• 1-YEAR replacement warranty included

NOTE: Does not program to TV/VCR combos

  • ALLEGRO 12421003 (p/n: 12421003)
  • ALLEGRO MBC4000 (p/n: 124216)
  • ALLEGRO MBC400P (p/n: 12419107)
  • ALLEGRO MBC4010 (p/n: 12420209)
  • ALLEGRO MBC4020 (p/n: 12421213)
  • ALLEGRO MBC4025 (p/n: 12421215)
  • ALLEGRO MBC4030 (p/n: 12421217)
  • ALLEGRO MBC4035 (p/n: 12421229)
  • INTEQ MBR3465 (p/n: 12420513)
  • JVC VRL4110 (p/n: 1240021237)
  • LG 1240012815 (p/n: 1240012815)
  • LG 1240012829 (p/n: 1240012829)
  • LG 1240015630 (p/n: 1240015630)
  • LG 1240020701 (p/n: 1240020701)
  • LG 1240021262 (p/n: 1240021262)
  • LG 1240021262 (p/n: 1240021262)
  • LG 1240021303 (p/n: 1240021303)
  • LG 1240021304 (p/n: 1240021304)
  • LG 1240021305 (p/n: 1240021305)
  • LG 1240021318 (p/n: 1240021318)
  • LG 1240022901 (p/n: 1240022901)
  • LG 1240023306 (p/n: 1240023306)
  • LG 6710V00037P (p/n: 6710V00037P)
  • LG 6710V00121B (p/n: 6710V00121B)
  • LG 6710V00144A (p/n: 6710V00144A)
  • LG 92410007 (p/n: 92410007)
  • LG 9241000701 (p/n: 9241000701)
  • LG 92410014 (p/n: 92410014)
  • LG 92410015 (p/n: 92410015)
  • LG 92410043 (p/n: 92410043)
  • LG 92410053 (p/n: 92410053)
  • LG 92410054 (p/n: 92410054)
  • LG 92410086 (p/n: 92410086)
  • LG 92410087 (p/n: 92410087)
  • LG 92410088 (p/n: 92410088)
  • PHILIPS ZEN350 (p/n: ZEN350)
  • PHILIPS ZEN400 (p/n: ZEN400)
  • PHILIPS ZEN425KB (p/n: ZEN425KB)
  • PHILIPS ZEN425KL (p/n: ZEN425KL)
  • PHILIPS ZEN450 (p/n: ZEN450)
  • PHILIPS ZEN500 (p/n: ZEN500)
  • PHILIPS ZEN525 (p/n: ZEN525)
  • PHILIPS ZEN725 (p/n: ZEN725)
  • ZENITH 0209 (p/n: 0209)
  • ZENITH 0235073460 (p/n: 92410002)
  • ZENITH 078R0DL010 (p/n: 078R0DL010)
  • ZENITH 1017042 (p/n: 1017042)
  • ZENITH 1240001413 (p/n: 1240001413)
  • ZENITH 1240001901 (p/n: 1240001901)
  • ZENITH 1240002401 (p/n: 1240002401)
  • ZENITH 1240002501 (p/n: 1240002501)
  • ZENITH 1240002601 (p/n: 1240002601)
  • ZENITH 1240003901 (p/n: 1240003901)
  • ZENITH 1240004701 (p/n: 1240004701)
  • ZENITH 1240004901 (p/n: 1240004901)
  • ZENITH 1240005501 (p/n: 1240005501)
  • ZENITH 1240006301 (p/n: 1240006301)
  • ZENITH 1240009101 (p/n: 1240009101)
  • ZENITH 12400092 (p/n: 12400092)
  • ZENITH 1240009201 (p/n: 1240009201)
  • ZENITH 12400093 (p/n: 12400093)
  • ZENITH 1240009301 (p/n: 1240009301)
  • ZENITH 12400098 (p/n: 12400098)
  • ZENITH 1240010301 (p/n: 1240010301)
  • ZENITH 12400103b (p/n: 12400103b)
  • ZENITH 12400108 (p/n: 12400108)
  • ZENITH 1240010801 (p/n: 1240010801)
  • ZENITH 12400126 (p/n: 12400126)
  • ZENITH 1240012814 (p/n: 1240012814)
  • ZENITH 1240012836 (p/n: 1240012836)
  • ZENITH 1240012837 (p/n: 1240012837)
  • ZENITH 1240012839 (p/n: 1240012839)
  • ZENITH 1240012840 (p/n: 1240012840)
  • ZENITH 1240012841 (p/n: 1240012841)
  • ZENITH 1240012842 (p/n: 1240012842)
  • ZENITH 1240013808 (p/n: 1240013808)
  • ZENITH 1240013810 (p/n: 1240013810)
  • ZENITH 1240013811 (p/n: 1240013811)
  • ZENITH 1240013813 (p/n: 1240013813)
  • ZENITH 1240013821 (p/n: 1240013821)
  • ZENITH 1240014001 (p/n: 1240014001)
  • ZENITH 1240014003 (p/n: 1240014003)
  • ZENITH 1240014101 (p/n: 1240014101)
  • ZENITH 1240014203 (p/n: 1240014203)
  • ZENITH 1240014205 (p/n: 1240014205)
  • ZENITH 1240014701 (p/n: 1240014701)
  • ZENITH 1240014712 (p/n: 1240014712)
  • ZENITH 1240014713 (p/n: 1240014713)
  • ZENITH 1240014715 (p/n: 1240014715)
  • ZENITH 1240014721 (p/n: 1240014721)
  • ZENITH 1240015501 (p/n: 1240015501)
  • ZENITH 1240015602 (p/n: 1240015602)
  • ZENITH 1240015603 (p/n: 1240015603)
  • ZENITH 1240015621 (p/n: 1240015621)
  • ZENITH 1240015634 (p/n: 1240015634)
  • ZENITH 1240015636 (p/n: 1240015636)
  • ZENITH 1240015654 (p/n: 1240015654)
  • ZENITH 1240015655 (p/n: 1240015655)
  • ZENITH 1240015701 (p/n: 1240015701)
  • ZENITH 1240015703 (p/n: 1240015703)
  • ZENITH 1240015708 (p/n: 1240015708)
  • ZENITH 1240015711 (p/n: 1240015711)
  • ZENITH 1240015712 (p/n: 1240015712)
  • ZENITH 1240015713 (p/n: 1240015713)
  • ZENITH 1240015714 (p/n: 1240015714)
  • ZENITH 1240015715 (p/n: 1240015715)
  • ZENITH 1240015719 (p/n: 1240015719)
  • ZENITH 1240015720 (p/n: 1240015720)
  • ZENITH 1240015721 (p/n: 1240015721)
  • ZENITH 1240015730 (p/n: 1240015730)
  • ZENITH 1240015733 (p/n: 1240015733)
  • ZENITH 1240015734 (p/n: 1240015734)
  • ZENITH 1240015735 (p/n: 1240015735)
  • ZENITH 12400169 (p/n: 12400169)
  • ZENITH 1240016901 (p/n: 1240016901)
  • ZENITH 1240016902 (p/n: 1240016902)
  • ZENITH 1240016903 (p/n: 1240016903)
  • ZENITH 1240016910 (p/n: 1240016910)
  • ZENITH 1240016911 (p/n: 1240016911)
  • ZENITH 1240016914 (p/n: 1240016914)
  • ZENITH 1240016915 (p/n: 1240016915)
  • ZENITH 1240016928 (p/n: 1240016928)
  • ZENITH 1240016935 (p/n: 1240016935)
  • ZENITH 1240016938 (p/n: 1240016938)
  • ZENITH 1240016939 (p/n: 1240016939)
  • ZENITH 12400185 (p/n: 12400185)
  • ZENITH 12400200 (p/n: 12400200)
  • ZENITH 12400201 (p/n: 12400201)
  • ZENITH 1240020201 (p/n: 1240020201)
  • ZENITH 1240020215 (p/n: 1240020215)
  • ZENITH 1240020217 (p/n: 1240020217)
  • ZENITH 1240020301 (p/n: 1240020301)
  • ZENITH 1240020303 (p/n: 1240020303)
  • ZENITH 1240020307 (p/n: 1240020307)
  • ZENITH 1240020401 (p/n: 1240020401)
  • ZENITH 1240020501 (p/n: 1240020501)
  • ZENITH 1240020503 (p/n: 1240020503)
  • ZENITH 1240020505 (p/n: 1240020505)
  • ZENITH 1240020507 (p/n: 1240020507)
  • ZENITH 12400206 (p/n: 12400206)
  • ZENITH 1240020601 (p/n: 1240020601)
  • ZENITH 1240020603 (p/n: 1240020603)
  • ZENITH 1240020605 (p/n: 1240020605)
  • ZENITH 1240020609 (p/n: 1240020609)
  • ZENITH 1240021203 (p/n: 1240021203)
  • ZENITH 1240021207 (p/n: 1240021207)
  • ZENITH 1240021209 (p/n: 1240021209)
  • ZENITH 1240021219 (p/n: 1240021219)
  • ZENITH 1240021221 (p/n: 1240021221)
  • ZENITH 1240021235 (p/n: 1240021235)
  • ZENITH 1240021237 (p/n: 1240021237)
  • ZENITH 1240021253 (p/n: 1240021253)
  • ZENITH 1240021264 (p/n: 1240021264)
  • ZENITH 1240021302 (p/n: 1240021302)
  • ZENITH 1240021305 (p/n: 1240021305)
  • ZENITH 1240021306 (p/n: 1240021306)
  • ZENITH 1240021318 (p/n: 1240021318)
  • ZENITH 1240021323 (p/n: 1240021323)
  • ZENITH 1240022901 (p/n: 1240022901)
  • ZENITH 1240023103 (p/n: 1240023103)
  • ZENITH 12400233p05a (p/n: 12400233p05a)
  • ZENITH 124103 (p/n: 124103)
  • ZENITH 124107 (p/n: 124107)
  • ZENITH 124110 (p/n: 12400110)
  • ZENITH 124126 (p/n: 124126)
  • ZENITH 124127 (p/n: 124127)
  • ZENITH 12412801 (p/n: 12412801)
  • ZENITH 12412802 (p/n: 12412802)
  • ZENITH 12412803 (p/n: 12412803)
  • ZENITH 12412810 (p/n: 12412810)
  • ZENITH 12412813 (p/n: 12412813)
  • ZENITH 12412815 (p/n: 12412815)
  • ZENITH 12412818 (p/n: 12412818)
  • ZENITH 12412819 (p/n: 12412819)
  • ZENITH 12412821 (p/n: 12412821)
  • ZENITH 12412824 (p/n: 12412825)
  • ZENITH 12412829 (p/n: 12412829)
  • ZENITH 12412832 (p/n: 12412832)
  • ZENITH 12412837 (p/n: 12412837)
  • ZENITH 12412840 (p/n: 124233)
  • ZENITH 12412841 (p/n: 12412841)
  • ZENITH 124129 (p/n: 12412901)
  • ZENITH 12413801 (p/n: 12413801)
  • ZENITH 124140 (p/n: 12414001)
  • ZENITH 12414004 (p/n: 12414004)
  • ZENITH 1241401 (p/n: 1241401)
  • ZENITH 124141 (p/n: 12414101)
  • ZENITH 12414712 (p/n: 12414712)
  • ZENITH 12414713 (p/n: 12414713)
  • ZENITH 12414714 (p/n: 12414714)
  • ZENITH 12414715 (p/n: PV85187)
  • ZENITH 12414721 (p/n: 12414721)
  • ZENITH 124154 (p/n: 124154)
  • ZENITH 12415601 (p/n: 12415601)
  • ZENITH 12415602 (p/n: 12415605)
  • ZENITH 12415602A (p/n: 12415602A)
  • ZENITH 12415623 (p/n: 12415623)
  • ZENITH 12415630 (p/n: 12415630)
  • ZENITH 12415634 (p/n: 12415634)
  • ZENITH 12415635 (p/n: 12415635)
  • ZENITH 124157 (p/n: 12415702)
  • ZENITH 12415712 (p/n: 12415712)
  • ZENITH 12415714 (p/n: 12415714)
  • ZENITH 12415715 (p/n: 12415717)
  • ZENITH 12415719 (p/n: 12415719)
  • ZENITH 12415726 (p/n: 12415726)
  • ZENITH 12415730 (p/n: 12415730)
  • ZENITH 12415731 (p/n: 12415731)
  • ZENITH 12415737 (p/n: 12415737)
  • ZENITH 124165 (p/n: 124165)
  • ZENITH 12416901 (p/n: 12416901)
  • ZENITH 12416902 (p/n: 12416902)
  • ZENITH 12416902 (p/n: 12416902)
  • ZENITH 12416903 (p/n: 12416903)
  • ZENITH 12416910 (p/n: 12416910)
  • ZENITH 12416917 (p/n: 12416917)
  • ZENITH 12416922 (p/n: 12416922)
  • ZENITH 12416923 (p/n: 12416923)
  • ZENITH 12416925 (p/n: 12416925)
  • ZENITH 12416926 (p/n: 12416926)
  • ZENITH 12416929 (p/n: 12416929)
  • ZENITH 12416938 (p/n: 12416938)
  • ZENITH 12417104 (p/n: 12417115)
  • ZENITH 124177A (p/n: 124177A)
  • ZENITH 124179A (p/n: 124179A)
  • ZENITH 124185 (p/n: 12418506)
  • ZENITH 12418507 (p/n: 12418507)
  • ZENITH 12419013 (p/n: 1240019013)
  • ZENITH 12419017 (p/n: 12419017)
  • ZENITH 124191 (p/n: 124191)
  • ZENITH 12419101 (p/n: 1240019101)
  • ZENITH 12419102 (p/n: 1240019102)
  • ZENITH 12419103A (p/n: 12419103A)
  • ZENITH 12419105 (p/n: 1240019105)
  • ZENITH 12419109 (p/n: 1240019109)
  • ZENITH 12419111 (p/n: 1240019111)
  • ZENITH 12419113 (p/n: 1240019113)
  • ZENITH 12419113A (p/n: 1240019113a)
  • ZENITH 124191B (p/n: 124191)
  • ZENITH 124192 (p/n: 12400192)
  • ZENITH 12419201 (p/n: 12419201)
  • ZENITH 12419202 (p/n: 1240019202)
  • ZENITH 12419203 (p/n: 1240019203)
  • ZENITH 1242001 (p/n: 1242001)
  • ZENITH 12420101 (p/n: 12420101)
  • ZENITH 12420105 (p/n: 12420105)
  • ZENITH 12420511 (p/n: 12420511)
  • ZENITH 12420513 (p/n: 12420513)
  • ZENITH 12420605R (p/n: 12420605R)
  • ZENITH 12420609 (p/n: 12420609)
  • ZENITH 12420702 (p/n: 12420702)
  • ZENITH 12420704 (p/n: 12420704)
  • ZENITH 12421207 (p/n: 12421207)
  • ZENITH 12421265 (p/n: 12421265)
  • ZENITH 124213 (p/n: 12421301)
  • ZENITH 12421307 (p/n: PL3100P)
  • ZENITH 12421316 (p/n: 1240021316)
  • ZENITH 12421319 (p/n: 12421319)
  • ZENITH 124219 (p/n: 124219)
  • ZENITH 12423102 (p/n: 12423102)
  • ZENITH 12447 (p/n: 12447)
  • ZENITH 1245501 (p/n: 1245501)
  • ZENITH 12466 (p/n: 12466)
  • ZENITH 12479 (p/n: 12479)
  • ZENITH 12491 (p/n: 1249101)
  • ZENITH 12492 (p/n: 12492)
  • ZENITH 12493 (p/n: 12493)
  • ZENITH 12493B (p/n: 12493B)
  • ZENITH 12494 (p/n: 1249401)
  • ZENITH 14205 (p/n: 14205)
  • ZENITH 14965D (p/n: 12415705)
  • ZENITH 14983E (p/n: 12415657)
  • ZENITH 15654C (p/n: 15654C)
  • ZENITH 15701 (p/n: 15701)
  • ZENITH 15709 (p/n: 15709)
  • ZENITH 169 (p/n: 169)
  • ZENITH 16928 (p/n: 16928)
  • ZENITH 19017 (p/n: 19017)
  • ZENITH 2040 (p/n: 2040)
  • ZENITH 2063514 (p/n: 2063514)
  • ZENITH 2404QQ (p/n: 2404QQ)
  • ZENITH 25A66R (p/n: 1240021258)
  • ZENITH 2892 (p/n: 2892)
  • ZENITH 8334PQ (p/n: 8334PQ)
  • ZENITH 92410012 (p/n: 92410012)
  • ZENITH 92410038 (p/n: 92410038)
  • ZENITH 92410113 (p/n: 92410113)
  • ZENITH BRC2300 (p/n: BRC2300)
  • ZENITH C27A41T (p/n: 92410085)
  • ZENITH GEM4000 (p/n: GEM4000)
  • ZENITH MBC4415 (p/n: 12421267)
  • ZENITH MBC4420 (p/n: 12421219)
  • ZENITH MBC4425 (p/n: 12421249)
  • ZENITH MBC4435 (p/n: 12421253)
  • ZENITH MBC4435S (p/n: MBC4435S)
  • ZENITH MBR3040 (p/n: 12415654)
  • ZENITH MBR3345Z (p/n: 124229)
  • ZENITH MBR3346Z (p/n: 1242291)
  • ZENITH MBR335004 (p/n: 9241000701)
  • ZENITH MBR3420 (p/n: 1240019103)
  • ZENITH MBR3440 (p/n: 12420201)
  • ZENITH MBR3445 (p/n: 12421201)
  • ZENITH MBR3445P (p/n: 12421205)
  • ZENITH MBR3446 (p/n: 12421262)
  • ZENITH MBR3447 (p/n: 12421235)
  • ZENITH MBR3447A (p/n: 12421258)
  • ZENITH MBR3447CT (p/n: 12423304)
  • ZENITH MBR3447T (p/n: 92410086)
  • ZENITH mbr3447z (p/n: 12400233)
  • ZENITH MBR3447Z (p/n: 6710V00144A)
  • ZENITH MBR3447Z (p/n: 124233)
  • ZENITH MBR3447ZG (p/n: 12400233P07)
  • ZENITH MBR3448P (p/n: 12421241)
  • ZENITH MBR3449 (p/n: 12421247)
  • ZENITH MBR3450 (p/n: 12420301)
  • ZENITH MBR3455 (p/n: 12421203)
  • ZENITH MBR3457 (p/n: 12421237)
  • ZENITH MBR3457A (p/n: 12421264)
  • ZENITH MBR3457CT (p/n: 12423305)
  • ZENITH MBR3457Z (p/n: 12423301)
  • ZENITH MBR3458 (p/n: 12421251)
  • ZENITH MBR3458CT (p/n: 12423306)
  • ZENITH MBR3458Z (p/n: 12400233)
  • ZENITH MBR3459 (p/n: 12420507)
  • ZENITH MBR3460 (p/n: 12420503)
  • ZENITH MBR3460 (p/n: 12420501)
  • ZENITH MBR3462 (p/n: 12420505)
  • ZENITH MBR3464Z (p/n: 12423302)
  • ZENITH MBR3465 (p/n: 124215)
  • ZENITH MBR3466CZ (p/n: 12423103)
  • ZENITH MBR3468PT (p/n: MBR3468PT)
  • ZENITH MBR3473Z (p/n: 92410044)
  • ZENITH MBR3474Z (p/n: 92410043)
  • ZENITH MBR3475Z (p/n: 92410068)
  • ZENITH MBR4286 (p/n: P12400240)
  • ZENITH P124240 (p/n: P124240)
  • ZENITH PL3446P (p/n: PL3446P)
  • ZENITH PL3447P (p/n: 12421243)
  • ZENITH PL3451P (p/n: 12420303)
  • ZENITH PL3456P (p/n: PL3456P)
  • ZENITH R25Z10 (p/n: 92410053)
  • ZENITH SC1320 (p/n: SC1320)
  • ZENITH SC23490 (p/n: SC23490)
  • ZENITH SC23490BLK (p/n: SC23490BLK)
  • ZENITH SC3151 (p/n: 6710V00044T)
  • ZENITH SC3252 (p/n: 6710V00082F)
  • ZENITH SC3253 (p/n: 6710V00082G)
  • ZENITH SC3261 (p/n: 6710V00042R)
  • ZENITH SC3390 (p/n: 12415734)
  • ZENITH SC3420 (p/n: 6710V00042P)
  • ZENITH SC3460LB (p/n: 92410081)
  • ZENITH SC3470 (p/n: 92410087)
  • ZENITH SC3472 (p/n: 92410072)
  • ZENITH SC3473 (p/n: 92410075)
  • ZENITH SC3480 (p/n: 12420611)
  • ZENITH SC3482 (p/n: ZEN55)
  • ZENITH SC3490 (p/n: 12420601)
  • ZENITH SC3492 (p/n: 12421316)
  • ZENITH SC3492A (p/n: 92410032)
  • ZENITH SC3492Z (p/n: 12421323)
  • ZENITH SC3494Z (p/n: 12421324)
  • ZENITH SC3820 (p/n: 12419203)
  • ZENITH SC3825 (p/n: 124157)
  • ZENITH SC3835 (p/n: 12415711)
  • ZENITH SC3835T (p/n: 12415721)
  • ZENITH SC645P (p/n: 12415723)
  • ZENITH SC650 (p/n: 12420603)
  • ZENITH SC650P (p/n: 12412823)
  • ZENITH SC652LG (p/n: 6710V00108B)
  • ZENITH SC690 (p/n: 12420605)
  • ZENITH SC692 (p/n: 6710V00108C)
  • ZENITH SC8300 (p/n: 12413811)
  • ZENITH SC8600 (p/n: 12413814)
  • ZENITH SC9500 (p/n: 12414701)
  • ZENITH SL2573W (p/n: SL2573W)
  • ZENITH SS6503P (p/n: 1240009801)
  • ZENITH SVG20 (p/n: 1812880)
  • ZENITH SVG200 (p/n: 1812789)
  • ZENITH SVG251 (p/n: V108041000)
  • ZENITH SVG351 (p/n: 1080531P0)
  • ZENITH SVG952 (p/n: 1080621H1)
  • ZENITH SX254X (p/n: 1240004801)
  • ZENITH SZ1927 (p/n: 1240012815)
  • ZENITH UN2020 (p/n: 92410021)
  • ZENITH ZEN987 (p/n: ZEN987)

Model: RR3457 Zenith
Part Number: RR3457
Associated Number: MBR3457
Catalogue No.: 10527
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2736 (click here for programming instructions)

ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: 124233, A20A21D, A20A22D, A25A12D, A25A12S, A25A22B, A25A22BT, A25A22BT7, A25A22BT8, A25A23W, A25A74, A25A74R, A25A76R, A25B33, A25B33W, A27A12D, A27A12S, A27A22BT4, A27A23D, A27A23W4, A27A23W9, A27A74R, A27B32D, A27B33D, A27B33W, A27B33W4, A27B33W84, A32B33, A32B33D, A36B33, A36B33W, A50M74D, A50M84, A50M84D, A50M84R, A50M84W, A50M84W9, A50M91R, A56M91R, A60M91R, ALG21A06DM, ALG21A21DM, ALG26A22SM, ALG26A23DM, ALG29A12SM, ALG29A22DM, ALG29A23DM, B25A11Z, B25A11Z6, B25A11ZF, B25A23W, B25A24Z, B25A24Z6, B25A24Z8, B25A24ZF, B25A30B, B25A74R, B25A76R, B25A76R5, B27A11Z, B27A11Z5, B27A11ZC, B27A11ZF, B27A24Z, B27A24Z5, B27A24ZF, B27A74R, B27A74R5, B27A76R, B27A76R5, B32A24Z, B32A24Z6, B32A24ZF, B36A24Z, B36A24ZF, C25A24T8, C25A24TF, C25A24TF8, C27A24T, C27A24TF, C32A24T, C36A24T, CB25A25Z, CB27A25Z, EKR2168Y, EKR2868Y, EKZ2667Y, EKZ2968Y, F27150SEJE1, H2511BT, H2511BT7, H2540BT, H2540DT, H2541DT, H2542DT, H2542DT8, H2543DT, H2546DT, H2547DT, H2551DT, Show more models

H2551DT, H2573DT, H25C46DT, H25C47DT, H25D46DT, H25E46DT, H2740DT, H2741DT, H2742DT, H2742DT8, H2743DT, H2743DT8, H2746DT, H2747DT, H2751DT, H2763DT, H2773DT, H27C46DT, H27C47DT, H27D44DT, H27D46DT, H27D46DT8, H27E44DT, H27E44DT8, H27E44DT9, H27E46DT, H27E46DT8, H3240DT, H3241DT, H3242DT, H3243DT, H3246DT, H3247DT, H324DT, H3251DT, H3263DT, H3273DT, H32C46DT, H32C47DT, H32D44DT, H32D46DT, H32E44DT, H32E46DT, H32G46DT, H32G47DT, H3540DT, H3541DT, H3542DT, H3543DT, H3551DT, H3563DT, H3642DT, H3643DT, H3646DT, H3647DT, H3673DT, H36C46DT, H36C47DT, H36D46DT, H36E44DT, H36E46DT, HG32D47DT, IQA25A23, IQA25A23D, IQA25A23S, IQB36C95W, ISA2155DT, ISA2965DT, ISA2975DT, ISA3475DT, ISA3875DT, ISZ2155DT, ISZ2665DT, ISZ2965DT, ISZ2975DT, ISZ3475DT, ISZ3875DT, KDB25A74R, KDB25A76R, KDB27A74R, KDB27A76R, KDBSAR2035BT, KDBSAR2149Y, KDBSAR2153BT, KDBSAR2153Y, KDBSAR2653Y, KDBSAR2953BT, KDBSAR2953Y, KDBSAR3471BT, KDBSAR3471Y, KDH2733, KPGEPR0851, KPGEPR0861, KPGEPRO851, KPGEPRO861, KPKWPR0851, KPKWPRO851, KPUVPR0851, KPUVPRO851, KZR2088Y, KZR2888Y, LGA21A22DM, LGA26A12DM, LGA26A23WM, LGA29A12DM, LGA29A23WM, LGA29B33WM, LGA34B33WM, LGB26A11ZM, LGB29A11ZM, LGB29A24ZM, LGC29A22GM, LGZ2910BT, LGZ2910BTC, LGZ3410BT, LGZ3410BTM, LGZ3810BT, LGZ3810BTM, LGZ5210BT, LGZ5210DT, LGZ5210DT8, MNY5263DT, MWR2568S, MWR2726EW, MWR2738RK, MWR2767S, MWR2773S, MWR4663HK, MWR4663HK3, MWR5263HK, PRO851, PRO851X, PRO861, PVR4660VK, PVR4663, PVR4663DT, PVR4663DT3, PVR4663MK, PVR4663RK, PVR4664, PVR4664DT, PVR4664RK, PVR5263DT, PVR5263MK, PVR5263RK, PVR5264RK, PVY14661DT, PVY4661DT, PVY4661DTM, PVY4662DT, PVY5263DM, PVY5263DT, PVY5263DTB, PVY5263DTM, PVY5263MK, PVY5263RK, PVY5264DT, PVY5265DT6, PVZ5663DT, PVZ6067DT, RA46M84D, RA46M84D9, RA50M84D, RA50M84W, RA50M84W9, RR3457 Manual Codes, RZ46Z83D, RZ46Z83D7, RZ46Z83D8, RZ50Z83D, RZ56Z83D, RZ56Z83R, SAR2035BT7, SAR2035Y, SAR2035Y7, SAR2149BT7, SAR2149Y, SAR2149Y7, SAR2153BT, SAR2153BT7, SAR2653BT7, SAR2653Y, SAR2653Y7, SAR2953BT7, SAR2953Y, SAR2953Y7, SAR3471BT, SAR3471BT7, SLS2728RK, SR1935Y, SR1935YM, SR1943Y, SR1943YM, SR2047X, SR2049DT, SR2049DTM, SR2053S, SR2053SM, SR2075D, SR2075DT, SR2075DTM, SR2504, SR2504BW, SR2504BW1, SR2504BW6, SR2504EW, SR2506N, SR2518RK, SR2568S, SR2568S1, SR2568SFH, SR2569S, SR2569SM, SR2569ST, SR2569X, SR2571DT, SR2571DT6, SR2571DTM, SR2571DTM6, SR2573, SR2573DT, SR2722MK, SR2722RK, SR2725N, SR2728RK, SR2728RKM, SR2738RK, SR2738RKM, SR2739EC, SR2739RK, SR2765, SR2765S, SR2765SM, SR2765ST, SR2768S, SR2768SM, SR2768ST, SR2771S, SR2771SM, SR2773DT, SR2773DTM, SR2787DT, SR3238RK, SR3271DT, SR3273DT, SR3273DT3, SR3273DTM, SR3287DT, SR3457, SR3543RK, SR3583DT, SR3587DT, SR7249DT, SR7571DT, SR7571DT6, SR7768S, SR7773DT, SR7935Y, SR7942Y, SR9935Y, SR9943Y, SS2552S, SY1931SG, SY1949, SY1949Y, SY1949Y2, SY1949YM, SY1949YM2, SY1951Y, SY1953, SY1953Y, SY1953Y2, SY1953YM, SY1953YM2, SY2031S, SY2049, SY2049DT, SY2049DT2, SY2049DTM, SY2049DTM2, SY2049X, SY2049X2, SY2049Y, SY2053, SY2053S, SY2053S2, SY2053SM, SY2068, SY2068DT, SY2068DT2, SY2068DTM, SY2068DYM, SY2500RK, SY2504, SY2504BW, SY2506, SY2506N, SY2518, SY2518RK, SY2538SM, SY2549S, SY2551S, SY2551SM, SY2552, SY2552S, SY2568, SY2568S, SY2568SM, SY2569, SY2569S, SY2569X, SY2572, SY2572DT, SY2572DTM, SY2722, SY2722RK, SY2723, SY2723BW, SY2725N, SY2728, SY2728RK, SY2728RKM, SY2728RKW, SY2731SM, SY2738RK, SY2738RKM, SY2739EC, SY2739RK, SY2750, SY2750E, SY2751Y, SY2765, SY2765S, SY2765SM, SY2768, SY2768S, SY2768SM, SY2772DT, SY2772DTM, SY2773DT, SY2781DT, SY3238RKM, SY3272DT, SY3272DTM, SY3538RKM, SY3572DT, SY3572DTM, SY7249, SY7249DT, SY7249DT2, SY7568, SY7568S, SY7768, SY7768S, SY7772DT, SY7949, SY7949Y, SY7949Y2, SZ1949Y, SZ1953, SZ1953Y, SZ1953YM, SZ2049, SZ2049DT, SZ2049DTM, SZ2049X, SZ2053, SZ2053S, SZ2053SM, SZ2063, SZ2063S, SZ2068, SZ2068DT, SZ2068DTM, SZ2568, SZ2568S, SZ2568SM, SZ2568X, SZ2572DT, SZ2572DTM, SZ2723, SZ2723BW, SZ2725N, SZ2728, SZ2728RK, SZ2728RKM, SZ2738RKM, SZ2768, SZ2768S, SZ2772DT, SZ2773DT, SZ3233RK, SZ3268, SZ3268S, SZ3272DT, SZ3273DT, Z20A06D, Z20A06DM, Z20A06X, Z20A21D, Z20A21DM, Z25A12S, Z25A64W, Z25A65N, Z25A66R, Z25X22, Z25X22S, Z25X22S19, Z25X22S8, Z25X22S9, Z25X22SM, Z25X22X, Z25X31D, Z25X31D8, Z25X31DM, Z27A12S, Z27A12SM, Z27H32D, Z27H32D8, Z27H32DM, Z27X22, Z27X22D, Z27X22DM, Z27X22S, Z27X31D, Z27X74, Z27X74W, Z27X76, Z27X76R, Z27X76RM, Z32X22, Z32X22S, Z32X31D, Z32X31DM, Z32X84R, Z36H32D, Z36H50D, Z36X31, Z36X31D, Z36X31D8, Z36X31DM, Z46Z70V, Z46Z70V8, Z46Z70VB, Z46Z83D, Z46Z83D8, Z46Z83DM, Z50Z83D, Z50Z83D8, Z50Z83R, Z50Z83R8, Z56Z83D, Z56Z83D8, Z56Z83R, Z56Z83R8, Z60Z83D, Z60Z83R, ZLG21A06DM, ZLG21A21DM, ZLG26X22SM, ZLG26X31DM, ZLG29A12SM, ZLG29H32DM, ZLG29X22DM, ZLG29X31DM, ZLG29X76RM, ZLG34X31DM, ZLG38X31DM, ZLG46Z83DM

Compatible with TV models: 1240014712, 1240014713, 1240019113, 1240020301, 1240020505, 1240020601, 1240020609, 1240021209, 1240021235, 1240021237, 12400213, 1240021323, 1240023101, 1240023103, 12400233, 1240023301, 12419203, 1911Y7, 20LH1DC1, 26LH1DC1, 32LH1DC1, 46M84D, 50M90W, 924939P4260103, A09P02, A09P02X, A13P02D, A1926W4, A19A02, A19A02D, A19A02D7, A19A02D74, A19A02D8, A19A02D84, A19A02S, A19A11, A19A11D, A19A11D4, A19A11D7, A19A21D, A19P020, A19P02D, A20A229, A252A11D, A25A02, A25A02D, A25A02D4, A25A02D64, A25A02D7, A25A02D74, A25A02D8, A25A02S, A25A11, A25A11D, A25A11S, A25A23W8, A25B33W7, A25B33W8, A27A11, A27A11D, A27A11S, A27B41, A27B41D, A27B41W, A27B41W4, A32B41, A32B41D, A32B41W, A32B41W7, A32B84, A32B84D, A32B84R, A32B84W, A32B86R, A36B41, A36B41D, A36B41W, A36B41W8, A36B86R, ALG20A02GM, ALG20A02SM, ALG20A04SM, ALG20A11DM, ALG20A11SM, ALG21A22DM, ALG26A02GM, ALG26A02SM, ALG26A11DM, ALG26A11SM, ALG29A11GM, B09A02, B09A02X, B13A01L, B13A02D, B13A02D01, B13A03D, B19A02D, B19A0ZD, B19A21D, B19A23, Show more models

B19A23, B19A23DC, B24A2AZ, B25A02, B25A027, B25A02D, B25A02Z, B25A02Z8, B25A10, B25A10Z, B25A10Z4, B25A10Z6, B25A10Z8, B25A10ZC, B25A10ZC6, B25A10ZCF, B25A11D, B25A30Z, B25A30ZC, B25A30ZC6, B25A30ZCF, B25AD2Z, B25AO2Z, B25AT2, B27A10, B27A10Z, B27A10Z5, B27A10Z6, B27A10ZC, B27A10ZC5, B27A10ZC6, B27A10ZCF, B27A11, B27A13Z, B27A30Z, B27A30ZC, B27A30ZC5, B27A30ZC57, B27A30ZC6, B27A30ZC65, B27A30ZC7, B27A30ZCF, B27A30ZCF5, B27A40Z, B27Z30ZC, B32A24, B32A30Z, B32A30Z6, B32A30ZF, B32B84R, B32B86R, B36A30Z, B36A30Z6, B36A30Z8, B36A30ZF, B36A30ZF8, B36B24W, B36B41ZF, B36B86R, B50M88, B50M88W, B50M88WA, B50M90W, B55B60, B60M88W, B60M88WA, C13A02D, C13A03D, C13A04LB, C13A04LP, C13A05LB, C13A05LG, C13A05LP, C13AO2D, C14A210, C192A10, C19A02, C19A02D, C19A02D8, C19A02DF, C19A02DF8, C19A21D, C19A21D8, C19A21DF, C19A21DF8, C2560KC, C2562PE, C2564CT, C25A30T, C2760KC, C2764CT, C276OKC, C27A25, C27A25T6, C27A25T68, C27C22, C27C35, C27C35T, C27C35TF, C27C41, C27C41T, C27C41TF, C27V22, C27V23, C2TV22, C32A26, C32A26T, C32A26T6, C32A30T, C32C35, C32C35T, C32C35TF, C32C41, C32C41T, C32C41TF, C32C84R, C32C86R, C32V22, C32V23, C32V238, C32V2382, C32V239, C34W23, C34W232, C36A26, C36A268, C36A26T6, C36A26T68, C36A30T, C36C35, C36C35T, C36C35T8, C36C35TF, C36C41, C36C41T, C36C41T8, C36C41TF, C36C86R, C36V22, C36V23, C5562G, C6788DE, CB27A10Z, CB27A10ZC, CC1326, CC1326W, CC1326W1, CC2064, CC2064W, CC2505, CC2505EW, CC2505EW2, CC2525, CC2525VK, CC2562S2, CC2566, CC2566S, CC2566S2, CC2566S7, CC2766, CC2766S, CC2766S2, CCM2549S, CCM2553S, CCR2549S, CCR2549S1, CCR2552S, CCR2552S1, CMJ2063S, CMJ2063S5, CMJ2065S, CMJ2065S5, CMJ2502VK, CMJ2502VK5, CMJ2504TR, CMJ2524H, CMJ2524H5, CMJ2526TR, CMJ2526TR5, CMJ2528H, CMJ2528H5, CMJ2563S, CMJ2565S, CMJ2593Y, CMJ2722H, CMJ2722H5, CMJ2724N, CMJ2724N5, CMJ2726TR, CMJ2726TR5, CMJ2733H, CMJ2743RK, CMJ2745TR, CMJ2765W, CMJ2765W5, CMJ2771S, CMJ2775S, CMJ2795RK, CMJ3275S, CMJ3541RK, CML1323S, CML1931S, CML2067S, CML2500TR, CML2502HK, CML2506TR, CML2518HK, CML2549S, CML2567S, CML2593Y, CML2724N, CML2726TR, CML2737RK, CML2767S, CML2773S, CML3285S, CML4661RK, CML5257RK, CML5267RK, CMM2733HK, CMM2733HK6, CMM2739EW, CMM2739EW6, CMM2787S, CMM3287S, CMM3587S, CMM4663RK, CMM4663RK5, CMM5269BT, CMM5269BT5, CV5122, CV51250, D27B48T, D27D51, D27D518, D3251D51, D32D51, D32D51B, D32DS1, D32S51, D32V51, D36D51, EKA2667BT, EKA2968BT, EKM2067Y, EKM2167Y, EKM2168Y, EKM2667Y, EKM2869Y, EKR2067Y, EKR2167Y, EKR2667Y, EKR2667Y1, EKT2031Y, EKT2149Y, EKT2153Y, EKT2649Y, EKT2649Y5, EKT2653Y, EKT2873Y, EKT2873Y3, EKY2067Y, EKY2167Y, EKY2168Y, EKY2168Y2, EKY2667Y, EKY2868Y, EKZ2067BT, EKZ2067Y, EKZ2167BT, EKZ2167Y, EKZ2168, EKZ2168BT, EKZ2168Y, EKZ2667BT, EKZ2868Y, EKZ2968BT, FJ2771W, H1910W, H1910W7, H1911W, H1911Y, H1911Y7, H1913DT, H1913W, H1913W3, H1913Y, H1913Y3, H1913Y7, H1930Y, H1932Y, H1934DT, H1934Y, H1943W, H1945A, H1945W, H1947A, H1947R, H1947W, H1953A, H1953S, H1953W, H1953W32, H1956W, H1960H, H1963A, H1963S, H1963S2, H1963W, H1963W2, H19C34Y, H19E34Y, H2010W, H2011W, H2011Y, H2011Y3, H2011Y7, H2013, H2013A, H2013A3, H2013W, H2013W3, H2013Y, H2013Y3, H2013Y7, H2014Y, H2014Y3, H2015A, H2015DT, H2015Y, H2017A, H2017W, H2017Y, H2017Y3, H2017Y7, H2021Y, H2021Y3, H2022Y, H2030Y, H2031DT, H2032Y, H2033DT, H2033Y, H2034DT, H2034Y, H2035DT, H2050DT, H2051A, H2051H, H2051W, H2053, H2053W, H2053W7, H2055LG, H2055W, H2056W, H2057DT, H2058DT, H2059DT, H2059DT3, H2060, H2060Y, H2060Y7, H2061Y, H2063A, H2063A2, H2063H, H2063H2, H2063Y, H2063Y2, H2063Y7, H2064H, H2065H, H2073, H2073A, H2073A2, H2073H, H2073H2, H2073H7, H2073Y, H2073Y2, H2074A2, H2075, H2075A, H2075A2, H2075H, H2075H2, H2075H7, H2075W, H2075Y, H2075Y2, H2075Y7, H2077A, H2077A2, H2077H, H2077H2, H2077Y, H2077Y2, H2079A, H2079A2, H2079H, H2079H2, H2079Y, H2079Y2, H2083A2, H2083H2, H2083Y2, H2092, H2093, H2093A, H2093W, H2093Y, H2093Y7, H2094, H2094A, H2094W, H2094Y, H2095A, H2095W, H2095W7, H2095Y, H2095Y7, H2097A, H2097W, H2097W7, H2097Y, H2097Y7, H2099A, H2099W, H2099W7, H2099Y, H2099Y7, H20C34Y, H20C35DT, H20C50DT, H20D35DT, H20D50DT, H20E34Y, H20E35DT, H20J54DT, H20J55DT, H2133DT, H2134DT, H2135Y, H2500BG, H2500BG7, H2500BG8, H2501, H2501BG, H2501BG8, H2501S, H2501S5, H2505BR, H2505BT, H2505RK, H2505RK1, H2507BT, H2511BG, H2520, H2520Y, H2520Y3, H2521, H2521Y, H2521Y3, H2522A, H2522DT, H2522Y, H2525, H2525Y, H2530E, H2530Y, H2531DJ, H2531DT, H2532Y, H2533DT, H2533Y, H2534DT, H2534Y, H2534Y3, H2534Y33, H2535DT, H2539Y, H2573A, H2573A2, H2573H, H2573H2, H2573Y, H2573Y2, H2575A, H2575H, H2575Y, H2585, H2585A, H2585W, H2585Y, H25C34Y, H25C35DT, H25C39Y, H25D34Y, H25D35DT, H25E34Y, H25E35DT, H25E35DT8, H25E37Y, H25E39Y, H2707DT, H2708DT, H2731DT, H2733DT, H2735DT, H2735DT3, H2771DT, H2777DT, H27C35DT, H27E35DT, H27E35DT8, H27E35S, H27E35S8, H27E55DT, H27E55DTS, H3235DT, H32C35DT, H32E35DT, H3635DT, H36C35DT, H36E35DT, HCS5650, HE20D50DT, HPK20E35DT, HPK27E35DT, HS2534Y, HW20E35DT, HW25E35DT, IBQ55M90, ICF24, ICFC503, ICFC770, ICFC770M, ICQ60H042, IQ2702BT, IQ2793BT, IQ2795BT, IQ2798BT, IQ3205BT, IQ3208BT, IQ3253RK, IQ3253RK3, IQ3257RK, IQ3293BT, IQ3293BT3, IQ3297BT, IQ3553RK, IQ3557CC, IQ3557RK, IQ3590BT, IQ3593BT, IQ3597BT, IQ3658CC, IQ5210D, IQ5270DT, IQ5297DT, IQ5299DT, IQ6097DT, IQA36M46W, IQA56M98W, IQA60M98W, IQB27B42W, IQB27B42WF, IQB27B44W, IQB32B42W, IQB32B42WF, IQB32B44W, IQB32B84R, IQB32B86R, IQB36B42W, IQB36B42WF, IQB36B44W, IQB36B86R, IQB50M90, IQB50M90W, IQB50M90WA, IQB50M92W, IQB50M92WA, IQB55M90W, IQB55M90WA, IQB55M92W, IQB55M92WA, IQB60M90, IQB60M90W, IQB60M90WA, IQB60M92, IQB60M92W, IQB60M92WA, IQC50H90W, IQC50H94W, IQC50H95W, IQC50M94W, IQC60H94, IQC60H94W, IQC60H95W, IQC60M94W, IQZ27Z45D, IQZ32Z45D, IQZ36Z46, IQZ36Z46D, IQZ36Z98C, IQZ56Z97D, IQZ56Z97D7, IQZ56Z97D8, IQZ60Z97D, IQZ60Z97D7, IQZ60Z97D8, ISA2045DT, ISZ2045DT, ISZ2155S, J2065S, J2733LK, JTL2553S, JTL2753S, JTM2550S, JTM2550S7, JTM2553S, JTM2553S7, JTM2767S, JTR2550S, JTR2550S1, JTR2552S, JTR2552S1, JTR2768S, JTY1935BT, JTY1935BT2, JTY2550S, JTY2552S, JTY2768S, JTZ1935BT, JTZ2768S, K830W, KDB32B84R, KDB32B86R, KDB36B86R, KDBSAR2153BT4, KDBSAY2035BT, KDBSAY2035BT4, KDBSAY2153BT, KDBSAY2153BT4, KDBSAY2653BT, KDBSAY2953BT, KDBSAY2953BT4, KDBSAY3471BT, KDBSAZ2035BT, KDOBCPV5253, KDOPV5265, KDOPV5265R, KDOPV5270, KDOPV5270W, KDOPV5275, KDOPV5275W, KDTPRO861X, KDUPRO840PAL, KPPLPRO840PAL, KPPLPRO851, KPPLPRO861, KPPLPRO900, KPPLR0881X, KPPRO880X, KPPRO881X, KPPRO900X, KPRIPRO851, KZM2087Y, KZM2088Y, KZM2687Y, KZR2087Y, KZR2687Y, KZR2687Y1, KZY2087Y, KZY2088Y, KZY2088Y2, KZY2687Y, KZY2888Y, KZZ2087Y, KZZ2687Y, KZZ2888Y, L15V26, L15V26B, L20V26, L20V2620.1, L20V54S, L26W58HA, LCD1933, LG20A05DM84, LGA14P02D, LGA2011DM, LGA20A02D, LGA20A02DM, LGA20A02DM64, LGA20A02GM, LGA20A04DM, LGA20A04DM7, LGA20A04DM74, LGA20A04DM8, LGA20A04DM84, LGA20A05DM, LGA20A05DM74, LGA20A05DM8, LGA20A05DM84, LGA20A11DM, LGA20A11DM8, LGA20A11DM84, LGA20X04DM, LGA26A02DM, LGA26A02GM, LGA26A11DM, LGA26A12D, LGA26A23WM9, LGA29A11DM, LGA29A11GM, LGA34B41WM, LGA34B41WM4, LGB29A10ZM, LGB29A10ZM5, LGB29A13ZM, LGB29A30ZM, LGB29A30ZM5, LGB29A30ZM6, LGB29A30ZM65, LGC20A02, LGC20A02DM, LGC20A02DM8, LGC20A21, LGC20A21DM, LGC20A21DM8, LGC20A22, LGC29C35TM, LGZ2905BT, LGZ2905BT8, LGZ2905BTC, LGZ2905BTC8, LGZ2905BTM, LN15A10, LN3233, LN3237, LN3237W2, LN3903, LN3903W, LN3905W, LN3907W, LN3923, LN3923W, LR902P, M3701CBH, M4210CBH, MBR3440, MBR3447, MBR3447Z, MBR3457, MBR3457 Codes and Instructions, MBR3457Z, MBR3459, MBR3460, MBR3462, MBR4286, MS100, MVR3455, MWJ2065H, MWJ2065H5, MWJ2065S, MWJ2065S5, MWJ2524H, MWJ2524H5, MWJ2565Y, MWJ2565Y5, MWJ2722H, MWJ2722H5, MWJ2726P, MWJ2726P5, MWJ2726P8, MWJ2747LK, MWJ2765H, MWJ2775S, MWJ2777S, MWJ4655H, MWL2049S, MWL2053S, MWL2502HK, MWL2549Y, MWL2553Y, MWL2567S, MWL2573S, MWL2722HK, MWL2726P, MWL2737HK, MWL2773S, MWL4661HK, MWL5261HK, MWM2502HK, MWM2549Y, MWM2553Y, MWM2568S, MWM2573S, MWM2737HK, MWM4663HK, MWM5263HK, MWR2501HK, MWR2501HK1, MWR2549Y, MWR2549Y1, MWR2552Y, MWR2552Y1, MWR2568S1, N32D51, NV2799DT, 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RU27FB30, RU27FB30C, RU27FB31C, RZ46Z83, RZ46Z830, RZ46Z83DT, RZ53Z83R, RZ56Z83D7, RZ56Z83D8, RZ56Z83R7, RZ56Z83R8, S1987W6, S1988A34, S1988W, S1988W30, S1991W, S1993A93, S2063Y87, SA1310W, SA1319W, SA1319W1, SA1319W20, SA1319W21, SA1921W, SA1923W, SA1923W1, SA1923W5, SA1923W6, SA1923W60, SA1923X, SA1923X1, SA1923X5, SA1923X60, SA1927W, SA1927W4, SA1937P, SA1937P4, SA1953W1, SA1961PT, SA1961PT8, SA1961W, SA1961W8, SA1963W, SA1971P, SA1971P5, SA1977PT, SA1997, SA1997W, SA1997W4, SA2501W, SA2505NK, SA2511PN, SA2513, SA2513K, SA2513NK, SA2515M, SA2515PN, SA2517P, SA2523NK8, SA2525CH, SA2525CH8, SA2527P, SA2527P8, SA2533PN, SA2533PN8, SA2535K, SA2535K8, SA2537K, SA2537K8, SA2539, SA2539P, SA2573NK, SA2583P, SA2585P, SA2589NK, SA2591P, SA2591P5, SA2591S, SA2591S5, SA2593, SA2593P, SA2595, SA2595P, SA2595P5, SA2595S, SA2595S5, SAM1935, SAM1935Y, SAM2035Y, SAM2149Y, SAM2553, SAM2553Y, SAM2653Y, SAM2753, SAM2953Y, SAX2005AL, SAY2035BT, SAY2149BT, SAY2153BT, SAY2653BT, SAY2953BT, SAY2954BT, 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SC1331Y, SC1907W, SC1911W, SC1923W, SC1935S, SC1935W, SC1995W, SC2023, SC2023H, SC2027, SC2027S, SC2097W, SC2501W, SC2503G, SC2505P, SC2507N, SC2511G, SC2513G, SC2515N, SC2517P, SC2539Y, SC2541X, SC2569S, SC2569W, SC2569X, SC2583H, SC2585P, SC2591, SC2591S, SC2593L, SC2593W, SC2593Y, SC2705, SC2705G, SC2709P, SC2711N, SC2713G, SC2713H, SC2715A, SC2719, SC2719P, SC2725H, SC2725H5, SC2725K, SC2725P5, SC2727P, SC2727P5, SC2729N, SC2729N5, SC2731G, SC2731G5, SC2731H, SC2731H5, SC2737Y, SC2737Y5, SC2741X, SC2741X5, SC2747P, SC2749, SC2749Y, SC2749Y8, SC2771R5, SC2777P, SC2777P5, SC2787P, SC2789H, SC2791P, SC2791P3, SC2791S, SC2791S3, SC2793P, SC2793S, SC2793Y, SC2799S, SC3000, SC3321S, SC3361S, SC3375, SC3400, SC3460LB, SC3720, SC3820, SC3921S, SC3931, SC3931W, SC3943, SC3943W, SC3961S, SC3973H, SC4200, SC5509P, SC5511H, SC5523G, SC5525G, SC5533G, SC5535G, SC5557G, SC5563G, SC5573G, SC5587G, SC5593S, SC5595H, SC5597Y, SC5725H, SC5755P, SD0921A, SD0921S, SD11907, SD1315A, SD1315W, SD1315Y, SD1327W, SD1327Y, SD1907, SD1907W, SD1911W, SD1915S, SD1915W, SD1923W, SD1923W3, SD1995W, SD2027W72, SD2035, SD2035H, SD2035H6, SD2501W, SD2513G, SD2515N, SD2515N3, SD2517P, SD2569Y, SD2705G, SD2707N, SD2707N3, SD2709P, SD2725H5, SD2729N5, SD2731G5, SD2731H, SD2731H5, SD2733H, SD2735P, SD2739N, SD2743G, SD2743H, SD2747P1, SD2749Y1, SD2753H1, SD2767H, SD2767H4, SD2771R5, SD2777P5, SD2787H, SD2791, SD2791W, SD2791W1, SD2791Y1, SD2793P1, SD2793Y1, SD3133H, SD3535D, SD3535H, SD3535H1, SD3981H, SD5515G, SD5553H, SE0921A, SE1315, SE1315A, SE1315A4, SE1315W, SE1315W4, SE1315Y, SE1315Y4, SE1445, SE1907W, SE1911, SE1911W, SE1915, SE1915SC, SE1915W, SE2017, SE2017W, SE2023, SE2023W, SE2023X, SE2023Y, SE2027, SE2027W, SE2027W7, SE2027W72, SE2033, SE2033Y, SE2033Y7, SE2035H, SE2095W, SE2097Y, SE2501W, SE2503G, SE2505, SE2505P, SE2505TR, SE2507N, SE2509, SE2509H, SE2511, SE2511G, SE2517, SE2517P, SE2569W, SE2569X, SE2593, SE2593W, SE2593W2, SE2593Y, SE2705, SE2705B, SE2705H, SE2707N, SE2709, 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SE5775H, SE5775H2, SE5785, SE5785H, SE5785H2, SE5789, SE5789S, SE5789S2, SE759Y, SF0921A, SF1315A, SF1315W, SF1911W, SF1911W2, SF1911W7, SF1915, SF2017W, SF2017W2, SF2023H, SF2023H2, SF2023X2, SF2027, SF2027W, SF2033Y, SF2033Y2, SF2035W, SF2035W2, SF2501, SF2501W, SF2501W2, SF2503, SF2503G, SF2503G2, SF2503G52, SF2503G526, SF2505, SF2505TR, SF2505TR2, SF2505TR5, SF2505TR52, SF25069H2, SF2507, SF2507M2, SF2507M5, SF2507N, SF2507N2, SF2507N5, SF2507N52, SF2509, SF2509H, SF2509H2, SF2509H5, SF2509H52, SF2509H526, SF250G52, SF2511, SF2511G, SF2511G2, SF2517, SF2517TR2, SF2517TR52, SF2569, SF2569H2, SF2589, SF2589W2, SF2593X2, SF2593Y, SF2593Y2, SF2705, SF2705H, SF2705H2, SF2705H5, SF2705H52, SF2709TR, SF2709TR2, SF2709TR5, SF2709TR52, SF2713, SF2713H, SF2713H2, SF2713H52, SF2715, SF2715H2, SF2715H52, SF2717, SF2717N2, SF2717N52, SF2719, SF2719T, SF2719TR2, SF2721H, SF2721H2, SF2721H52, SF2725R2, SF2725R52, SF2725TR, SF2725TR2, SF2725TR52, SF2727H, SF2727H2, SF2727H52, SF2733H, SF2733H2, SF2769, SF2769H, SF2769H2, SF2789, SF2789W, SF2789W2, SF2795W, SF2795W2, SF2796H, SF2799Y, SF2799Y2, SF3181H, SF3191, SF3191H, SF3537H, SF3935, SF3935W2, SF3935W8, SF5221W2, SF5223W, SF5223W2, SF5227, SF5233, SF5233Y2, SF5237, SF5237W, SF5237W2, SF5261W, SF5261W2, SF5261Y2, SF5273S, SF5277, SF5335H52, SF5503H, SF5503H2, SF5503H52, SF5521, SF5529, SF5533, SF5533G, SF5533G2, SF5533G52, SF5725, SF5725H2, SF5725H52, SF5729S2, SF5729W, SF5729W2, SF5732H, SF5735H, SF5735H2, SF5745H2, SF5745H52, SF5749, SF5749W, SF5749W2, SF5755H, SF5755H2, SF5755H52, SF5765H2, SF5765H52, SF5769, SF5769Y, SF5769Y2, SG0921X, SG1315W, SG1315X, SG2019, SG2019S, SG2019W, SG2019X, SG2031, SG2031H, SG2031H7, SG2031S, SG2037W, SG2043Y, SG2508, SG2508H, SG2508H9, SG2509, SG2510, SG2510VK, SG2510VK9, SG2511, SG2516TR, SG2567H, SG2589W, SG2589W6, SG2589Y, SG2589Y6, SG2705, SG2706H, SG2706H9, SG2708N, SG2708N9, SG2709, SG2710TR, SG2710TR9, SG2713H, SG2713H3, SG2713H9, SG2715H9, SG2719TR, SG2719TR3, SG2719TR9, SG2721H, 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Customer Reviews:


    Worked perfectly first try with no programming. A little lighter than original, with a little narrower beam. Original is NLA, so I'm glad I bought Anderic from Replacement Remotes, rather than buy an old used one that's likely to develop the same issue as my original.

    by BILL on August 17, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Perfect! Thanks!!!

    by Dane on August 13, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Took it out of the packaging, installed the batteries, and turned on the TV. No problems.

    by Eugene on August 06, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Perfect replacment

    by David on July 30, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No


    by Jon on June 07, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    this was a good purchase, only thing that had problem with it will not run channels up and down

    by Bryan on March 18, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    I am very happy with my purchase of this remote. It was shipped and received very quickly, and it worked perfectly the first time. I was pleased that I could purchase a remote with exactly what I had. The price, including shipping, was worth every penny.

    by Julie A on March 09, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    had some minor aggravation programing remote but not a big problem this is the 2nd time I have used replacementremotes I am very satisfied with the product and service

    by Ray on February 23, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Great. Worked right out of the package. No setup needed.

    by Kimon on January 25, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    The remote works great. Arrived quickly, and well packed.

    by Mike on October 30, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    I purchased the Anderic RR3457 Zenith Remote Control for a friend who doesn't own a computer. the remote control for her floor model zenith tv quit working so I ordered a replacement thru Replacement Remotes.com. the replacemen remote works great.

    by Anonymous on March 31, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Exact replacement for my old Zenith TV

    by Anonymous on May 20, 2015.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Worked as soon as I put the batteries in the remote

    by Anonymous on December 16, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    This remote is an excellent replacement for my friend's 2004 Zenith floor model analog television set.

    by Anonymous on December 16, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    I use this remote every night, the quality of it, is great, I would highly recommend this company to everyone!!

    by Anonymous on August 10, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    The remote feel to be made of less quality material than that of the original but so far it works beautiful.

    by Anonymous on June 04, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Would recommend for anyone who needs a remote.

    by Anonymous on March 07, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    good quality

    by Anonymous on January 24, 2014.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No


    by Anonymous on May 05, 2013.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    For TV, anyone that needs a replacement Quality is 5 star

    by Anonymous on April 27, 2013.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control:

  • RR3457OM
    RR3457 Manual Codes Operating Manual
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  • H27E46DTOM
    H27E46DT, H36E46DT Operating Manual


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  • SR2568SOM
    SR2568S, SR2765 Operating Manual


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