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ANDERIC KTN828 Universal Air Conditioner Unit Remote Control

KTN828 Universal
ANDERIC KTN828 Universal Air Conditioner Unit Remote Control
ANDERIC KTN828 Universal Air Conditioner Unit Remote Control
ANDERIC KTN828 Universal Air Conditioner Unit Remote Control


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ANDERIC KTN828 Universal Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Air Conditioner Unit models

Compatible with Air Conditioner Unit models: 3027590006, 3027592306, 3222270001, 3222270002, 3222272301, 3222272302, 3222276601, 3222276602, 500.487995110, 580.71184100, 580.73069300, 580.73083300, 580.73144300, 580.73184300, 580.74083400, 580.74085400, 580.74103300, 580.74107400, 580.74123300, 580.74125400, 580.74130400, 580.74156400, 580.74229400, 580.74259400, 580.74300400, 580.75051800, 580.75062500, 580.75062501, 580.75063500, 580.75063700, 580.75081500, 580.75085500, 580.75085700, 580.75101500, 580.75101800, 580.75121500, 580.75121501, 580.75123500, 580.75123700, 580.75130500, 580.75130700, 580.75135500, 580.75135700, 580.75144500, 580.75144700, 580.75151500, 580.75251500, 580.75251700, 580.75281500, 580.75281700, 580.76081500, 580.76081700, 580.76081800, 580.76105600, 580.76105700, 580.77128300, 62301262, 623012620, 6711A20025M, 6711A20025N, 6711A20026T, 6711A20026U, 6711A20039N, 6711A20078B, 6711A20083R, 6711A20128B, 6711A20128F, 6711A20128H, 6711AR2853L, 6711AR2905A, 6711AR2905B, 6711AR2905C, 6711AR2905D, 71184, 73184, 74125400, 74229, 75062, 75063, 75081, 75101, 75121, 75135, 75144, 75151, 75251, 76081, 76081.500, 76105600, 795.75144501, AC103E, AC103R, AC103RX, AC123E, AC123R, AC123RX, AC143R, AC183E, AC183R, AC243E, AC243R, ACA055R, ACA056R, ACA057F, ACA057R, ACA059E, ACA069R, ACB055E, ACB057E, ACB065R, ACB067E, ACH1800E1, ACH1800E1/XSS, ACH2400E1, ACH2400E1/XSS, ACH3600G1, ACH3600G1/XSS, ACH4400G1, ACH4400G1/XSS, ACQ052PK, ACQ058PL, ACQ062PK, ACQ62PK, ACW086R, ACW106R, ACW106V, ACW126R, ACW126V, AD18A1C09, AD18A1C2, AD18A1C2/KCV, AD18B1C09, AD18B1C09/KCV, AD18B1C09KCV, AD18B1E2, AD18B1E2/SER, AD18B1E2/XFO, AD24B1E2, AD24B1E2/FES, AD24B1E2/MID, AD24B1E2/SER, AD24B1E2/XFO, AD24B1E25, AD24B1E25/SEN, AD26A1C13, AD26A1C2, AD26A1C2/KCV, AD26B1C13, AD26B1C13/KCV, AD26B1C13KCV, AD26B1E3, AD26B1E3/HAC, AD26B1E3/SER, AD26B1E3/XFO, AD26B2B13, AD26B2B13XAX, AD26B2B2/XAX, AEW08AJS1, AG1AC11BKM, AG1AC17BWF, AG1AC17BWG, AG1AC17BWI, AG1AC23BKM, AG1AC23BWF, 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AM14A1E2, AM14A1E2/CAF, AM14A1E2/XEH, AM14A1E2/XET, AM14A1E2/XSS, AM18A1C09, AM18A1C2, AM18A1C2/KCV, AM18A1E09, AM18A1E09/XSS, AM18A1E09XSS, AM18B1C09, AM18B1C09/KCV, AM18B1C09KCV, AM18B2B2, AM18B2B2/XAP, AM19A1E2, AM19A1E2/XEC, AM24A1E12, AM24A1E12/XSS, AM26A1B2, AM26A1B2/CAP, AM26A1B2/XAP, AM26A1B2/XAX, AM26A1C13, AM26A1C2, AM26A1C2/KCV, AM26B1C13, AM26B1C13/KCV, AM26B1C13KCV, AM26B2B13, AM26B2B2, AM26B2B2/XAX, AM27A1C07, AM27A1C13, AM27A1C3, AM27A1C3/KCV, AM27B1C07, AM27B1C07/KCV, AM27B1C07KCV, AM27B1C13, AM27B1C13/KCV, AM27B1C13KCV, AMNW09GDEL0, AMNW09GDEL1, AMNW09GDER0, AMNW09GDER1, AMNW12GDEL0, AMNW12GDEL1, AMNW12GDER0, AMNW12GTRA0, AMNW18GD5L0, AMNW18GD5L1, AP077R, AP3607BR, AP3607BR/KCV, AP500PF, AP500PF0K/KCV, APC3240C, APC3240C/KCV, APE07AHM1, APE08AKM1, AQ07A1ME, AQ07A1ME/MID, AQ07A1ME/SER, AQ07A1ME/XFO, AQ07A4ME, AQ07A4ME/FES, AQ07A4ME/XFA, AQ07A56ME, AQ07A5ME, AQ07A5ME/MID, AQ07A5ME/SAM, AQ07A5ME/SER, AQ07A5ME/XFO, AQ07A6ME, AQ07A6ME1/ABS, AQ07A6ME5, AQ07A6ME5/SEN, 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FAA055N7A3, FAA055P7A1, FAA055P7A11, FAA055P7A12, FAA055P7A13, FAA055P7A14, FAA055P7A15, FAA055P7A16, FAA055P7A2, FAA055P7A3, FAA055P7A4, FAA055P7A5, FAA055P7A6, FAA055P7A7, FAA055P7A8, FAA055P7AENG1, FAA055P7AENG2, FAA055P7AENG3, FAA055P7AENG4, FAA055P7AENG5, FAA055P7AENG6, FAA056M7A1, FAA063P7A11, FAA063P7A12, FAA063P7A13, FAA063P7A14, FAA063P7A15, FAA063P7A16, FAA064N7A1, FAA064N7A2, FAA064N7A3, FAA064P7A, FAA064P7A1, FAA064P7A2, FAA064P7A3, FAA064P7A4, FAA065M7A, FAA065M7A1, FAA065N7A1, FAA065N7A2, FAA065N7A3, FAA065P7A1, FAA065P7A11, FAA065P7A12, FAA065P7A13, FAA065P7A14, FAA065P7A15, FAA065P7A16, FAA065P7A2, FAA065P7A3, FAA065P7A4, FAA065P7AENG1, FAA065P7AENG2, FAA065P7AENG3, FAA065P7AENG4, FAA065P7AENG5, FAA065P7AENG6, FAA067P7A1, FAA067P7A2, FAA067P7A3, FAA067P7A4, FAA067P7A5, FAA067P7A6, FAA067P7AENG1, FAA067P7AENG2, FAA067P7AENG3, FAA067P7AENG4, FAA067P7AENG5, FAA067P7AENG6, FAA084P7A1, FAA084P7A11, FAA084P7A12, FAA084P7A13, FAA084P7A14, FAA084P7A15, FAA084P7A16, FAA084P7A2, 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Product description

The original ANDERIC KTN828 Universal Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC KTN828 Universal Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The KTN828 Universal Air Conditioner Remote control will work 99.9% of all Air conditioners. Easy 1-time programming, using the instructions provided. Remote Comes with Wall mount. Remote also has convenient back-lighting for easy visibility in the dark.

• Extra large LCD panel
• Background light display
• Thermometer Function
• Clock function
• Unique function of "Intelligent cool" and "Intelligent heat"
• Easy numerical code input.
• Operates in °F and °C modes.

For FRIGIDAIRE (Please use GE, or Electrolux codes)

Model: KTN828 Universal
Part Number: KTN828
Catalogue No.: 89697
This remote control controls units : Air Conditioner Unit
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    Works well. Fast delivery. Relatively easy to program. Still figuring out a few as the functions as I do't have a manual on the original. Good buy!

    by Joe on August 09, 2017.
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    We are having a hard time figuring out how to program this with our Panasonic air conditioner. We ran the Auto programming per the guide and it did not work on the beeping part of the process. Now we have to try to access several codes to see if one will work. This is way to complicated just for a replacement remote!

    by Pamela on August 02, 2017.
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    Have just programed the unit. At this time is working very well

    by larry on April 26, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Everything worked Great! Thank You.

    by Ralph on March 17, 2017.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Thank you for all of your assistance. I have a senior complex and the remote is vital for the a/c to avoid any possible falls.

    by Susan on July 06, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Efficient device. Does the work on first try. Translation of instructions is however poor.

    by Robert on June 10, 2016.
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Questions on ANDERIC KTN828 Universal Remote Control:

Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control