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ANDERIC RR200 Hitachi TV Remote Control

RR200 Hitachi
ANDERIC RR200 Hitachi TV Remote Control
ANDERIC RR200 Hitachi TV Remote Control
Part Number: RR200

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RR200 Hitachi Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RR200 Hitachi Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic RR200 remote control replaces many original equipment Hitachi TV remotes. The RR200 will work right out of the package for compatible Hitachi TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RR200 is a pre-programmed Hitachi TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like MENU, INPUT and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your Hitachi TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a manufacturers 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

Additional information:

• This remote only works Hitachi TVs
• This remote will not program to any other devices (DVDs, Cable boxes, etc.)
• This remote is a generic substitute remote for many Hitachi remote controls including: CLU253, 2381126, 2573313, 2582552, CLE879, CLE898, 2970297, CLU260, 2970293, CLU241, 2970294, CLU250, 2970292, 2970293, CLU241, 2970291, 2584302, 2584304, 2582557, 2574101, CLU174, CLU190, CLU201, CLU220, CLU240, CLU230, CLU253B, CLU600PR, CLU400IR, CLU570PR, CLU660GJ, CLU660GR, CLU951GR
• 1-YEAR replacement warranty included

Model: RR200 Hitachi
Part Number: RR200
Associated Number: CLU200
Catalogue No.: 5589
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

ANDERIC RR200 Hitachi Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: 13AG1B, 13GA1, 13GA1B, 13GA1BA, 19CH94, 19CH94R, 20MA1, 20MA1B, 20MA3B, 20MALB, 20SA2B, 20SA4B, 21CH95S, 2573972, 2574051, 2581871, 2584302, 2584304, 2584306, 25CX5B, 26AX1BC, 26KX12KC, 27122, 27AX0B, 27AX1, 27AX1B, 27AX1BC, 27AX2BC, 27AX3B, 27AX4B, 27AX5BX, 27CX0B, 27FX90, 27GE650UX1, 27KX1, 27KX2, 27KX3, 27KX6, 27KX8, 27MX1, 27MX1B, 27MX1BA, 2970291, 2970292, 2970294, 3194TB, 31CX4B, 31DX10, 31DX10B, 31DX11B, 31DX21B, 31DX22B, 31DX31B, 31GX31B, 31GY31B, 31KX1B, 31KX2B, 31KX39K, 31KX3K, 31KX41K, 31KX6B, 31KX7B, 31KX7BC, 31KX8K, 31UX5B, 35CX45B, 35TX10B, 35TX30B, 35TX50B, 35TX59K, 35TX69K, 35UX60B, 46EX1, 46EX1B, 46EX1E, 46EX3B, 46UX10BA, 46UX11KA, 46UX12B, 46UX7B/K, 46UX7BC, 46UX7K, 50EX12B, 50EX12BA, 50EX13K, 50EX13KA, 50SX5P, 50UK10B, 50UX10B, 50UX11K, 50UX14B, 50UX15K, 50UX18B, 50UX19K, 50UX7B, 50UX7K, 50UX7W, 50UX8, 50UX8D, 50UX8W, Show more models

50UX8W, 526W945, 55EX1, 55EX1K, 60SX1K, 60SX2K, 60SX3B, 60SX4B, 60SX9K, C259, C43NXS1, C574, CA569, CCU9000, CK280, CK280A, CK290, CK300, CKC290, CLE879, CLE898, CLU174A, CLU190, CLU201, CLU220, clu230, CLU240, CLU241, CLU253, CLU253A, CLU260, CLU340, CLU400IR, CLU600PR, CLU620PR, CLU660GR, CLU851GR, CLU950GR, CLU951GR, CMT1410, CMT1410A, CMT1435, CMT1440, CMT1455, CMT1475, CMT1483, CMT1496, CMT1910, CMT2080, CMT2083, CMT2085, CMT2090, CMT2091, CMT2097, CMT2110, CMT2118, CMT2119, CMT2129, CMT2130, CMT2138, CMT2139, CMT2155, CMT2158, CMT2159, CMT2195, CMT2196, CMT2198, CMT2400, CMT2410, CMT2519, CMT2575, CMT2683, CMT2686, CMT2700, CMT2719, CMT2900, CMT2908, CMT3300, CO5R, CR339, CRK70VHL, CT1304, CT1306, CT1326, CT1329B, CT1347, CT1358, CT1358B, CT1365, CT1367, CT1376, CT1384, CT1384W, CT1385BU, CT1385W, CT1386B, CT1386BW, CT1386W, CT1394, CT1394B, CT1394W, CT1394WB, CT1395, CT1395B, CT1395BW, CT1395W, CT13C7, CT13X6, CT1905, CT1906, CT1907, CT1913, CT1917, CT1923, CT1927, CT1927H, CT1955, CT1956, CT1956M, CT1957B, CT1957W, CT1965, CT1966, CT19B3, CT19B4, CT19B5, CT19C5, CT19D5, CT19X3, CT19X3T, CT19X7, CT19X7T, CT19Y3, CT19Y6, CT19Y7, CT2011M, CT2017, CT2017D, CT2033, CT2033B, CT2043, CT2043B, CT2045, CT2065, CT2065B, CT2065W, CT2066, CT2066B, CT2066J, CT2066W, CT2075, CT2075W, CT2076, CT2076B, CT2076BW, CT2076W, CT2077, CT2077B, CT2077W, CT2077W/B, CT2079, CT2079B, CT2085, CT2085B, CT2085B/W, CT2085BA, CT2085W, CT2086, CT2087, CT2087B, CT2087BW, CT2087W, CT2093, CT2095, CT2095A, CT2095BA, CT2095W, CT2095WA, CT2097, CT2097B, CT2097W, CT2175U, CT2250, CT2250B, CT2250H, CT2250M, CT2250W, CT2254, CT2260, CT2260H, CT2260W, CT2261, CT2261W, CT2262, CT2262W, CT2267B, CT2267H, CT2536, CT2550, CT2551, CT2552, CT2553, CT2555, CT2556, CT2557, CT2561, CT2562, CT2660, CT2661, CT2668, CT2670, CT2670B, CT2670K, CT2670W, CT2736ST, CT3190, CT3190B, CT3196, CT3196B, CT3198, CT3198K, CT4271, CT4533, CT4533K, CT4535, CT4535D, CT4546, CT4555, CT5033K, CT5065, CT5071, CT5072, CT5533, CT5533K, CT6782KC, CT7826, CT7870, CT7870B, CT7870K, CT7872, CT7872B, CT7881, CT7881B, CT7881K, CT7882, CT7882B, CT7882B/K, CT7882BA, CT7882BA/KA, CT7882K, CT7882KA, CT7883, CT7883B, CT7883BC, CT7884BC, CT7892, CT7892B, CT7892K, CT7893, CT7893B, CT7894, CT7894B, CT7897, CT7897B, CT7897BK, CT7898, CT7898B, CT7898BC, CT7960, CT7960B, CT7960K, CT939, CT959, CT969, CT977, CT979, CT990, CU5001B51, CXW500, CXW500UC, CY959, DA009, DA401, DA405, DA405CS, DA500, DA501, DA8200, DA8200SW, DAC70, DAC70SW, FH2573911, FX4W, FX6, FX7, HAD500, HAD501, HPT120AV, HRD301, HRDMD05, HRDMD38, HRDMD40, HRDMD45, HRDMD50, HRDMD53, HTA50AV, J5533K, MCDZ30, MD50, MD5000CD, MD53CD, MT2550, MT2555, MT2755, MT2770, MT2796, MT2850, MT2870, MXW50, MXW51, P52923YX2, PS27121, PT4271, SLVE10VP, T5533K, TE67002, TE67031, TE67032, TE67201, TE67332, TE67909, TE8500, TE8600, TE8610, TE8700, TE8705, TE8706, TF2400, TF2467, TN77032, TS6310, TS6313, TT8502, TT87031, TT9808XS, VIP9500, VIPSX55, VTF484A

Compatible with TV models: 13GP411F01, 197461, 204935, 20AB2B, 20GT372FB1, 20GT375FB1, 20GT377, 211687, 212234, 212688, 221132, 22124710, 224265, 224266, 225841, 228003, 237909, 238545, 25GC722, 25GC732, 25GC732KF1, 25GC744KF1, 25GC752, 25GT510, 25GT510FE1, 25GT536, 25GT536FE1, 25GT536JX1, 25GT537, 25GT537TX1, 25GX309, 25GX390N01, 27AX2B, 27GC732, 27GC903KF1, 27GT614FE1, 27GT615JX1, 27GT619TX1, 27GT619TX1AB3, 27GT620TX1, 27GT622FE1, 27GT630, 27GT6618, 3020224511, 3126490004, 316T658, 31CX513, 31CX58B, 31CX63, 31CX68, 31DX20, 31DX20B, 31GT657FM1, 31GT657JX1, 31GT658, 31GT659, 31GT659JX1CN2, 31GT660FM1CN3, 31GT660FM3CH3, 31UX5, 31VX6B, 32CX32B, 32CXX11B, 32TX78, 32TX78B, 32TX79K, 35GT681JX1, 46EX2B, 46EX2K, 504616183, 60425, 6852507M, 729691130M, 82033C01, A26CD, BS35180, CC4252, CDVD9000A, CDVD9000B, CDVD9000C, CDVD9000S, CLD0065, CLE865A, COM0950AW, COM0953, COM0953A, COM0960, COM0960A, COM1307AD, COM311ADB, COM312AD, COM312AD/TV, CRK62B2, CRK62D, CRK62S2, CRK70B2, CRK70F2, CRK70VCL1, CRK70VK, CRK74J1, Show more models

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Customer Reviews:


    Remote works fine, but Duracell AA batteries are too large for the remote...cannot close the cover and will have to look for another brand of AA batteries, that are thinner.

    by Geri on May 22, 2017.
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    Everhing OK, super service,thanks

    by Gilles on January 24, 2017.
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    Excellent. The feel of the buttons is just right. I bought it to reprogram the TV and it allowed me to do just that. I had to use it very close to the TV set, though. It may have been because of low batteries. I don't mind so much because I have another remote control for daily use.

    by Jean-Victor on January 12, 2017.
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    Product worked every thing on the tv that I ordered it for. The product was excellent.

    by Anonymous on September 23, 2014.
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    Product worked perfectly with my old tv.

    by Anonymous on August 24, 2014.
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Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control: