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Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Philips TV

Simple Remote Control for Philips
Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Philips TV Remote Control
Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Philips TV Remote Control
Part Number: RRHMAG

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (Anderic-Hospitality Simple Magnavox Remote Control remote control):

The Anderic RRMAG remote control replaces many original equipment Magnavox TV remotes. The RRMAG will work right out of the package for compatible Magnavox TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RRMAG is a pre-programmed Magnavox TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like SLEEP, INPUT and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a manufacturers 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

Additional information:

• This remote only works OLDER STYLE (CRT) Magnavox & Philips TVs
• This remote only has the most basic features, great for uses in hotels, schools and business or simply as a simple spare remote.
• This remote will NOT program to any other devices (DVD players, Cable boxes, etc.)
• Includes MENU operations
• 1-YEAR replacement warranty included
WARNING: Before ordering this remote, please compare the buttons on this remote with the buttons on your original remote to make sure this remote will operate all the buttons you need.

Model: Simple Magnavox Remote Control
Part Number: RRMAG
Catalogue No.: 6654

The replacement for original Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Philips is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Philips carries a 1-Year Warranty.

This remote will work for most Magnavox and Philips CRT (TUBE) TV's and may also work for many Flat-panel TVs.

- No Programming Required.
- No menu functions to mess with
- Optional Screw for battery cover
- Simple, and Easy to use
- Great for uses in hotels, schools, and business

Model: Simple Remote Control for Philips
Part Number: RRHMAG
Catalogue No.: 6608
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Anderic-Hospitality Simple Remote Control for Philips is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Compatible with TV models: 19LT220, 19LT220L, 19LT220L/17, 19LT220L/17B, 19LT220L17, 19LT220L17B, 19LT220V, 19LT220V/17, 19LT220V17, 20LZ20, 20LZ202, 27HT2000, 27HT2000/27, 27HT2000/27B, 27ST22, 27ST220027, 27ST220L, 27ST220L/17, 27ST220L17, 27ST420L, 27ST420L/17, 27ST420L/17B, 27ST6210, 27ST6210/27, 27ST6210/27B, 32ST2200, 32ST2200/27, 32ST2200/27B, 32ST220P, 32ST220P/17, 32ST220P/17B, 32ST220P/35, 32ST6210, 32ST6210/27, 32ST6210/27B, CR4510, CR4510A, CR4510A1, CR4510A101, EM4019, EM4019C1, EM4019C101, EM5019, EM5019C121, EM5019C122, EM6020, EM6025, EM6025C, EM6025C121, EMX162, EMX162C101, GM4019, GM4019C101, GM5019, GM5019C1, GM5019C101, GM5019C121, GM5019C122, HC0113, HC0113C, HC0113C1, HC0113C121, HC0113C199, HC0113C3, HC0113C321, HC0113C399, HC0119, HC0119C, HC0119C199, HC0119C3, HC0119C322, HC0119C399, HD1308, HD2720, HD2720C1, HD2720C101, HD2730, HD2730C, HD2730C1, MAGRR133OW1, PB4025, PB4025C101, PB6013, PB6013C, PC0125C121, PC6220C121, PC9219, PC9219C, PC9219C1, PC9219C125, PC9219C198, PC9219C199, PC9225, PC9225C, PC9225C198, PC9225C199, PC9225C2, PC9225C221, PC9225C298, PC9225C299, Show more models

PC9225C299, PC9225M, PC9227, PC9227C, PC9227C101, PC9227C121, PC9227C199, PC9227C201, PC9227C221, PC9227C299, PL0119, PL0119C, PL0119C1, PL0119C125, PL0119C199, PL0119C399, PL0127, PL0127C, PL0127C1, PL0127C121, PL0127C199, PL0127C3, PL0127C321, PL0127C399, PL2125, PL2125C, PL2125C1, PL3125, PL3125C, PL3125C4, PL3125C401, PL3125C402, PL4119, PL4119C, PL4119C1, PL4119C101, PL4121, PL4121C, PL4121C1, PL4121C101, PL4125, PL4125C, PL4125C1, PL4125C101, PL4126, PL4126C, PL4126C1, PL4126C101, PL5119, PL5119C, PL5119C1, PL5119C121, PL5119C122, PL5120, PL5120C, PL5120C1, PL5120C101, PL5120C121, PL5120C122, PL5120C2, PL5120C299, PL5121, PL5121C1, PL5121C101, PL5121C121, PL5125, PL5125C, PL5125C1, PL5125C101, PL5125C102, PL5125C121, PL6119, PL6119C, PL6119C121, PL6119C199, PL6119C2, PL6119C221, PL6119C299, PL6120, PL6120C, PL6120C1, PL6120C121, PL6120C199, PL6125, PL6125C, PL6125C1, PL6125C121, PL7119, PL7119C1, PL7119C127, PL7120C, PL7125, PL7125C, PL7125C1, PL7125C107, PL7125C122, PL7125C198, PL7125C199, PL7127, PL7127C, PL7127C1, PL7127C101, PL7127C107, PL7127C121, PL9119, PL9119C, PL9119C1, PL9119C125, PL9119C199, PL9125, PL9125C, PL9125C1, PL9125C101, PL9125C199, PL9125C2, PL9125C221, PL9125C298, PL9125C299, PL9127, PL9127C, PL9127C1, PL9127C121, PL9127C199, R3940A, R3940AWA01, R5861AAK, R5861AAK01, R5862APC, R5862APC01, R5862APE, R5862APE01, RF4246W, RF4246WA, RF4246WA01, RF4246WC, RF4246WC01, RF4246WC03, RG4248, RG4248WA01, RG4250, RG4250WA01, RG4251, RG4251WA01, RG4474, RG4474AK03, RG4474WA01, RG5951, RG5951AK01, RK4030, RK4240, RK5521, RK5521C101, RK5521C102, RK5521C202, RKF169, RLF308, RLF308CH, RLF308CH01, RLF308WA, RLF308WA01, RLF335, RLF335PC, RLF335PC01, RLF335PE, RLF335PE01, RLF335PE03, RLF650, RLF650PC, RLF650PC01, RLF650PE, RLF650PE01, RLF650PE02, RLF652, RLF652PC, RLF652PC01, RLF652PE, RLF652PE01, RLF652PE02, RLF652PE03, RP1930, RR1330, RR1330W, RR1330W1, RR1330W101, RR1930, RR1930W, RR1930W1, RR1930W101, RR1930W102, RR1930W121, RR1930W122, RX3040WA02, RX4029, RX4030, RX4030W, RX4030WA, RX4030WA01, RX4030WA02, RX4030WA04, RX4030WG, RX4030WG01, RX4030WG02, RX4031, RX4031WA, RX4031WA01, RX4031WG, RX4031WG01, RX4031WG02, RX4240, RX4240WA01, RX4240WA03, RX4240WA21, RX4240WA22, RX4240WG01, RX4241, RX4241W, RX4241WA, RX4241WA01, RX4470, RX4470AK, RX4470AK01, RX4472, RXF155, RXF167, RXF168, RXF169, RXF169WA02, RXF188, SC2927, SC2927C, SC2927C1, SC2927C121, SC2927C199, SC2927C2, SC2927C221, SD3109U, T089AGMA01, TC7220C, TC7225, TC7225C, TL6120, TL6120C, TL6120C1, TL6120C121, TL7119, TL7119C, TL7119C199, TL7119C2, TL7119C299, TL7120, TL7125, TL7125C1, TL7125C107, TL7125C122, TL7127, TL7127C1, TL9119, TL9119C1, TL9119C125, TL9125, TL9125C121, TL9125C2, TL9125C221, TL9127, TL9127C101, TL9127C121, TL9127C221, VT3140, WR9027, XP3192, XR1345, XR1930

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