Anderic Generics NP30LP for NEC Projector Lamp Assembly

Anderic Generics NP30LP for NEC Projector Projector Lamp Assembly
Part Number: NP30LP

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Product Description:

The original Anderic Generics NP30LP for NEC Projector Lamp Assembly is available for special order.
The original Anderic Generics NP30LP for NEC Projector Lamp Assembly carries a 1-Year Warranty.

NP30LP NEC Projector Lamp Replacement. Projector Lamp Assembly with High Quality Genuine Original Osram P-VIP Bulb Inside.

Model: NP30LP for NEC
Catalogue No.: 87540
This projector lamp assembly can be used with units : Projector
Dimensions: 5.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 (W x L x D, inches)

Anderic Generics NP30LP for NEC Projector Lamp Assembly is guaranteed to work with the following Projector models:

Originally supplied with Projector models: DUKANE 456-6235W, DUKANE 456-6540, DUKANE 456-6541, DUKANE ImagePro 5640HD, DUKANE ImagePro 6233, DUKANE ImagePro 6235W, DUKANE ImagePro 6540, DUKANE ImagePro 6540HD, DUKANE ImagePro 6540HDA, NEC M323H, NEC M332XS, NEC M332XSG, NEC M333XS, NEC M352WS, NEC M352WSG, NEC M353WS, NEC M402H, NEC M402W, NEC M402WG, NEC M402X, NEC M402XG, NEC M403H, NEC M403W, NEC M403X, NEC M404H, NEC NP-403WG, NEC NP-M332XS, NEC NP-M332XSG, NEC NP-M352WS, NEC NP-M352WSG, NEC NP-M352WSJD, NEC NP-M352WSJD-N3, NEC NP-M353HSJD, NEC NP-M353WSJD, NEC NP-M402H, NEC NP-M402HJD, NEC NP-M402W, NEC NP-M402WG, NEC NP-M402WJD, NEC NP-M402X, NEC NP-M402XG, NEC NP-M402XJD, NEC NP-M403HJD, NEC NP-M403W, NEC NP-M403WJD, NEC NP-M403XJD

Compatible with Projector models: PHILIPS 3317395 Bulb, PHILIPS 7700FullHD Bulb, PHILIPS BLFU400A Bulb, PHILIPS EW860 Bulb, PHILIPS EW865 Bulb, PHILIPS EX850 Bulb, PHILIPS EX855 Bulb, PHILIPS MVision Cine 400W Bulb, NEC NP310, NEC NP3150, NEC NP3151, NEC NP3151W, NEC NP3200, NEC NP3250, NEC NP3250W, NEC NP40, NEC NP400, NEC NP4000, NEC NP4001, NEC NP405, NEC NP41, NEC NP410, NEC NP4100, NEC NP4100W, NEC NP410W, NEC NP43, NEC NP50, NEC NP500, NEC NP500W, NEC NP500WS, NEC NP510, NEC NP510G, NEC NP510W, NEC NP510WS, NEC NP52, NEC NP60, NEC NP600, NEC NP600S, NEC NP61, NEC NP610, NEC NP610S, NEC NP62, NEC NP63, NEC NP64, NEC NP901, NEC NP905, NEC P350X, NEC P420X, NEC PA550W, NEC PH1000U, NEC PH1400U, NEC PX700U Bulb, NEC PX750U Bulb, NEC PX800X Bulb, PHILIPS SP.8LB04GC001 Bulb, NEC U250X, NEC U260W, NEC U300X, NEC U310W, PHILIPS UHP 400320W 1.3 E21.9, NEC UM280W, NEC UM280Wi, NEC UM280X, NEC UM280Xi, NEC UM330W, NEC UM330X, NEC V230X, NEC V260, NEC V260X, NEC VT37