Anderic Generics DT00731 for HITACHI Projector Lamp

Anderic Generics DT00731 for HITACHI Projector Projector Lamp
Part Number: DT00731

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Product Description:

The Anderic Generics DT00731 for HITACHI Projector Lamp is available for special order.
The Anderic Generics DT00731 for HITACHI Projector Lamp carries a 6-Months warranty.

DT00731 Hitachi Projector Lamp Replacement. Projector Lamp Assembly with High Quality Genuine Original Osram P-VIP Bulb Inside.

Model: DT00731 for HITACHI
Part Number: DT00731
Catalogue No.: 86843
This projector lamp can be used with units : Projector

Anderic Generics DT00731 for HITACHI Projector Lamp is guaranteed to work with the following Projector models:

Originally supplied with Projector models: 4568755D, 78696998612, CPS240, CPS245, CPX240, CPX245, CPX250, CPX255, DT00731, EDPX350, EDS8240, EDX8250, EDX8255, Imagepro 8065, Imagepro 8755D, PJ656, PJ656D, RLC013, S55i, X55i

Compatible with Projector models: 151103900 Bulb, 31P6936, 31P9870, 31P9910, 33L3456, 33L3537, 4800 Infocus, 4805 Infocus, 73P3191 Bulb, 8000430, A3100, A3200, A3300, C160 Infocus, C180 Infocus, C400 IBM Bulb, C400W Bulb, C500 infocus, Cine1000 Bulb, Cine5000 Bulb, DT01491, DT01581, ED3250AT, EDA100, EDA101, EDA110, EDA111, EDA220NM, EDAW100N, EDAW110N, EDD10N, EDD11N, EDPJ32, EDS317, EDS3170, EDS317A, EDS3350, EDX10, EDX1092, EDX12, EDX15, EDX20, EDX22, EDX24, EDX26, EDX30, EDX31, EDX32, EDX3250, EDX3270, EDX3270A, EDX3280, EDX3280AT, EDX33, EDX3400, EDX3450, EDX40, EDX42, EDX45, EDX45N, EDX50, EDX52, HCP2200X, HCP2600X, HCP2650X, HCP3000X, HCP3050X, HCP3560X, HCP4000X, HCP4060X, HCP426X Bulb, HCP430X Bulb, HCP5000X, HCP635X Bulb, HCP800X, HCP80X, HCP836X Bulb, HCP880X, HCP900X, HCPQ3, HCPQ3W, HCPU27N Bulb, HDPJ52, HOME1, iL1210, iLC200, iLC300, iLM300, iLM300MP, iLV200, iLV300, IN10, IN102, IN104, IN105, IN1100, IN1102, IN1112, IN112, IN1124, Show more models

IN1124, IN1126, IN112A, IN114, IN114A, IN116, IN122, IN124, IN124A, IN124ST, IN124STA, IN125, IN126, IN126A, IN126ST, IN126STA, IN12Ceiling Mounted, IN134UST, IN136UST, IN146, IN1501, IN1503, IN20, IN2100, IN2100EP, IN2102, IN2102EP, IN2104, IN2104EP, IN2106, IN2106EP, IN2112, IN2114, IN2116, IN2124, IN2124A, IN2126, IN2126A, IN24, IN24 EP, IN24 Plus, IN24EP, IN24PLUSEP, IN26, IN26 EP, IN26 Plus, IN26PLUSEP, IN3102, IN3104, IN3106, IN3108, IN3114, IN3116, IN3118HD, IN3124, IN3126, IN3128HD, IN3138HD, IN32, IN34, IN34EP, IN35, IN35W, IN35WEP, IN36, IN37, IN37EP, IN38, IN3902, IN3904, IN3914, IN3914A, IN3916, IN3916A, IN39C Bulb, IN42, IN42 Plus, IN5102, IN5104, IN5106, IN5108, IN5110, IN5122, IN5124, IN5135, IN5142, IN5144, IN5145, IN5302 Bulb, IN5304 Bulb, IN5312, IN5314, IN5316HD, IN5318, IN5502, IN5504, IN5532 Left, IN5532 Right, IN5533 Left, IN5533 Right, IN5533L Left, IN5534 Left, IN5534 Right, IN5535 Left, IN5535 Right, IN5535L Left, IN5542, IN5544, IN5552L, IN5554L, IN5555L, IN5586 Left, IN5586 Right, IN5588 Left, IN5588 Right, IN72, IN74, IN74EX, IN76, IN78, IN81, IN82, IN83, IN8602, iPJAW250NM, LP120, LP130, LP240, LP250, LP260, LP280, LP290, LP290E, LP340, LP340B, LP350, LP500, LP520, LP530, LP540, LP600 Infocus, LP630, LP640, LP650, LP690 Bulb, LP70, LP70Plus, LP740, LP750 Bulb, LP755 Bulb, LP770, LP790HB Bulb, LP800, LP810, LP815, LP820, LP840, LP850, LP860, LPX1, LPX15, LPX1A, LPX2, LPX3, LPX6, LPX7, LPX8, LPX9, LS4800, LS4805, LS5000, LS5700, LS7200, LS7205, LS7210, LS777, M8Ceiling Mounted, MCX2500, Model 10 Bulb, Model 12 Bulb, Model 15 Bulb, Model 15 ET Bulb, Model 20, Model 20 ET, Model 30 Bulb, Model 30 ET Bulb, Model 40, Model 40 ET, Model 50 Bulb, Model 60, Model 65 Bulb, Model 70 Bulb, Model 75 Bulb, Model 80 Bulb, PJ1060, PJ10602, PJ1065, PJ10651, PJ10652, PJ1158, PJ1165, PJ1172, PJ1173, PJ1250, PJ255D Bulb, PJ256D, PJ258D Bulb, PJ260D, PJ358, PJ359W, PJ400, PJ4002, PJ402D, PJ402D2, PJ406D, PJ452, PJ456D, PJ458D, PJ500, PJ5001, PJ5002, PJ501, PJ5011, PJ502, PJ503D, PJ506, PJ506D, PJ506ED, PJ508D, PJ510, PJ513, PJ513D, PJ513DB, PJ520, PJ550, PJ5501, PJ5502, PJ551, PJ5511, PJ551D, PJ552, PJ556, PJ556D, PJ556ED, PJ557D, PJ558D, PJ559D, PJ560, PJ560D, PJ562, PJ568D, PJ588D, PJ650, PJ658, PJ658D, PJ678, PJ750, PJ7502, PJ7503, PJ755D, PJ758, PJ759, PJ760, PJ766D Bulb, PJ853, PJ860, PJ8602, PJ862, PJ870, PJ880, PJ885, PJD5111, PJD5112, PJD5113, PJD5122, PJD5123, PJD5132, PJD5133, PJD5134, PJD5152, PJD5211, PJD5221, PJD5223, PJD5226, PJD5232L, PJD5233, PJD5234L, PJD5351, PJD5352, PJD5523, PJD5523W, PJD6210, PJD62103D, PJD6210WH, PJD6211, PJD6211P, PJD6213, PJD62203D, PJD6221, PJD6223, PJD6230, PJD6235, PJD6235/P, PJD6240, PJD6241, PJD6243, PJD6245, PJD6246, PJD6251, PJD6253, PJD6253W, PJD6345, PJD6353, PJD6353s, PJD6381, PJD6383, PJD6531W, PJD6544W, PJD6553, PJD6553W, PJD6683W, PJD7382, PJD7383, PJD7383i, PJD7583, PJD7583W, PJD7820HD, PJL3211, PJL6233, PJL6243, PJL7201, PJL7211, PJL9371, PJLC2001, PJLC5, PJLC5W, PJLC7, PJLC9, PJLC9W, PJTX10, PJTX100, PJTX200, PJTX300, PRJRLC001, PRJRLC002, PRJRLC010 Bulb, PRJRLC011, PRJRLC015, Pro6200, Pro8100, Pro8300, Pro8400, Pro8450W, Pro8500, RBB009H, RP10S, RP10X, Screenplay 110, Screenplay 4800, Screenplay 4805, Screenplay 5000, Screenplay 5700, Screenplay 7200, Screenplay 7205, Screenplay 7210, SPLAMP002A, VIPA000100, VIPA000125 Bulb, VIPA000215, Vision Model 30 Bulb