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Anderic Generics AKB73756542 for LG TV Remote Control

Anderic Generics AKB73756542 for LG TV Remote Control
Part Number: AKB73756542

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Product Description:

The original Anderic Generics AKB73756542 for LG Remote Control is available for special order.
The original Anderic Generics AKB73756542 for LG Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

Will replace the original AKB73756542 LG. No programming needed. Just point and shoot.

Models Used With:
32LN5700, 39LN5700, 42LN5700, 47LN5700, 50LN5600, 50LN5700, 55LN5600, 55LN5700, 55LN5790, 60LN5600, 60LN5700, 32LN570B, 47LN5710, 50LN5710, 55LN5710, 60LN5710, 47LN5750, 50LN5750, 55LN5750, 60LN5750, 47LN5790, 47LN5600, 39LN5700-UH, 42LN5700-UH, 47LN5700-UH, 50LN5600-UI, 50LN5700-UH, 55LN5600-UI, 55LN5700-UH, 55LN5710-UI, 60LN5600-UB, 60LN5710-UB, 60LN6150, 60LN6150-UB, 60PN5700, 60PN5700-UA, 32LB5800, 32LB580B, 32LC50CB, 32LC50CS, 32LC5DC, 32LC5DCB, 32LC5DCS, 32LF5800, 32LF580B, 32LG500H, 32LN5300UB, 32LN5700, 32LN570B, 32LX50C, 32LX50CS, 32LX5DC, 32LX5DCS, 37LC50C, 37LC50CB, 37LC5DC, 37LC5DC1, 37LC5DCB, 39LB5800, 39LB5800UG, 39LN5700, 39LN5700-UH, 42LA6200, 42LA6205, 42LB5800, 42LB5DC, 42LC5DC, 42LF5800, 42LG500H, 42LN5700, 42LN5700-UH, 42PG60C, 47LA6200, 47LA6205, 47LA6900, 47LA6900UD, 47LA7400, 47LB5800, 47LB6100, 47LN5600, 47LN5700, 47LN5700-UH, 47LN5710, 47LN5750, 47LN5750UH, 47LN5790, 50LA6200, 50LA6205, 50LA6900, 50LA6900UE, 50LB5800, 50LB6100, 50LF5800, 50LF6090, 50LF6100, 50LN5600, 50LN5600-UI, 50LN5700, 50LN5700-UH, 50LN5710, 50LN5750, 55LA6200, 55LA6205, 55LA6205UA, 55LA6900, 55LA6900UD, 55LA7400, 55LA7400UD, 55LA9650, 55LA9700, 55LB5800, 55LB6100, 55LB6100UG, 55LF5800, 55LF6090, 55LF6100, 55LN5600, 55LN5600UI, 55LN5600-UI, 55LN5700, 55LN5700-UH, 55LN5710, 55LN5710UI, 55LN5710-UI, 55LN5750, 55LN5790, 55UB8200, 60LA6200, 60LA6205, 60LA7400, 60LA7400UA, 60LB6100, 60LF6090, 60LF6100, 60LN5600, 60LN5600-UB, 60LN5700, 60LN5710, 60LN5710-UB, 60LN5750, 60LN6150, 60LN6150-UB, 60PH6700, 60PN5700, 60PN5700-UA, 65LA9650, 65LA9700, 65LB6190, 65UB9200, DMR50S, DMRE50, DMRE505, DMRE50D, DMRE50K, DMRE50P, DMRE50PS, DMRE50S, DMRE5OS, DMRE60P, DMRE80P, EMR5E50, EUR7615KN0, KCAFM10, KCAR10

Note this is not a full list.

Model: AKB73756542 for LG
Catalogue No.: 92156
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2698 (click here for programming instructions)

Customer Reviews:


    No complaints. Arrived in a timely fashion. Remote works perfectly.

    by Chris on September 12, 2020.
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    Worked like a charm!

    by Jacklyn on July 23, 2020.
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    Exactly what I wanted and it was shipped so fast.

    by Mary on July 20, 2018.
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    Works Great. My TV has 3D, however, I do not see a 3D button on it. It's not a big deal since I rarely use it.

    by Tom on August 27, 2017.
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    Good service , good product.

    by Adediran on July 21, 2017.
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