Anderic Generics 5J.J2N05.011 for BenQ Projector Lamp Assembly


Part Number: 5J.J2N05.011

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The original Anderic Generics 5J.J2N05.011 for BenQ Projector Lamp Assembly is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original Anderic Generics 5J.J2N05.011 for BenQ Projector Lamp Assembly carries a 1-Year Warranty.

5J.J2N05.011 BenQ Projector Lamp Replacement. Projector Lamp Assembly with High Quality Genuine Original OEM Philips UHP Bulb Inside.

Model: 5J.J2N05.011 for BenQ
Catalogue No.: 86452
This projector lamp assembly can be used with units : Projector
Dimensions: 5.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 (W x L x D, inches)

Anderic Generics 5J.J2N05.011 for BenQ Projector Lamp Assembly is guaranteed to work with the following Projector models:

Originally supplied with Projector models: Viviteks 5811116701-S, Viviteks 5811116701-SVV, BenQ BenQ 5811116701S, BenQ BenQ D963HD, BenQ BenQ D965, BenQ BenQ SP840, Viviteks D963HD, Viviteks D965, Knoll DE.5811116701, Optoma DE.5811116701-SOT, Optoma DH1015, Optoma DH1016, Optoma EH2060, Optoma EX784, Optoma EX799P, Knoll HDO2200, Knoll HDO2200b, Knoll KLP2003, BenQ SP840

Compatible with Projector models: EIKI 5811118436SEK, Viviteks D326MX, Viviteks D326WX, Viviteks D330MX, Viviteks D330WX, Viviteks D508, Viviteks D509, Viviteks D510, Viviteks D511, Viviteks D512, Viviteks D513W, Viviteks D520ST, Viviteks D522WT, Viviteks D525ST, Viviteks D530, Viviteks D535, Viviteks D536, Viviteks D537W, Viviteks D538W, Viviteks D552, Viviteks D554, Viviteks D555, Viviteks D555WH, Viviteks D557W, Viviteks D557WH, PIONEER D6000, Viviteks D6010, Viviteks D6500, Viviteks D6510, Viviteks D732MX, Viviteks D735VX, Viviteks D740MX, Viviteks D791ST, Viviteks D795WT, Viviteks D8010W, Viviteks D820MS, Viviteks D825ES, Viviteks D825EX, Viviteks D825MS, Viviteks D825MX, Viviteks D8300, Viviteks D832MX, Viviteks D835, Viviteks D837, Viviteks D837MX, Viviteks D850, Viviteks D851, Viviteks D853W, Viviteks D855ST, Viviteks D859, Viviteks D860, Viviteks D861, Viviteks D862, Viviteks D8800, Viviteks D8900, Viviteks D925TX, Viviteks D927TW, Viviteks D929TX, Viviteks D930TX, Viviteks D935EX, Viviteks D935VX, Viviteks D940DX, Viviteks D940VX, Viviteks D945TX, Viviteks D950HD, Viviteks D951HD, Viviteks D952HD, Viviteks DH559, Viviteks DT35MX, SANYO ESTP1, Viviteks H1060, Viviteks H1080FD, Viviteks H1081, Viviteks H1082, Viviteks H1085FD, Viviteks H10863D, Vivitek RP56 Vizio Bulb