RMC5431H for JVC RRC423 for JVC
(No Longer Available)
RRC423 for JVC

SEARS RMC5431H for JVC TV Remote Control

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The original SEARS RMC5431H for JVC Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RRC423 for JVC remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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We recommend the following replacement

  • RRC423 for JVC/RRC423
    RRC423 for JVC Remote Control


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SEARS RMC5431H for JVC Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 14128, 14228, 14370, PC5727

Compatible with TV models: 13010, 15426503, 6131367982, A12672S, AV13011, AV20020, AV20021, AV2049S, AV2050, AV2051, AV2051S, AV2059S, AV2060, AV2061, AV2070, AV2071, AV2075S, AV20808, AV2080S, AV2081S, AV20920, AV20921, AV20BM3, AV20CM3, AV20E, AV20RM3, AV21ME, av21meu, AV2556, AV2556US, AV2637S, AV2649S, AV26505, AV2650S, AV2651S, AV2657S, AV2659, AV2659S, AV2660S, AV2661S, AV2670, AV26725, AV2672S, AV2672X, AV27015, AV27020, AV27050, AV2749S, AV2750, AV27500, AV27505, AV2750S, AV2759S, AV2760S, AV2761S, AV27650, AV277770, av2779s, AV27920, AV2794S, AV2795S, AV27BM3, AV27CM3, AV3105S, AV31505, AV3150S, AV3151S, AV3179S, AV32015, AV32015A, AV32020, AV32050, AV3500S, AV3551F, AV3551S, AV36020, AV36050, AVG29MXU, C1301, C13010, C13011, C131910, C1320, C1321, C1325M, C1326, C1326USJ, C1327, C1328, C1329, C1330, C1330WH, C1331WH, C1336, C1336US, C13710, C13711, C13810, C13811, C13910, C13910GY, C13911, C13CL3, C13CL5, C13CL6, C13WC3, C13WL3, C13WL5, C13WL6, C1446, C1446US, C1446USJ, C1489, C1917, C1918, C1926, C1936, C1936US, C20010, C2010, C2011, C2011A, C2014ME, C2017, C2018, C2019, C2020, C2021, C2027, C2028, C2029, C2030, C2031, C2031A, C2038, C2039, C2046, C2046US, C20811, C20910, C20BL3, C20BL4US, C20C13, C20C15, C20CL3, C20CL3A, C20CL3B, C20CL3C, C20CL5, C20CL6, C20CM5, C20RL3, C20RL3A, C20WL3, C2106, C2111, C2118MIH, C2627, C2628, C2638, CT3910, DCD14, GRAX640U, RCC1327US, RM401KD, RMC402KD, RMC423KD1H, RMC423KD2T, RMC423KDT, RMC423WHKD1H, RMC4461H, RMC5401H, RMC687KDH, RMC8801A, RMC952KD, SC440, TM2080SU, TM2099, TM2760SU, TM3151SU

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original SEARS RMC5431H for JVC Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original SEARS RMC5431H for JVC Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


"SEARS" Logo but same as JVC


Model: RMC5431H for JVC
Part Number: RMC5431H
Associated Number: RM-C5431H
Catalogue No.: 13940
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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