SAMSUNG HLS4265WOM Operating Manual

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Used with the following products:

  • AA3200012A
    AA3200012A IR Receiver Module


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  • BP5900116A
    BP5900116A Remote Control


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  • BP5900116B
    BP5900116B Remote Control


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  • BP9601472A/BP96-01472A
    BP9601472A Projector Lamp


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  • BP9601472A for SAMSUNG/BP96-01472A
    Anderic Generics
    BP9601472A for SAMSUNG Projector Lamp


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SAMSUNG HLS4265WOM Operating Manual is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: HLS4265W, HLS5065w, HLS5665W, HLS6165W, HLS6765W, HLS5055W

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

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Full Operating Manual for SAMSUNG DLP TV


  • All necessary installation information
  • All Setup information
  • All Connecting and Preparing your TV
  • Setting the channels
  • Setting the picture
  • Setting the sound
  • Setting the time
  • Using the various functions
  • Recommendations for use 

Model: HLS4265WOM
Part Number: HLS4265WOM
Catalogue No.: 62880
Page Count : 120