ARH428 ARC477
(No Longer Available)

SAMSUNG ARH428 Air Conditioner Unit Remote Control

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The original SAMSUNG ARH428 Remote Control is substituted by SAMSUNG ARC477 remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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We recommend the following replacements

  • ARC477/DB9303013E
    ARC477 Remote Control


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  • KTN828 Universal/KTN828
    KTN828 Universal Remote Control


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SAMSUNG ARH428 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Air Conditioner Unit models: AD18B1E2, AD18B1E2/SER, AQ09A8ME/OZO, AQ09A8ME/ROD, AQ09A8ME/XFA, AQ12A0ME, AQ12A1ME, AQ12A1MEA, AQ12A2ME, AQ12A2ME/CTC, AQ12A2ME/FES, AQ12A2ME1, AQ12A2ME1/ABS, AQ12A2MEA, AQ12A2MEA5, AQ12A6MB, AQ12A6MB/XAP, AQ12A6ME, AQ12A9ME, AQ12ABME, AQ18A0RE, AQ18A0RED, AQ18A1RE, AQ18A2RE, AQ18A2RE5, AQ18A6RB, AQ18A6RE, AQ18A9RE, AQ24A6RBD, AQ32C2BC, AQ36C2BC, AQT18A0RB, AQT18A0RE, AQT18A1RE, AQT18A2RB, AQT18A2RE, AQT24A1RE, AQT24A2RB, AQT24A2RE, AQT24A5RE, AQT24A6RB, AQT24A6RE, AQT24A6RE5, AQT24A6RED, AQV09A1ME, AQV12A1ME, AS30C1BC, AS30C2BC, AS30C3BC, AS30C4BC, AS32C1BC, AS32C2BC, AS32C3BC, AS32C4BC, AST30C1BE, AST30C2BE, AST30C3BE, AST30C4BE, AST32C1BE, AST32C2BE, IAQ09A8ME/XBG, IAQ32C2BCXAX, IAQT24A6RE/XBG, MH14VA2, MH14VA207, MH14VC2, MH14VC207, MH18VA2, MH18VA209, MH18VC2, MH18VC209, MH18ZA1, MH18ZA109, MH18ZA109/DAH, MH18ZA2, MH18ZA209, MH18ZC2, MH18ZC209, MH18ZC209/SER, MH18ZC209/XFO, MH19VA2, MH19VA207, MH19VA212, MH19VC2, MH19VC207, MH19VC212, MH19ZA1, MH19ZA107, MH19ZA112, MH19ZA2, MH19ZA207, MH19ZA212, MH19ZC2, MH19ZC207, MH19ZC207/SER, MH19ZC207/XFO, MH19ZC212, MH19ZC212/SER, MH19ZC212/XFO, MH24ZA1, MH24ZA112, MH24ZA2, MH24ZA212, MH24ZC2, MH24ZC212, MH24ZC212/SER, MH24ZC212/XFO, MH26ZA1, MH26ZA107, MH26ZA112, MH26ZA2, MH26ZA207, MH26ZA212, MH26ZC2, MH26ZC207, MH26ZC207/SER, MH26ZC207/XFO, MH26ZC212, MH26ZC212/SER, MH26ZC212/XFO, SC30ZC1, SC30ZC2, SC30ZC3, SC30ZC4, SH07AA5, SH07AC6, SH07ZA1, SH07ZA1/XZE, SH07ZA1A, SH07ZA1A/XZE, SH07ZA3, SH07ZA3A, SH07ZA5, SH07ZA6D, SH07ZA7, SH07ZA8, SH07ZA8/SER, SH09AA5, SH09ACB, SH09VA1, SH09VAD, SH09VCD, SH09VCD/SER, SH09ZA1, SH09ZA1/XZE, SH09ZA1A, SH09ZA1A/XZE, SH09ZA3, SH09ZA3A, SH09ZA5, SH09ZA6D, SH09ZA7, SH09ZA7/MOC, SH09ZA8, SH09ZA8/SER, SH09ZA8/XSA, SH09ZA8X, SH09ZB7, SH09ZB8, SH12AA5, SH12ACB, SH12VA1, SH12VA1/XZE, SH12VAD, SH12VCD, SH12VCD/SER, SH12VCD/XFO, SH12ZA1, SH12ZA1A, SH12ZA1A/XZE, SH12ZA1B, SH12ZA1B/XZE, SH12ZA6, SH12ZA6/MOC, SH12ZA6/XSA, SH12ZA9, SH12ZAB, SH12ZAB/SER, SH12ZAB/XSA, SH12ZABX, SH12ZB9, SH12ZBB, SH18AC0, SH18ZA0D, SH18ZA0D/SER, SH18ZA0D/XFO, SH18ZA5, SH18ZA5/XSA, SH18ZA6, SH18ZA6/XSA, SH18ZA9, SH18ZB9, SH24AC6, SH24TA1, SH24TA1/XSA, SH24TA5, SH24TA6D, SH24TA6D/SER, SH24TA6D/XFO, SH24TA8, SH24TA8/MOC, SH24TA8/XSA, SH24TA8D, SH24TB5, SH30ZA2, SH30ZA2G, SH30ZC2, SH30ZC2/MOC, SH30ZC2/SEK, SH30ZC2/SER, SH30ZC2/XFO, SH30ZC2/XSA, SH30ZC2XFO, ZSH09VA1, ZSH12VA1, ZSH24TA1, AQ12A56MB, AQ12A56ME, AQ09A56ME, SH09ZA56, AQ07A56ME, SH07ZA56, AQ09A78ME, SH09ZA78, AQ07A78ME, SH07ZA78, UQ12A56MB, UQ12A56ME, UQ09A56ME, SH09ZA56X, UQ07A56ME, SH07ZA56X, UQ09A78ME, SH09ZA78X, UQ07A78ME, SH07ZA78X, AD18B1E2/XFO, AD24B1E2, AD24B1E2/FES, AD24B1E2/MID, AD24B1E2/SER, AD24B1E2/XFO, AD24B1E25, AD24B1E25/SEN, AD26B1E3, AD26B1E3/HAC, AD26B1E3/SER, AD26B1E3/XFO, AD26B2B13, AD26B2B13XAX, AD26B2B2/XAX, AQ07A1ME, AQ07A1ME/MID, AQ07A1ME/SER, AQ07A1ME/XFO, AQ07A4ME, AQ07A4ME/FES, AQ07A4ME/XFA, AQ07A5ME, AQ07A5ME/MID, AQ07A5ME/SAM, AQ07A5ME/SER, AQ07A5ME/XFO, AQ07A6ME, AQ07A6ME1/ABS, AQ07A6ME5, AQ07A6ME5/SEN, AQ07A6MED, AQ07A6MED/AFR, AQ07A6MED1/UPA, AQ07A6MED5/UPA, AQ07A8ME, AQ07A8ME/XFA, AQ09A1ME, AQ09A1ME/MID, AQ09A1ME/SER, AQ09A1ME/XFO, AQ09A2ME, AQ09A2ME/CTC, AQ09A2ME/OMI, AQ09A4ME, AQ09A4ME/BOS, AQ09A4ME/FES, AQ09A4ME/OMI, AQ09A4ME/ROD, AQ09A4ME/XBG, AQ09A4ME/XFA, AQ09A5ME, AQ09A5ME/MID, AQ09A5ME/SAM, AQ09A5ME/SER, AQ09A5ME/XEH, AQ09A5ME/XFO, AQ09A6ME, AQ09A6ME/AFR, AQ09A6ME/CTC, AQ09A6ME/DAH, AQ09A6ME1/ABS, AQ09A6ME5, AQ09A6ME5/SEN, AQ09A6MED, AQ09A6MED/AFR, AQ09A6MED1/ABS, AQ09A6MED1/UPA, AQ09A6MED5/UPA, AQ09A8ME, AQ09A8ME/BOS, AQ09A8ME/DRI, AQ09A8ME/FES, AQ09A8ME/OMI

Compatible with Air Conditioner Unit models: AM18B1C09, AM26B1C13, AM27B1C07, AQ07A56ME, AQ07A78ME, AQ09A56ME, AQ09A78ME, AQ12A56MB, AQ12A56ME, AS07A6MA, AS12ABMC, AS12ABMCF, AS18A0RCF, AS18A6RC, AS24A2RC, AS30C2BC, AS30C2BCD/KVC, AS30C2BCDKVC, DB9303013E, IAS24A2RC, SH07ZA56, SH07ZA56X, SH07ZA78, SH07ZA78X, SH09ZA56, SH09ZA56X, SH09ZA78, SH09ZA78X, UQ07A56ME, UQ07A78ME, UQ09A56ME, UQ09A78ME, UQ12A56MB, UQ12A56ME

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original SAMSUNG ARH428 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original SAMSUNG ARH428 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Remote Control

Model: ARH428
Part Number: DB9300251L
Associated Number: DB93-00251L
Catalogue No.: 54195
This remote control controls units : Air Conditioner Unit
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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