SAMSUNG BN5901014A TV Remote Control

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SAMSUNG BN5901014A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: LE32C530, LE32C530F1W, PS50C551G2WXXC, UE19C4000PWXXN, UE19C4000PWXZG, UE22C4000PWXXH, UE22C4000PWXZG, UE26C4000PWXXN, UE26C4000PWXZG, UE26C4005PWXXE, UE32C4000PWXXN, UE32C4000PWXZF, UE32C4000PWXZG, UE32C4005PWXXE, LE32C550J1W, LE32C580, LE32C580J1K, LE32C630K1K, LE37C530, LE37C530F1W, LE37C550J1W, LE37C580, LE37C580J1K, LE37C630K1K, LE40C530, LE40C530F1W, LE40C550J1W, LE40C580, LE40C580J1K, LE40C630K1K, LE46C530, LE46C530F1W, LE46C550J1W, LE46C580J1K, LE46C630K1K, PS50C530C1W, PS50C550G1W, PS50C551G2W, PS50C580G1K, UE19C4000PW, UE22C4000, UE26C4000, UE26C4000PW, UE26C4010, UE32C4000PW, LE32C530F1WXXH, LE32C530F1WXZF, LE32C530F1WXZG, LE32C550J1WXXH, LE32C550J1WXXN, LE32C550J1WXZG, LE32C579J1SXZG, LE32C630K1WXXH, LE32C630K1WXZG, LE37C530F1WXXH, LE37C530F1WXZG, LE37C550J1WXXN, LE37C579J1SXZG, LE37C630K1WXXN, LE37C630K1WXZG, LE40C530F1WXXC, LE40C530F1WXXH, LE40C530F1WXXN, LE40C530F1WXZF, LE40C530F1WXZG, LE40C535F1WXXE, LE40C550J1WXXH, LE40C550J1WXXN, LE40C550J1WXZG, LE40C579J1SXZG, LE40C630K1WXZG, LE40C635K1WXXE, LE46C530F1WXXC, LE46C530F1WXXN, LE46C530F1WXZF, LE46C530F1WXZG, LE46C535F1WXXE, LE46C550J1WXXN, LE46C550J1WXZG, LE46C570J1SXXN, LE46C575J1SXXE, LE46C579J1SXZG, LE46C630K1WXZF, PS50C530C1WXXC, PS50C530C1WXXH, PS50C531C2FXXY, PS50C550G1FXXY, PS50C550G1WXXC

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original SAMSUNG BN5901014A Remote Control is available for special order.
The original SAMSUNG BN5901014A Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model: BN5901014A
Part Number: BN5901014A
Associated Number: BN59-01014A
Catalogue No.: 75029
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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