SAMSUNG AH5902298A Home Theater System Remote Control

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SAMSUNG AH5902298A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Home Theater System models: HTC5500, HTC5500/NWT, HTC5500NWT, HTC5500SAH, HTC5500XAC, HTC5500XAO, HTC5500XAX, HTC5500XAZ, HTC5500XCH, HTC5500XER, HTC5500XFA, HTC5500XSA, HTC5500XSH, HTC5530WXME, HTC5530WXSA, HTC5530XAC, HTC5550HAC, HTC5550NWT, HTC5550WMEA, HTC5550WSTR, HTC5550WXAO, HTC5550WXFA, HTC5550WXME, HTC5550WXSA, HTC5550WXSH, HTC5550WXSS, HTC5550WXTC, HTC5550WXTR, HTC5550XAC, HTC5550XER, HTC5550XFA, HTC5550XSE, HTC6530XAC, HTC6600XAA, HTC6730WXAC, HTC6900WXAA, HTC6930WEDC, HTC6930WSTR, HTC6930WXEE, HTC6930WXEF, HTC6930WXEN, HTC6930WXEU, HTC6930WXTR, HTC6950WMEA, HTC6950WXER, HTC6950WXFA, HTC6950WXSA, HTC6950WXSS, HTC6950WXTL, HTC7530WXAA, HTC7550WCHN, HTC7550WEDC, HTC7550WXEE, HTC7550WXEN, HTC7550WXSH, HTC7550WXTR, HTC6930WXAA, HTC5500/SAH, HTC5500/XAA, HTC5500/XAC, HTC5500/XAO, HTC5500/XAX, HTC5500/XAZ, HTC5500/XCH, HTC5500/XER, HTC5500/XFA, HTC5500/XSA, HTC5500/XSH, HTC5500XAA, HTC5530, HTC5530/XAC, HTC5530W, HTC5530W/XME, HTC5530W/XSA, HTC5550, HTC5550/HAC, HTC5550/NWT, HTC5550/XAC, HTC5550/XER, HTC5550/XFA, HTC5550/XSE, HTC5550W, HTC5550W/MEA, HTC5550W/STR, HTC5550W/XAO, HTC5550W/XFA, HTC5550W/XME, HTC5550W/XSA, HTC5550W/XSH, HTC5550W/XSS, HTC5550W/XTC, HTC5550W/XTR, HTC6500, HTC6500/XAA, HTC6500XAA, HTC6530, HTC6530/XAC, HTC6600, HTC6600/XAA, HTC6730W, HTC6730W/XAA, HTC6730W/XAC, HTC6730WXAA, HTC6900W, HTC6900W/XAA, HTC6930W, HTC6930W/EDC, HTC6930W/STR, HTC6930W/XAA, HTC6930W/XEE, HTC6930W/XEF, HTC6930W/XEN, HTC6930W/XEU, HTC6930W/XTR, HTC6950W, HTC6950W/MEA, HTC6950W/XER, HTC6950W/XFA, HTC6950W/XSA, HTC6950W/XSS, HTC6950W/XTL, HTC7530W, HTC7530W/XAA, HTC7550W, HTC7550W/CHN, HTC7550W/EDC, HTC7550W/XEE, HTC7550W/XEN, HTC7550W/XSH, HTC7550W/XTR, AH5902298A

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original SAMSUNG AH5902298A Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original SAMSUNG AH5902298A Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: AH5902298A
Part Number: AH5902298A
Associated Number: AH59-02298A
Catalogue No.: 65286
This remote control controls units : Home Theater System
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    I am very satisfied that your remote works with my blu-ray unit. Thanks!

    by Anonymous on September 06, 2015.
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    Highly recommend this website to replace your remote

    by Anonymous on August 20, 2014.
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