RADIO-SHACK 152133 Kameleon 6-Device Universal Remote Control

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Originally supplied with 6-Device Universal models: 152133

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Product description

One remote, total control.
This 6-in-1 Kameleon Touch-Screen Remote is designed to operate up to six home entertainment devices with a simple touch and allows you to manage your TV, VCR, cable box, satellite, DVD, CD or audio receiver with convenience and ease. Its innovative color backlit touch-screen lights up to show only the active keys for the device you want to control. For example; for TV, only TV keys appear, for DVD, only DVD keys appear, so there is never any confusion. Its also preprogrammed with the most commonly used commands for your home entertainment device, plus, it's packed with advanced features such as Macros, Learning, Dedicated Menu/Guide Keys and more.

Universal Control of TV, VCR, cable box, satellite, DVD, CD/audio receiver
Macros for instant activation off favorite key sequences
Learning - capture and reproduce unique functions from your devices' original remote controls
Dedicated Menu/Guide Keys give instant access to cable and satellite program guides and menus

Model: 152133 Kameleon
Part Number: 152133
Associated Number: 15-2133
Catalogue No.: 27285
This remote control controls units : 6-Device Universal

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