PIONEER CUXR025 Audio System Remote Control

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PIONEER CUXR025 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Audio System models: AZW7215, CCS106, CCS156, CUXR025, XRP170C, XRP270C

Compatible with Audio System models: A5500, CUDV051, CUPD089, CUPD090, CUPD091, CUPD094, CUPD1139, CUXR040, CUXR048, CUXR049, CUXR050, CUXR054, CUXR062, DV414, DV515/WY, DV515/WY/RD, DV515/WY/RE, DV515/WYW/SP, DV525, DV525/KC, DV525/KU, DV525/WV, DV525/WY, DV525/WY/SP, DV626D/WV, DV626D/WY, DVC302D, DVC302D/KU/CA, DVC503, DVC503/KCXQ, DVC503/KUXQ, DVC503/RDXQ/RD, DVC503/RDXQ1/RA, DVK301C/RAM, DVK301C/RL, DVK302CD/RAMXQ, DVK302CD/RD/RA, DVK302CD/RL, DVK302CD/RL/RD, PDF1007, PDF1007/KU, PDF1007/MY, PDF1009, PDF1009/KU/CA, PDF1009/MY, PDF19, PDF507, PDF607, PDF907, PDF907/KU, PDF957, XCNS3V/ZBDXJ, XCNS3V/ZLXJ/NC, XRA100K, XRA200, XRA330, XRA550MD, XRA550MD/DBDXJ, XRA550MD/KUCXJ, XRA660, XRA770, XRA770/DBDXJ, XRA770/DXJ/NC, XRA770/KUCXJ, XRA770/MYXJ, XRA770/NVXJ, XRA770/YPWXJ, XRA880, XRA880/DBDXJ, XRA880/DXJ/NC, XRA880/KUCXJ, XRA880/YPWXJ, XRA9700DV, XRA9700DV/KUCXJ, XRP170C, XRP270C, XRVS100D/DBXJ, XRVS100D/DDXJ/RA, XRVS100D/DDXJ/RB, XRVS100D/DLXJ/NC

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original PIONEER CUXR025 Remote Control is available for special order.
The original PIONEER CUXR025 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


PN: AXD7096

XRP170C/270C, AZW7215, CCS106, AZW7163, CCS105, XPR60C, XRP60C

Model: CUXR025
Part Number: AXD7096
Associated Number: CU-XR025
Catalogue No.: 2846
This remote control controls units : Audio System
Battery Required : 2 AA

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