PHILIPS RC19245007/01 Home Theater System Remote Control

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Notice: The original PHILIPS RC19245007/01 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the PHILIPS RC19245007/01 remote control is stocked!

PHILIPS RC19245007/01 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Home Theater System models: LX7000, LX8000, LX800037, LX80003701, LX80003798, LX80003799, LX8000SA, LX8000SA/37, LX8000SA37S, LX8000SA99

Compatible with Home Theater System models: 27HT3000, 37, HTR500037, HTS3400, HTS3400/37, HTS3400/37B, HTS3400/37D, HTS340037, HTS340037B, HTS340037D, HTS3400D, HTS3400D/37, HTS3400D37, HTS3410, HTS3410/37, HTS3410D, HTS3410D/37, HTS3410D/37B, HTS3410D37, HTS5800, HTS5800H, HTS5800H/37, HTS5800H/37B, HTS5800H37, LX3000, LX3000D, LX3000D37, LX3000D3701, LX3000D37S, LX3000D399, LX3000D99, LX3500, LX3500D, LX3500D37, LX3500D3798, LX3500D3799, LX3500D37S, LX3500D399, LX3750, LX3750B, LX3750W, LX3750W/37, LX3750W/99, LX3750W37, LX3750W99, MCD370, MX3550, MX3550D, MX3550D/99, MX3550D37, MX3550D3798, MX3550D3799, MX3550D399, MX3550D99, MX3600, MX3600D, MX3600D37, MX3600D370, MX3600D3798, MX3600D3799, MX3600D399, MX3600D99, MX3660, MX3660D, MX3660D/37, MX3660D/98, MX3660D/99, MX3660D37, MX3660D98, MX3660D99, MX3700, MX3700D, MX3700D37, MX3700D370, MX3700D3798, MX3700D3799, MX3700D399, MX3700D99, MX3900, MX3900D, MX3900D/37, MX3900D/37S, MX3900D/98, MX3900D/99, MX3900D37, MX3900D399, MX3900D99, MX3910, MX3910D/17, MX3910D/37, MX3910D17, MX3950, MX3950D, MX3950D/37, MX3950D/37S, MX3950D/98, MX3950D/99, MX3950D37, MX3950D399, MX3950D99, MX3960D/17, MX3960D17, MX5500, MX5500B, MX5500D/37, MX5500D/37S, MX5500D/98, MX5500D/99, MX5500D37, MX5500D99, MX5600, MX5600D, MX5600D/37, MX5600D/98, MX5600D/99, MX5600D37, MX5600D37S, MX5600D399, MX5600D99, MX5900, MX5900SA, MX5900SA/37, MX5900SA/37B, MX5900SA/37X, MX5900SA/99, MX5900SA37, MX5900SA99, MX6050, MX6050D, MX6050D/17, MX6050D/17B, MX6050D/37, MX6050D/37B, MX6050D17, RC19241001/01

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description


MODEL: RC19245007/01, ALSO RC19245007/01H
PN: 313923802020, ALSO 313923806031

Model: RC19245007/01
Part Number: 313923802020
Catalogue No.: 18655
This remote control controls units : Home Theater System
Battery Required : 2 AA

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