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Philips-Magnavox Y147SBAA01 TV Remote Control

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The original Philips-Magnavox Y147SBAA01 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR7656 PHILIPS remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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We recommend the following replacement

  • RR7656 PHILIPS/RR7656
    RR7656 PHILIPS Remote Control


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Philips-Magnavox Y147SBAA01 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 114697, 115297, 8P4834C101, 8P4834C102, 8P4834C198, 8P4834C199, 8P5424C, 8P5431, 8P5431C, 8P5431C101, 8P5431C198, 8P5431C199, 8P5434, 8P5434C, 8P5434C101, 8P5434C199, 8P6031, 8P6031C, 8P6031C101, 8P6031C199, 8P6033C, 8P6034, 8P6034C, 8P6034C1, 8P6034C101, 8P6034C102, 8P6034C198, 8P6034C199, 8P6034W, 9P5034C, 9P5034C102, FP3272, FP3272A203, TP2528, TP2528C1, TP2528C101, TP2576, TP2576C, TP2576C1, TP2576C101, TP2780, TP2780C1, TP2780C102, TP3269, TP32692C, TP3269C, TP3269C102, TP3669, TP3669C, TP3669C101, TP3669C102, TP3669C103, TS3654, VH5031WW, Y147SBAA01, 9P5031C, 9P5531C, 9P5534C, 9P6031C, 9P6034C, 26GT443F, 27T511AK01, 46CP10, 46CP10W, 46CP10W199, 483521917668, 483521917669, 483521917699, 483521917706, 483539517303, 62654528790, 62654528791, 7P4830, 7p4830w, 7P4830W101, 7P4830W102, 7P4830W198, 7P4830W199, 7P4834, 7P4834C, 7P4834C101, 7P5430, 7P5430W, 7P5430W10, 7P5430W101, 7P5430W102, 7P5431, 7P5431C, 7P5431C101, 7P5431C102, 7P5433, 7P5433W, 7P5433W101, 7P5433W102, 7P5435, 7P5435C, 7P5435C101, 7P5435W, 7P5435W1, 7P5435W101, 7P5435W102, 7P6030, 7P6030W, 7P6030W1, 7P6030W101, 7P6030W102, 7P6031, 7P6031C, 7P6031C101, 7P6031C102, 7P6033, 7P6033W, 7P6033W1, 7P6033W101, 7P6033W102, 7P6033W199, 7P6035, 7P6035C, 7P6035C101, 7P6035W, 7P6035W101, 7P6035W102, 7S4600, 7S4600W, 7T5430W101, 8CM700, 8CM701, 8P4831, 8P4831C, 8P4831C101, 8P4831C102, 8P4831C199, 8P4834, 8P4834C

Compatible with TV models: 27T501, 27T501C1, 27T501PN01, 27T511, 27T511AK, 27T511AK01, 27V504, 32T530, 32T530CH, 32T530CH02, 7P5430W, CC2772, CC2772A1, CC2772A103, CC2774, CC2774B1, CC3272, CC3272A1, CC3272A101, CT2747, CT2747C, CT2747C1, CT2747C101, CT2747C102, CT2747C103, CT2747C104, CT2747C2, CT2747C205, FP2772, FP2772A1, FP2772A101, FP2772A102, FP2772A103, FP2772A2, FP2772A204, FP2774B2, FP2774B204, FP3272, FP3272A1, FP3272A101, FP3272A2, FP3272A203, FP3272A204, M146SBAA01, Sub483521917706.483521917589, TP2526, TP2526C, TP2526C1, TP2526C101, TP2526C102, TP2526C103, TP2526C2, TP2526C204, TP2526C205, TP2575, TP2575C1, TP2575C101, TP2779, TP2779C1, TP2779C101, TP3269, TP3269C, TP3269C1, TP3269C101, TP3269C102, TP3270, TP3569, TP3569C, TP3569C101

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original Philips-Magnavox Y147SBAA01 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original Philips-Magnavox Y147SBAA01 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

P/N: Y147SBAA01

Model: Y147SBAA01
Part Number: 483521917699
Catalogue No.: 4567
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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