6711A20034G KTN828 Universal
(No Longer Available)
KTN828 Universal

LG 6711A20034G Air Conditioner Unit Remote Control

The original LG 6711A20034G Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC KTN828 Universal remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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  • KTN828 Universal/KTN828
    KTN828 Universal Remote Control


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LG 6711A20034G Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Air Conditioner Unit models: AGD08FA, GL6000ER, TWC081UHMK4, TWC081ULMK1, TWC101UHMK2, TWC121LHMK0, TWC151PHMK1, TWC183PHMK0, WG1800, WG5004R, WG5005R, WM1031, WM1231, WM8031, LT101CNR, LW1010ER, LW8010ER, L1004R, L1006R, L1204R, L1404R, L1804R, L5004R, L8004R, LB1000ER, LB1200ER, LB8000ER, LEC101ALMK2, LT0810CR, LT1010CR, LT1030CR, LT1030CRY6, LT1030HR, LT1210CR, LT1230CR, LT1230CRY7, LT1230HR, LT1430CR, LT1430CRY6, LW1000ER, LW1000ERY3, LW1004ER, LW1200ER, LW1200ERY3, LW120CS, LW1800ER, LW1800ERZ3, LW1804ER, LW240CE, LW250CE, LW8000ER, LW8000ERY3, LWC081KLMK1, LWC101LLMK1, LWC121LLMK0, LWC121LLMK1, LWC151PLMK0, LWC151PLMK2, LWC183PLMD1, LWC183PLMDI, LWC183PLME1, LWC183PLMK0, LWC183PLMK1, LWC253THMK2, LWHD1000CR, LWHD1000R, LWHD1006R, LWHD1006RY6, LWHD1006RY7, LWHD1009R, LWHD1200FR, LWHD1200R, LWHD1209R, LWHD1450ER, LWHD1500ER, LWHD1800R, LWHD2500ER, LWHD2500ERY7, LWHD8000R, LWHD8000RY5, LWHD8000RY6, LXC081BLMK1, LXC101BLMK0, LXC103BLMK1, LXC121BLMK1, LXC123BLMK1, LXC143BLMK1, M1004R, M8004R, TWC051SBMK4, TWC081KLMK1

Compatible with Air Conditioner Unit models: 580.73069300, 580.73083300, 580.73144300, 580.74083400, 580.74085400, 580.74103300, 580.74107400, 580.74123300, 580.74125400, 580.74130400, 580.74156400, 580.74229400, 580.74259400, 580.74300400, 580.75062500, 580.75062501, 580.75063500, 580.75063700, 580.75081500, 580.75085500, 580.75085700, 580.75101500, 580.75101800, 580.75121500, 580.75121501, 580.75123500, 580.75123700, 580.75130500, 580.75130700, 580.75135500, 580.75135501, 580.75135700, 580.75144500, 580.75144700, 580.75151500, 580.75251500, 580.75251700, 580.75281500, 580.75281700, 580.76081500, 580.76081700, 580.76081800, 580.76105600, 580.76105700, 580.77128300, 74125400, 74229, 75062, 75063, 75081, 75101, 75121, 75135, 75144, 75151, 75251, 76081, 76081.500, 76105600, 795.75144501, HBLG1003R, HBLG1004R, HBLG1203R, HBLG1453E, HBLG1803R, HBLG2504E, HBLG8003R, HBLG8004R, HBLG8004RA4, HBLG8004RB4, LEC061ALMK1, LEC121ALMK0, LQC061ARMK2, LWC051JGMK2, LWC141CGMM1, LWC151PDMK1, LWC183MBMM1, LWC183MBMM4, LWC183MGMM1, LWC243NGMM0, LWC243NGMM2, LWHD1800HR, LXC081BPMK1, LXC101BPMK0, LXC101BRMK1, LXC103BPMK0, LXC121BPMK1, LXC123BPMK1, LXC123BRMK1, LXC143BRMK2, M1404ER, M1804R, M2403R, TWC081KRMK3, WG1800R, WG1805R, WG1805RY6, WG2400R, WG2404R, WG2405R, WG2405RY7

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original LG 6711A20034G Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original LG 6711A20034G Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Replacement: RCU8700MSL, 6711A20035A
Associated Part Numbers 6711A20034V 6711A90024G 6711A20034C


Model: 6711A20034G
Part Number: 6711A20034G
Catalogue No.: 13631
This remote control controls units : Air Conditioner Unit
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    by samuel on August 05, 2016.
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    Works fine...functions are identical to the one that wore out. Thanks

    by William on May 29, 2016.
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    Would recommend for those who have lost their original remote or need a remote for a unit they bought without one.

    by Anonymous on February 18, 2014.
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