RC500 RC410
(No Longer Available)

KENWOOD RC500 Audio System Remote Control

The original KENWOOD RC500 Remote Control is substituted by KENWOOD RC410 remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $15.82

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KENWOOD RC500 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Audio System models: DPX400, DPX4000, DPX4010, DPX600, KDC3011, KDC315S, KDC315V, KDC316S, KDC316V, KDC37MR, KDC4011, KDC4011S, KDC4015, KDC415S, KDC416S, KDC5011, KDC5018, KDC515, KDC515S, KDC516S, KDC57MR, KDC6011, KDC6015, KDC7011, KDC7012, KDC715S, KDC716S, KDC8011, KDC8015, KDC8016, KDC9011, KDC9015, KDC9017, KDCMP8017, KDCV6017, KDCV7017, KDCX6015, KDCX711, KMD42, KMDX91, KRC308S, KRC309S, KRC408, KRC409, KRC487, KRC507, KRC507S, KRC508, KRC508S, KRC509, KRC509S, KRC607, KRC608, KRC609, KRC707, KRC708, KRC709, KRC807, KRC887, KRCX657, KRCX957

Compatible with Audio System models: 600, DPX400, DPX5010, DPX600, DPXMP4030, DTA1489, DTA1490, DTA1496, DTA1586, DTA2196PF, DTA2198, DTA2198PF, GTV51R5DVD, HPE09XC6, HPR09XC5, HPR10XC6, HPR99XC5, HPR99XC5C, HPRD12XC5, HPRD12XC7, HPRD12XH5, HTR008, HTR022, HTR023, HTR025, HTR030A, HTR033E, HTR039, HTR040, HTR042, HTR050, HTR050A, HTR050C, HTR051A, HTR054, HTR055, HTR055B, HTR055G, HTR056, HTR057, HTR060, HTR061, HTR066, HTR068, htr077c, HTR077D, HTR077E, HTR081, HTR081PCL, HTR092, HTR092A, HTR092B, HTR092C, HTR092D, HTR092E, HTR092G, HTR092J, HTR092K, HTR092L, HTR092M, HTR092N, HTR092Q, HTR116A, HTR117, HTR118, HTR122A, HTR122B, HTR122C, HTR126, HTR145F, HTR147, HTR159, HTR160B, HTR162, HTR162A, HTR165T, HTR165U, HTR166, HTR166A, HTR169, HTR170, HTR183, HTR187, HTR192, HTR192A, HTR192B, HTR192C, HTR192D, HTR192E, HTR192L, HTR195, HTR201, HTR202, HTR251, HTR251E, HTR253D, HTR253E, HTR260, HTR261, HTR262, HTR267, HTR267B, HTR270, HTR270A, HTR271, HTR271A, HTR271B, HTR271C, HTR271D, HTR271E, htr271f, HTR272, HTR272A, HTR272B, HTR272C, HTR272D, HTR272E, HTR272F, HTR272H, htr272i, HTR272J, HTR272K, HTR272L, HTR272M, HTR272N, HTR272P, HTR272Q, HTR272R, HTR272S, HTR272T, HTR272U, HTR272V, HTR272W, HTR272X, HTR273, HTR273AA, HTR273B, HTR273J, HTR273K, HTR273M, HTR273S, HTR273T, HTR273U, HTR273V, HTR273W, HTR273X, HTR273Y, HTR274, HTR274B, HTR274C, HTR274D, HTR274E, HTR274F, HTR279E, HTR281, HTR281A, HTR281B, HTR282B, HTR282C, HTR282D, HTR282G, HTR282I, HTR282K, HTR282L, HTR283, HTR284, HTR284A, htr284b, HTR284C, HTR284D, HTR285A, HTR285C, HTR291, HTR291A, HTR291B, HTR291C, HTR291D, HTR291E, HTR291F, HTR291G, HTR291H, HTR291I, HTR291L, HTR291M, HTR291N, HTR291P, HTR292A, HTR292B, HTR292C, HTR292D, HTR292E, HTR292F, HTR292J, HTR292M, HTR292P, HTR292Q, HTR292S, HTR292U, HTR388F, HTR388H, HTR388M, HTR388N, HTR388Q, HTR388T, htr51c, HTRD51, HYF124, HYF21, HYF23A, HYF27B, HYF27C, HYF35D, HYF35H.HTR096B, HYF35M.SUNSTECH, HYF35Q, HYF35T, HYF51D, HYF51EHTR077F, KCARC600, KDC2019, KDC2019V, KDC2022, KDC2022V, KDC3022, KDC315S, KDC316S, KDC316V, KDC319, KDC322, KDC4019, KDC4022, KDC416S, KDC419, KDC422, KDC5019, KDC507S, KDC516S, KDC519, KDC6011, KDC6023, KDC7011, KDC719, KDC722, KDC8011, KDC9017, KDC9020R, KDCMP222, KDCMP522, KDCMP8017, KDCMP819, KDCMP822, KDCMP919, KDCMP922, KDCMP925, KDCMPV6022, KDCMPV619, KDCMPV622, KDCMPV7019, KDCPSW9521, KDCV7017, KDCV7022, KDCW8027, KDCX459, KDCX559, KDCX615, KDCX617, KDCX659, KDCX711, KDCX715, KDCX717, KDCX759, KDCX811, KDCX815, KDCX817, KDCX859, KDCX911, KDCX915, KDCX959, KDCZ727, KDCZ828, KMD44, KMDPS971R, KMDX91, KMDX92, KRC308S, KRC309S, KRC335, KRC408, KRC409, KRC435, KRC507S, KRC509S, KRC535, KRC608, KRC609, KRC708, KRC709, KRCX858, RC1153, RC520, ROHS21T9D, ROHS3768, TEACRC1022, TVD2150F, X715, X9, YFK01, YKF153057, Z727, Z828

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original KENWOOD RC500 Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original KENWOOD RC500 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.



, KDC6011, A70088305, DPX400, RC500, DPX4010, DPX600, KDC3011, KDC4011S, KDC505S, KDC515S, KDC516S, KDC545S, KDC7011, KDC7155, KDC715S, KDC716S, KDC9015, KDC9017, KDCMP8017, KDCV6017, KDCV7017, KDCX711, KDCX811, KDX811, KMDX91


Model: RC500
Part Number: A70088305
Associated Number: RC-500
Catalogue No.: 1524
This remote control controls units : Audio System
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    Good quality, but did not fix my issue. Online it says you need the remote to get pass the security code, and after purchasing the remote I found out that was not in fact true at all. Product was in great condition though.

    by Anonymous on August 07, 2013.
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