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GE General Electric CRK20A1 CRK20A2 TV Remote Control

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The original GE General Electric CRK20A1 CRK20A2 Remote Control is substituted by RCA CRK10A1 remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $9.95

New items are brand new, unopened and unused.
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We recommend the following replacement

  • CRK10A1/213722
    CRK10A1 Remote Control


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GE General Electric CRK20A1 CRK20A2 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 09GP109, 09GP109LB, 25GT270TX1, 25GT270TX3AB7, 25GT270TX4, 25GT270TX4AB9, 25GT500FE1, 25GT503FE1, 25GT503JX1, 25GT503TX2, 25GT506FE2, 25GT506JX2, 25GT507, 25GT507TX1AA2, 25GT511TX1AA, 25GT511TX1AA3, 25GT515FE1, 25GT515TX1, 25GT516TX1AB2, 25GT517TX1AB, 25GT518, 25GT518TX1AB2, 25GT522FE2, 25GT522JX2, 26GT625FE1, 27GT270TX1, 27GT270TX1AB4, 27GT270TX3AB9, 27GT271, 27GT271TX1AB4, 27GT271TX3, 27GT271TX3AB9, 27GT273TX3AB9, 27GT277, 27GT277TX51AF9, 27GT560TX1AA2, 27GT600FE1, 27GT613, 27GT613FE1, 27GT613JX1, 27GT616TX1, 27GT616TX1AB, 27GT616TX1AB3, 27GT624TX1, 27GT624TX1AB2, C20GE200YX1, F19205GYTX1A, F19205GYTX1A3, GE21600YX1, M20GE000, M20GE0001RX1, M20GE000RX1A2, M20GE001RX1A, M20GE001RX1A3, M20GT326JX1, MG19000TX3A7, MG19026, MG19026TX1AB4, MG20000TX3A9, MG25000TX3AA7, MG25000TX4AA9, 09GP106C24, 09GP106F24, 09GP109C24, 09GP109LB, 09GP341K, 09GP344J, 103GE25GT511, 13G241, 13GP210, 13GP210B, 13GP210BF04, 13GP210BF24, 13GP210F04, 13GP211, 13GP211ATB, 13GP211C04, 13GP211F04, 13GP239C04, 13GP239CTB, 13GP239F04, 13GP240ATB, 13GP241, 13GP241C25, 13GP241F25, 13GP241TB, 13GP244, 13GP244TC, 13GP341, 13GP341A, 13GT241, 13QP241, 14GE00, 196T317, 196T357, 19G1356, 19G317, 19GR317, 19GT240, 19GT240TX1, 19GT240TX3, 19GT240TX4, 19GT241, 19GT241TX1, 19GT241TX3, 19GT242TX1, 19GT243, 19GT243R, 19GT270TX1, 19GT311, 19GT311B, 19GT311BTX2, 19GT312FA2, 19GT312TX2, 19GT313C, 19GT313CTX2, 19GT313TX2, 19GT314, 19GT314JX1, 19GT316, 19GT317, 19GT317TX1, 19GT317TX2, 19GT317TX2C3, 19GT319, 19GT319TX2, 19gt320, 19GT320TX2, 19GT3311, 19GT3317, 19GT351FA2, 19GT351TX2, 19GT352TX1, 19GT354TX2, 19GT356TX1, 19GT356TX2, 19gt357, 19GT363TX1, 19GT367, 19GT957, 19GTT311B, 19T311B, 20GT320, 20GT320FA2, 20GT320TX2, 20GT322TX2, 20GT324FA2, 20GT324JX2, 20GT324TX2, 20GT361BTX1, 20GT361TX1, 20GT366TX1, 20GT368, 226552, 256T507, 25GC731LF1, 25GT07, 25GT207, 25GT239, 25GT239TX2, 25GT240, 25GT240TX3, 25GT240TX4, 25GT270, 25GT270TX3, 25GT500, 25GT503, 25GT503FE2, 25GT503JX2, 25GT506FE1, 25GT506JX1, 25GT506TX2, 25GT507TX1, 25GT51, 25GT511, 25GT511TX1, 25GT515, 25GT515JX1, 25gt516, 25GT516TX1, 25GT517, 25GT517TX1, 25GT518TX1, 25GT522FE1, 25GT522JX1, 25GT522TX2, 25GT5O7, 25GTS11, 25GTS16, 25T503, 260609, 26GT625, 276GT616, 276T600, 276T616, 27CT616, 27G616, 27G7616, 27GE616, 27GT, 27GT27, 27GT270, 27GT270TX3, 27GT270TX4, 27GT271TX1, 27GT271TX4, 27GT273, 27GT273TX3, 27GT275, 27GT277TX51, 27GT560, 27GT560TX1, 27GT600, 27GT600JX1, 27GT613BFE1, 27GT613FE2, 27GT616, 27GT624, 27GTT616, 27QT616, 9GP344, AR1400, AR2000, AR2150, C14GE200S26, C20GE200, C20GE200BX1, F19205GY, F19205GYTX1, F25281, GE13GP241, GE19GT317, GE19GT356, GE21600FB1, GE25GT507, GE25GT511, GE27600FE1, GE27GT616, GE27GT6169, GT19GT356, GT511, GT616, GTE25GT511, M14GE000TB, M20GE000RX1, M20GE001, M20GE001RX1, M20GT325, M20GT325FB1, MG19000, MG19000TX1, MG19000TX3, MG19026TX1, MG19026TX3, MG25000, MG25000TX1, MG25000TX3, MG25000TX4, RCG100TD1, RM772MODEL27GT560, RTNTV55A, X13050GSF04, 09GP341K, 13GP211ATB, 13GP239, 13GP240ATB, 13GP244TC, 19GT240TX3A7, 19GT240TX4C9, 19GT241TX3A7, 19GT242TX1A9, 19GT270TX1B4, 19GT270TX3B9, 19GT317TX1A2, 19GT317TX2C2, 19GT319TX1A, 19GT319TX1A3, 19GT319TX2C3, 19GT320TX1A2, 19GT320TX2C2, 19GT356TX1B, 19GT356TX1B3, 19GT356TX2D3, 19GT357TX1B2, 20GT, 20GT368TX1N3, 20GT500, 25CG710, 25GC731, 25GT239TX1AA3, 25GT240TX1AA4, 25GT240TX3AA9, 25GT270TX1AB4, 25GT270TX3AB9, 25GT507TX1AA, 25GT507TX1AA3, 25GT511TX1AA2, 25GT516TX1AB, 25GT516TX1AB3, 25GT518TX1AB, 25GT518TX1AB3, 27GT270TX3AB7, 27GT270TX4AB9, 27GT271TX3AB7, 27GT271TX4AB9, 27GT275TX3AB9, 27GT277TX72AF15, 27GT560TX1AA3, 27GT616TX1AB2, 27GT624TX1AB, 27GT624TX1AB3, F19202WNTX1, F19205GYTX1A2, M14GE000TB, M20GE000RX1A, M20GE000RX1A3, M20GE001RX1A2, MG19000TX1A4, MG19000TX3A9, MG19026TX3B9, MG25000TX1AA4, MG25000TX3AA9, MG27000TX3AA9, CRK20A2, 09GP344J, 13GP210BF14, 13GP211A, 13GP211AC15, 13GP239A, 13GP239CTB, 13GP241TB, 13GP341A, 13GP431, 19GT240TX1A4, 19GT240TX3A9, 19GT241TX1A4, 19GT241TX3A9, 19GT242, 19GT243R, 19GT243F11, 19GT270, 19GT270TX3, 19GT270TX3B7, 19GT311BTX1, 19GT312, 19GT312FA1, 19GT312TX1, 19GT313, 19GT313TX1, 19GT314FB1, 19GT317TX1A, 19GT317TX1A3, 19GT317TX2C3, 19GT319TX1, 19GT319TX1A2, 19GT319TX2C2, 19GT320TX1, 19GT320TX1A, 19GT320TX1A3, 19GT320TX2C3, 19GT351, 19GT351FA1, 19GT351JX1, 19GT352, 19GT352TX2, 19GT354, 19GT354TX1, 19GT356, 19GT356TX1B2, 19GT356TX2D2, 19GT357TX1, 19GT357TX1B, 19GT357TX1B3, 20GT311, 20GT320FA1, 20GT320TX1, 20GT322, 20GT322TX1, 20GT324FA1, 20GT324JX1, 20GT324TX1, 20GT361, 20GT361BJU1, 20GT361FA2, 20GT361TX2, 20GT366, 20GT366FJ1, 20GT368TX1, 20GT368TX1N2, 20GY320, 25GC710, 25GC711KF1, 25GC731KF1, 25GT239TX1, 25GT239TX2AA4, 25GT240TX1, 25GT240TX3AA7, 25GT240TX4AA9

Compatible with TV models: 09GP106, 09GP106C03, 09GP106F03, 103GE25GT511, 13GP210, 13GP210B, 13GP210BF14, 13GP210C04, 13GP211, 13GP211A, 13GP211AC15, 13GP211C04, 13GP211F04, 13GP21AC15, 13GP239, 13GP239A, 13GP239C04, 13GP239F04, 13GP240, 13GP240A, 13GP240AF15, 13GP240F04, 19GT310, 19GT310FA1, 19GT310JX1, 19GT311, 19GT311B, 19GT311TX1, 19GT311TX2, 19GT312, 19GT312FA1, 19GT312FAl, 19GT312TX1, 19GT313, 19GT313TX1, 19GT313TX2, 19GT351, 19GT351FA1, 19GT351FAl, 19GT351JX1, 19GT352, 19GT352TX1, 19GT354, 19GT354TX1, 19GT363, 19GT363TX1, 20GT311, 20GT320, 20GT320FA1, 20GT320FAl, 20GT320TX1, 20GT322, 20GT322TX1, 20GT324, 20GT324FA1, 20GT324JX1, 20GT324TX1, 20GT361, 20GT361FA1, 20GT361TX1, 20GT373, 20GT373FB1, 20GT373FB2, 20GT373JX1, 20GT373JX2, 20GT374, 20GT375, 20GT375FB1, 20GT375JX1, 20GT377, 20GT500, 20GT522, 212688, 221109, 226098, 226100, 226102, 226725, 228003, 228006, 233067, 237909, 240961, 256T515, 256T520, 25CG710, 25CT515, 25GC710, 25GC710KF1, 25GC711, 25GC711KF1, 25GC721, 25GC721KF1, 25GC722, 25GC731, 25GC731KF1, 25GC732, 25GC732KF1, 25GC752, 25GT430N, 25GT500, 25GT500FE1, 25GT503, 25GT503FE1, 25GT503FE2, 25GT503JX1, 25GT503JX2, 25GT506, 25GT506FE1, 25GT506FE2, 25GT506JX1, 25GT506JX2, 25GT506TX2, 25GT510, 25GT510FE1, 25GT515, 25GT515TX1, 25GT520, 25GT520FE1, 25GT520FE2, 25GT522, 25GT522FE1, 25GT522FE2, 25GT522JX1, 25GT522JX2, 25GT522TX2, 25GT536, 25GT536FE1, 25GT536JX1, 25GT537, 25GT537FE1, 25GT537JX1, 25GT537TX1, 25GT542, 25GT542FE1, 25GT543, 276T600, 27GC732, 27GC901, 27GC902, 27GT590, 27GT613, 27GT614, 27GT614FE1, 27GT614JX1, 27GT615, 27GT615FE1, 27GT615JX1, 27GT617, 27GT617FE1, 27GT617JX1, 27GT618, 27GT6618, 2DGT375, 316T658, 31GT657, 31GT657FM1, 31GT657JX1, 31GT658, 31GT670, 46GW945YX1, 60GT324, 9GP106, BGP210, CTC177AM, E13200, E13200WN, E13201, E13201BK, E13202BKC15, E13203, E13203BK, E13205BK, E13205BKF04, E13205BKF14, F19201, F19201BK, F19201BKTX1, F19201BKTX2, F19202, F19202WN, F19202WNTX1, F19203, F19203BK, F19203BKTX1, F19203BKTX2, F19220, F19220BK, F19220BKTX1, F20201, F20201WN, F20201WNFA1, F20201WNJX1, F20201WNTX1, F20203, F20203BK, F20203BKJX1, F20203BKTX1, F20231, F20231WN, F20231WNFA1, F20251, F20251WN, F25210, F25210BK, F25251, F25251WN, F26251, F26251ET, F27251, F27251WN, G25100, G25100AT, GE21600, GE21600FB1, GE27600, GE27600FE1, M20302BC, M20GT326, M20GT326JX1, MX20GT324

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original GE General Electric CRK20A1 CRK20A2 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original GE General Electric CRK20A1 CRK20A2 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model numbers:

Model: CRK20A1 CRK20A2
Part Number: 226725
Catalogue No.: 705
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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