ANDERIC RRSA601MH Technics Audio System Remote Control

Notice: The original ANDERIC RRSA601MH Technics remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the ANDERIC RRSA601MH Technics remote control is stocked!

ANDERIC RRSA601MH Technics Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with Audio System models: EX510PK, P46810V, RACKSA60, RAKSA723MH, RSTR170, RSTR180, RSTR270, RSTR272, RSTR280, RSTR373, RSTR474, RSTR575, S3700BM, SACX140, SAEX110, SAEX150, SAEX400, SAEX500, SAEX510, SAEX600, SAEX700, SAEX710, SAEX800, SAEX800PKMAV, SAEX800PKMESA, SAEX900, SAG300, SAG68, SAG76, SAG9057, SAGX100, SAGX100LEB, SAGX100PCK, SAGX130PK, SAGX170, SAGX290, SAGX290PK, SAGX300, SAGX303, SAGX330, SAGX350, SAGX390, SAGX470, SAGX490, SAGX500, SAGX505, SAGX530, SAGX550, SAGX550P, SAGX6, SAGX650, SAGX650P, SAGX650PK, SAGX670, SAGX690, SAGX690PK, SAGX710, SAGX730, SAGX730PP, SAGX770, SAGX790, SAGXT290, SATX30, SATX30PK, SAXG170, SBA26K, SBA31, SBA32, SCCH455, SCD320, SCHT510, SCS110, SCS1500, SCS1550, SCS1650, SCS1750, SCS210, SCS2200, SCS2300, SCS2350, SCS2450, SCS2500, SCS2550, SCS2600, SCS2650, SCS2700, SCS2750, SCS2800, SCS285, SCS2850, SCS300, SCS310, SCS3200, SCS3210, SCS3300, SCS3500, SCS3550, SCS3550A, SCS3600, SCS3650, SCS3700, SCS3700A, SCS3750, SCS3800, SCS3850, SCS410, SCS4500, SCS4505, SCS4550, SCS4605, SCS4650, SCS4750, SCS4850, SCS510, SD5936, SDC936, SDR835, SDS110, SDS210, SDS220, SDS2200, SDS2300, SDS2405, SDS310, SDS3200, SDS3200BLK, SDS3210, SDS3300, SDS3510, SDS410, SDS500, SDS510, SDS737, SDS738, SDS745, SDS746, SDS747, SDS748, SDS916, SDS918, SDS9225, SDS925, SDS925BLK, SDS925KBLK, SDS926, SDS927, SDS928, SDS935, SDS935BLK, SDS935K, SDS935KBLK, SDS936, SDS937, SDS938, SDS945, SDS946, SDS948, SDSV956, SEGX490, SH8017, SHGE50, SHTX200PH, SHWA10, SHWA12, SHWA16, SHWA17, SHWA218, SHWA22, SHWA258, SHWA26, SHWA27, SHWA30, SHWA32, SHWA36, SHWA37, SHWA38, SHWA40, SHWA46, SHWA50, SHWA56, SHWA60, SLMC409, SLMC59, SLP9066, SLPC503, SLPD66, SLPD665, SLPD667, SLPD687, SLPD788, SMS2600, STK50, STK55, STK550, SU675, SUC75, SUD50, SUG50, SUG50PC, SUG70, SUG70PCK, SUG75, SUG755, SUG755PK, SUG75PP1K, SUG7PK, SUG86, SUG90, SUG90PXK, SUG91, SUG95, SUG96, SUHT500, SUZ780, SVG75PPLK, TECSAGX490

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description


- Please make sure it has all the buttons you need to control your unit.

- Pre-programmed to Technics and Panasonic Audio Systems.

Model: RRSA601MH Technics
Part Number: RRSA601MH
UPC: 895612001473
Catalogue No.: 65241
This remote control controls units : Audio System
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    I use this remote for an old reciever I bought from a thrift shop for my ManCave in the garage. It works fine and if I know anyone else looking for a replacement I would recommend this company.

    by Anonymous on November 08, 2013.
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    would recommend, use as a tv/audio remote

    by Anonymous on September 23, 2013.
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    I am surprised that your product is so similar in capability to the failed controller it replaced. I have not fully checked all functions yet but suspect they will work.

    by Anonymous on August 16, 2013.
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    Product meets all expectations.

    by Anonymous on June 21, 2013.
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    Use it every day.

    by Anonymous on April 22, 2013.
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    Works ! Saved a ton of Money!

    by Anonymous on March 13, 2013.
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