MBR3447 RR3457 Zenith
(No Longer Available)
RR3457 Zenith

ZENITH MBR3447 TV Remote Control

The original ZENITH MBR3447 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR3457 Zenith remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $12.95

New items are brand new, unopened and unused.
Minus 1 Plus 1

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  • RR3457 Zenith/RR3457
    RR3457 Zenith Remote Control


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ZENITH MBR3447 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: A25A12D, A25A22B, LGA29A23WM, MS100, PRO851X, SAY2035BT, SAY2149BT, SAY2153BT, SAY2653BT, SAY2953BT, SAY2954BT, SAY3471BT, SAZ2610BT, SD5553H, SLS2728RK, SMS7571BT, SS2552S, SY1949, SY1949Y, SY1949Y2, SY1949YM, SY1949YM2, SY1953, SY1953Y, SY1953Y2, SY1953YM, SY1953YM2, SY2049, SY2049DT, SY2049DT2, SY2049DTM, SY2049DTM2, SY2049X, SY2049X2, SY2049Y, SY2053, SY2053S, SY2053S2, SY2053SM, SY2053SM2, SY2068, SY2068DT, SY2068DT2, SY2068DTM, SY2068DTM2, SY2504, SY2504BW, SY2506, SY2506N, SY2518, SY2518RK, SY2538SM, SY2552, SY2552S, SY255498, SY2568, SY25685, SY2568S, SY2568SM, SY2569, SY2569X, SY2722, SY2722RK, SY2723, SY2723BW, SY2728, SY2728RK, SY2728RKM, SY2728RKW, SY2750, SY2750E, SY2765, SY2765S, SY2765SM, SY2768, SY2768S, SY2768SM, SY7249, SY7249DT, SY7249DT2, SY7568, SY7568S, SY7768, SY7768S, SY7949, SY7949Y, SY7949Y2, SYS25685, SZ1949Y, SZ1953, SZ1953Y, SZ1953YM, SZ2049, SZ2049DT, SZ2049DTM, SZ2049X, SZ2053, SZ2053S, SZ2053SM, SZ2063, SZ2063S, SZ2068, SZ2068DT, SZ2068DTM, SZ2568, SZ2568S, SZ2568SM, SZ2568X, SZ2723, SZ2723BW, SZ2728, SZ2728RK, SZ2728RKM, SZ2768, SZ2768S, SZ3268, SZ3268S, VRD500ST, Z25X22, Z25X225, Z25X22S, Z25X22S19, Z25X22S8, Z25X22S9, Z25X22SM, Z25X22X, Z27X22, Z27X22D, Z27X22DM, Z27X22S, Z27X74, Z27X74W, Z27X76, Z27X76R, Z27X76RM, Z32X22, Z32X22S, Z46Z70V, Z46Z70V7, Z46Z70V8, Z46Z70VB, ZLG26X22SM, ZLG29X22DM, ZLG29X76RM, A25A74, A25A74LK, H2546DT, H3246DT, H3646DT, IQB36C95W, H2547DT, H2747DT, H3247DT, H3647DT, H2746DT, SY1931SG, SY1951Y, SY2031S, SY2731SM, SY2068DYM, SY2500RK, SY2549S, SY2551S, SY2551SM, SY2569S, SY2572DT, SY2572DTM, SY2738RK, SY2738RKM, SY2739RK, SY2751Y, SY2772DT, SY2772DTM, SY3272DT, SY3272DTM, SY3572DT, SY3572DTM, SY7772DT, MBR3447, MBR3440, A25A22BT, A25A22BT7, A25A22BT8, A25A23W, A25A23W9, A25A74R, A25A76R, A27A12D, A27A12S, A27A22BT, A27A22BT4, A27A23D, A27A23W, A27A23W4, A27A23W9, A27A74R, A27A76R, ALG26A22SM, ALG26A23DM, ALG29A12SM, ALG29A22DM, ALG29A23DM, B25A23W, B25A30B, EKZ2968Y, H2540DT, H2541DT, H2542DT, H2543DT, H2551DT, H2573DT, H2740DT, H2741DT, H2742DT, H2743DT, H2751DT, H2763DT, H2773DT, H3240DT, H3241DT, H3242DT, H3243DT, H324DT, H3251DT, H3263DT, H3273DT, H3540DT, H3541DT, H3542DT, H3543DT, H3551DT, H3563DT, H3642DT, H3643DT, H3673DT, IQA25A23, IQA25A23D, IQA25A23S, ISA2155DT, ISA2965DT, ISZ2155DT, ISZ2155S, ISZ2665DT, ISZ2965DT, KDBSAY2035BT, KDBSAY2035BT4, KDBSAY2153BT, KDBSAY2153BT4, KDBSAY2653BT, KDBSAY2953BT, KDBSAY2953BT4, KDBSAY3471BT, KDH2733, LGA26A23WM

Compatible with TV models: 1QB27FW, 1QB36B42W, A19A02D, A19A11D, A20A22D, A23B41W, A25A02D, A25A11D, A25A22BT, A25B33, A25B33W, A27A11D, A27B33, A27B33W, A27B41, A27B41D, A27B41W, A32386R, A32841W, A32B41, A32B41D, A32B41W, A32B84, A32B84D, A32B84R, A32B84W, A32B8612, A36841W, A36B41, A36B41D, A36B41W, ALG26A02SM, ALG26A11DM, B25A11Z, B25A11Z6, B25A11ZF, B25A24Z, B25A24Z6, B25A24ZF, B25A74LK, B25A74R, B25A76R, B27A11Z, B27A11Z5, B27A11Z6, B27A11Z65, B27A11ZC, B27A11ZC5, B27A11ZF, B27A24Z, B27A24Z5, B27A24Z6, B27A24Z65, B27A24ZF, B27A24ZF5, B27A40Z, B27A44Z, B27A74R, B27A74R5, B27A76R, B27A76R5, B27B240Z, B27B40, B27B40Z, B32A24Z, B32A24Z6, B32A24ZF, B36A24Z, B36A24Z6, B36A24ZF, C25A24T, C27A24T, C32A26F, CB25A25Z, CB25A25Z6, CB27A25Z, CN29Q14P, EKZ2067Y, H2546DT, H2547DT, H2746DT, H2747DT, H3246DT, H3247DT, H3646DT, H3647DT, I2B33B42W, IBB36B42W, IBQ32B42W1, IQB27FW, IQB36C95W, IQC27F46G, ISA2045DT, KDBSAZ2035BT, KZZ2087Y, KZZ2687Y, LGB26A11ZM, LGB26A11ZM6, LGB29A11ZM, LGB29A11ZM5, LGB29A24ZM, LGB29A24ZM5, PV4555P, PVY4662DT, QB361342W, RZ56Z83D7, SAZ2035BT, SB2513G, SC1995W, SD2735P, SD5533G, SE5277S7, SG5759S, SJ2599, SJ2745TR, SJ2779BG, SM2571BT, SM2751Y, SMS1943S, SMS1943S7, SMS1943SM, SMS2518RK6, SMS2553S, SR2768S, SS2505TR, SY1324S, SY1931SG, SY1931SG2, SY1931SGM, SY1931SGM2, SY1949Y, SY1949YM, SY1951Y, SY1951Y2, SY1951YM, SY1951YM2, SY1953Y, SY1953Y2, SY1953YM, SY2031S, SY2031S2, SY2031SM, SY2031SM2, SY2049DT, SY2049DTM, SY2049X, SY2053S, SY2053SM, SY2068DT, SY2068DYM, SY2500RK, SY2504BW, SY2518RK, SY2549S, SY2551S, SY2551SM, SY255498, SY2568S, SY2569S, SY2572DT, SY2572DTM, SY2573DT, SY2658, SY2723BW, SY2728RKM, SY2731SM, SY2738RK, SY2738RKM, SY2739RK, SY2750Y, SY2751Y, SY2765S, SY2765SM, SY2768S, SY2768SM, SY2772DT, SY2772DTM, SY3272DT, SY3272DTM, SY3572DT, SY3572DTM, SY7249DT, SY7568S, SY7768S, SY7772DT, SY7949Y, SYS2049D7, SYS2049DT, SZ1931SG, SZ1951Y, SZ2031S, SZ2500RK, VRE150, VRL2110, Z19A02G, Z19A02GM, Z19A02S, Z19A11S, Z19A11SM, Z19A11Y, Z25A02G, Z25A02GM, Z25A11S, Z25A11SM, Z25X22S, Z25X22S19, Z25X22S8, Z25X22S9, Z25X31D, Z27A11G, Z27A11S, Z27X74W, Z35X21D, Z36H32D, Z50Z83D8, ZLG20A02G, ZLG20A04SM, ZLG20A05SM, ZLG20A11SM, ZLG20A12SM, ZLG20E04DM, ZLG26A02GM, ZLG26A11SM, ZLG29A11GM

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original ZENITH MBR3447 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original ZENITH MBR3447 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

P/N: 12421247
Same As: MBR3447A, PN: 12421258; 12421258
Same As: MBR3447Z, CB27A25Z, CB25A25Z, C36A24T, C32A24T, B36A24ZF, B36A24Z, B32A24ZF, B32A24Z6, B32A24Z, B27A76R5, B27A76R, B27A24ZF, B27A24Z5, B27A24Z, B27A11ZF, B27A11ZC, B27A11Z5, B27A11Z, B25A11ZF, B25A11Z6, B25A11Z, B25A24ZF, B25A24Z8, B25A24Z6, B25A24Z, LGB29A24ZM, LGB29A11ZM, LGB26A11ZM, KDB27A76R, KDB27A74R, KDB25A76R, KDB25A74R, IQB36C95W, H3647DT, H3646DT, H3247DT, H3246DT, H2747DT, H2746DT, H2743DT8, H2742DT8, H2547DT, H2546DT, H2542DT8, C25A24T, HZEN, ZEN12421235

Model: MBR3447
Part Number: 12421235
Catalogue No.: 5487
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    by michael on May 30, 2016.
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    Ordered a replacement remote control for an old TV. The part ordered was a refurbished device which looked brand new and performed perfectly and was only $10.00 including shipping.

    by Anonymous on February 11, 2014.
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