ZENITH IQ3293BT Remote Control

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Notice: The original ZENITH IQ3293BT remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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ZENITH IQ3293BT Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: IQ2793BT, IQ3253RK, IQ3253RK3, IQ3293BT, IQ3293BT3, IQ3553RK, IQ3593BT, IQ527ODT, PVR4669RK, PVR5269DT, PVR6069DT, PVR6069RK, PVY4665DT, PVY4665MK, PVY4665RK, PVY5265DT, PVY5265MK, PVY5265RK, PVY6067DT, PVY6067DTB, SR2745RK, SR2786E, SR2789DT, SR3247MK, SR3247RK, SR3247RK3, SR3289DT, SR3289DT3, SR3547DT, SR3547RK, SR3589DT, SY2745MK, SY2745RK, SY2788DT, SY2788DT3, SY3247MK, SY3247RK, SY3547MK, SY3547RK, SY3588DT, IQ5270DT, IQZ56Z97D, IQZ60Z97D, SR2745MK, SR2781Y, SRX2793BT, SRX3253MK, SRX3293BT, SRX3553BT, SRX3553MK, SRX3593BT, Z56Z95D

Compatible with models: IQ2793BT, IQ3253RK, IQ3293BT, IQ3553RK, IQ3590BT, IQ3593BT, IQ5270DT, IQZ27Z45D, IQZ32Z45D, IQZ36Z46D, IQZ36Z98C, IQZ56Z97D, IQZ60Z97D, IQZ60Z97D7, KDOPV5275, KDOPV5275W, LGZ5210DT, PVR4669RK, PVR5269DT, PVR6069DT, PVR6069RK, PVY4665, PVY4665DT, PVY4665MK, PVY4665RK, PVY5265DT, PVY5265MK, PVY5265RK, PVY5270DT, PVY5270RK, PVY6067DT, PVZ4661DT, PVZ4663DT, PVZ6063, SN3589DT, SR2745MK, SR2745RK, SR2786E, SR2789DT, SR3247MK, SR3247RK, SR3289DT, SR3547DT, SR3547RK, SR3589DT, SRX2793BT, SRX3253MK, SRX3253RK, SRX3293BT, SRX3293DT, SRX3553MK, SRX3553RK, SRX3593BT, SY2745MK, SY2745MK3, SY2745RK, SY2745RK3, SY2788DT, SY2788DT3, SY2799DT, SY3247, SY3247MK, SY3247RK, SY3288DT, SY3289DT, SY3547DT, SY3547MK, SY3547RK, SY3588DT, SZ2745MK, SZ2745RK, SZ2789DT, SZ3247MK, SZ3247RK, SZ3289DT, SZ3647MK, SZ3647RK, Z27Z45D, Z32Z45D, Z56Z83M, Z56Z95D, Z56Z95DM, Z60Z95D, ZLG56Z95DM

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

P/N: 1240020701, MBR1020, IQ3353RK, IQ3593BT, 1240023302, IQB2B42W, IQB32B24W, Possible replacement RR3457
Zenith, ZENITH
($18.99) ANDERIC, check remote for functions you may need.Works with most Zenith products. Or use our simple TV replacement HZEN

Model: IQ3293BT
Part Number: 1240020701
UPC: 5846264
Catalogue No.: 11518

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