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RRVUR6 Vizio

VIZIO VUR5 5-Device Universal Remote Control

The original VIZIO VUR5 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RRVUR6 Vizio remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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VIZIO VUR5 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with 5-Device Universal models: GV42LH, GV42LHDTV, GV46LHDTV, GV46LHDTV10A, GV47LF, GV47LFHDTV10A, GV47LHDTV, L13, L13E, L42HDTV10A, L6, P42HDTV10A, VP50, VP50HDTV10A, VP50HDTV20A, VP52HD, VS370E, VUR5 Programming Instructions, VUR6 Programming Instructions, VX20LHDTV20A, VX37LHDTV, VX52LFHDTV10A, HDTV20A, 098003049011, GV42L, GV46L, HDTVL32, JV50P, P50HDTV20A, VM60PHDTV, VP42, VP42HDTV, VW32L, VW37L, VW42L, VX20L, VX20LHDTV, VX32L, VX32LHDTV, VX37L, VX42L, G42LHDTV, GV47LFHDTV, GV47LFHDTV20A, L32HDTV10A, L37HDTV, L37HDTV10A, L42 L42HDTV10A, P50HDM, P50HDTV10A, VP42HDTV20A, VW26LHDTV10F, VW32LHDTV10A, VW37LHDTV10A, VW42LHDTV10A, VX32LHDTV10A, VX37LHDTV10, VX37LHDTV10A, 66700ABA2-037-R, 098003049140, 66700ABA2037R, VM60P, VM60PHDTV10A, VU42LF, VU42LFHDTV10A, VVD2743, VU42LFHDTV15A

Compatible with 5-Device Universal models: G42LHDTV, GV42L, GV42LH, GV42LHDTV, GV46L, GV46LHDTV, GV46LHDTV10A, GV47LF, GV47LFHDTV, GV47LFHDTV10A, GV47LFHDTV20A, HDTVL32, JV50P, L13, L13E, L32, L32HDTV, L32HDTV10A, L37, L37HDTV, L37HDTV10A, L42, L42HDTV10A, LP20, P42, P42HDTV10A, P50, P50HDM, P50HDTV10A, P50HDTV20A, P63, VM60PHDTV, VP42, VP42HDTV, VP42HDTV20A, VP50HDTV10A, VP50HDTV20A, VP52HD, VW26LHDTV10F, VW26LHDTV20F, VW32L, VW32L HDTV10A, VW32L HDTV30A, VW32LHDTV10A, VW32LHDTV30A, VW37L, VW37LHDTV10A, VW42L, VW42LHDTV10A, VX200E, VX20L, VX20LHDTV, VX20LHDTV20A, VX32L, VX32LHDTV, VX32LHDTV10A, VX32LHDTV20A, VX37L, VX37LHDTV, VX37LHDTV10, VX37LHDTV10A, VX42L, VX52LFHDTV10A

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original VIZIO VUR5 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original VIZIO VUR5 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Authorized Dealer


Same as: 098003049011

SAME AS: 66700BA0-B10-R, 66700BA0B10R
PN: 0980-0304-9011,
ALSO REPLACES: 0980-0303-5020, 66700BA0-010-R, 098003035020, 66700BA0010R
This Vizio Universal Remote will Work with all Vizio brand TV's.
The VIZIO Universal Back-lit Remote Control VUR5, is designed to work with all* VIZIO flat panel televisions, as well as most of your existing components such as DVD players, cable boxes, personal video recorders, etc. This remote control is also back-lit so you can control your televisions in dark environments. (*can be programmed for limited operation of the VIZIO L6, L13, L13e, L20, L30WGU and P42 - version with speakers on the sides)

General Specifications:
Control up to 4 specific home theater components
Preprogrammed technology for easy setup
Inclusive Audio library
2x AA Batteries
Backlight; activates with button pressed
Dimensions: 2' (Wide) x 1.5' (Thick) x 7.5' (Long)
This remote doesn't work for: l13tvj10 tv

Model: VUR5
Part Number: 098003049111
Associated Number: 0980-0304-9111
Catalogue No.: 55937
This remote control controls units : 5-Device Universal
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    Replacement remote controls! as my old remotes where worn. I did not want a programable remote.

    by Anonymous on March 03, 2014.
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    Would recommend. Very good quality.

    by Anonymous on February 17, 2014.
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    The product is fine.

    by Anonymous on June 29, 2013.
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