RRMCU0222CEZZ GB005WJSA for Sharp
(No Longer Available)
GB005WJSA for Sharp

SHARP RRMCU0222CEZZ TV Remote Control

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The original SHARP RRMCU0222CEZZ Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC GB005WJSA for Sharp remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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  • GB005WJSA for Sharp/GB005WJSA
    GB005WJSA for Sharp Remote Control


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SHARP RRMCU0222CEZZ Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 13JM100, 13JM150, 25VTH200, 25VTH60, 25VTH80, 25VTJ100, 25VTK100, 26MR30, 26MR70, 26PL83M, 26SL72, 27C240, 27C241, 27C530, 27C540, 27C630, 27F540, 27F541, 27F543, 27F630, 27F631, 27F640, 27F641, 27F830, 27RFS1, 27RS100, 27RS200, 27RS400, 27RS450, 27RS480, 27RS50, 27UC4, 27UF5, 27UF500, 27UF510, 27UF810, 27US100, 27US50, 27US60, 27US600, 27US610, 27US650, 27US710, 29FL91M, 29FL94, 29MR70, 29SL82, 32C230, 32C231, 32C240, 32C241, 32C530, 32C540, 32F540, 32F543, 32F630, 32F631, 32F640, 32F641, 32F830, 32RS480, 32RS60, 32UC4, 32UF5, 32UF500, 32UF510, 32UF6, 32UF810, 32US50, 32US50B, 32US60, 32US600, 32US60B, 32US610, 32US650, 32US710, 35UF6, 36C230, 36C231, 36C530, 36F630, 36F830, 36RS60, 36UC4, 36UF5, 36UF500, 36UF510, 36UF6, 36UF810, 36US50, 36US50B, 36US60, 36US60B, 36US650, CJ13M10, CJ13M15, CJ19M10, CJ20M10, CJ20S10, CK13M10, CK13M15, CK19M10, CK20S10, CL13M10, CL13M15, CL19M10, CL20S10, CR27S20, CR27S48, CR32S48, CSR20027, CSR5027, CU14FM1, CU20F630, CU20FS1, 13KM100, 13KM150, 13LM100, 13LM150, 13TH30, 13TVF100, 13VTCK10, 13VTCL10, 13VTCN10, 13VTCR10, 13VTH60, 13VTJ100, 13VTJ150, 13VTK100, 13VTK150, 13VTL100, 13VTL150, 13VTL200, 13VTN100, 13VTN150, 13VTN200, 13VTR100, 13VTR150, 14LK22, 14MJ10, 14ML10, 14UFM1, 19C140, 19HM100, 19HM100S, 19HM150, 19HM150S, 19HM60, 19HM60S, 19JM100, 19JM100S, 19JM150, 19KM100, 19KM100S, 19LM100, 19LM100S, 19RM100, 19TH30, 20F540, 20F630, 20F640, 20JM100, 20JS100, 20JS100S, 20KS100, 20LK32, 20LK62, 20LS100S, 20MJ10, 20MK10, 20ML10, 20SL43, 20SV740, 20UFS1, 20VTCH6, 20VTH200, 20VTH60, 20VTJ100, 21MJ50, 21MK50, 21ML50, 25C340, 25HM60, 25HM80, 25MR15J, 25RM100, 25RS100, 25VSH300, 25VSJ250

Compatible with TV models: 13VTCH6, 13VTH100, 13VTH150, 13VTH60, 19FM40, 20F630, 20F640, 20SV740, 20VTCH6, 20VTH200, 20VTH60, 21FL94, 25UTH60, 25VSH300, 25VTG50, 25VTH200, 25VTH60, 25VTH80, 25VYH60, 27C530, 27F540, 27F630, 27F631, 27F640, 27F641, 27F830, 27RS100, 27RS400, 27RS450, 27RS480, 27UC4, 27UF5, 27UF810, 27US100, 27US600, 27US610, 27US710, 29FL91M, 29FL94, 32C530, 32F540, 32F630, 32F631, 32F640, 32F641, 32F830, 32RS400, 32RS450, 32RS480, 32UC4, 32UF5, 32UF800, 32UF810, 32US600, 32US610, 32US710, 36C530, 36F630, 36F830, 36RS400, 36RS450, 36UC4, 36UF5, 36UF500, 36UF810, 36US610, CR27S48, CR32S45, CR32S48, CR36S45, CU20F630, CU27F630, CU27F641, CU32F630, G1627SB, RRMCG1326CESA

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original SHARP RRMCU0222CEZZ Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original SHARP RRMCU0222CEZZ Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: RRMCU0222CEZZ
Part Number: RRMCU0222CEZZ
UPC: Sharp
Catalogue No.: 9587
This remote control controls units : TV

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