SHARP RRMCU0215CEZZ Remote Control

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SHARP RRMCU0215CEZZ Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: 13EM100, 13EM150, 13EM40, 13EM50, 13FM100, 13FM150, 13FM40, 13FM50, 13TF30, 13VTF100, 13VTF40, 19EM100, 19EM100R, 19EM120, 19EM150, 19EM40, 19EM40R, 19EM50, 19EM50R, 19FM100M, 19FM40, 19FM50, 19TF30, 19TG30, 20EM100, 20EM100M, 20EM120, 20EM120M, 20EM50, 20EM50M, 20ES110, 20ES130, 20FM100, 20FM100R, 20FM120, 20FM50, 20FM50R, 20FS120, 20FS3900, 20FS40, 20FS40R, 20FS50, 20FS50R, 20VTF100, 20VTF40, 25FM100, 25FM120, 25FM40, 25FM50, 25FS100, 25FS120, 25FS40, 25FS50, 27FS100, 27FS120, 27FS200, 27FS300, 27FS40, 27FS50, 27FS5900, 27FS6900, 27GS200, 27GS400, 27GX1000, SC6100

Compatible with models: 13EM40, 13VTF100, 13VTF40, 19EM40, 19EM40R, 20EM40, 20ES40, 20ES40M, 20ES50, 20ES50M, 20FS100, 20FS120, 20VTF100, 20VTF40, 25EM1814P, 25EM40, 25ES40, 25ES50, 25FS100, 25FS120, 25FS50, 27ES50, 27FS40, 27FS50, 27SF40, S7SF40

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original SHARP RRMCU0215CEZZ Remote Control is available for special order.
The original SHARP RRMCU0215CEZZ Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

receiving diode

Model: RRMCU0215CEZZ
Part Number: RRMCU0215CEZZ
Catalogue No.: 24126

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