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The original SHARP RRMCGA806WJSA Remote Control is substituted by SHARP GA667WJSA remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

Refurbished Replacement $14.95

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We recommend the following replacement

    GA667WJSA Remote Control


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SHARP RRMCGA806WJSA Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: LC32E67, LC32E67U, LC32LE700UN, LC40E67U, LC40E67UN, LC40E77U, LC40E77UN, LC40LE700UN, LC46E77U, LC46E77UN, LC46LE700UN, LC52E77U, LC52E77UN, LC52LE700UN, LC52LE920UN, LC60E77UN, LC60E88UN, LC65E77UM, RRMCGA759WJSA, RRMCGA806WJSA

Compatible with TV models: 07660MP010, 9JD07660MP010, AQUOSLC26D7U, AQUOSLC26GD4U, AQUOSLC26GD6U, LC26A40L, LC26D40U, LC26D4U, LC26D4UJ, LC26D5U, LC26D6U, LC26D7, LC26D7U, LC26DA5U, LC26GA4, LC26GA4U, LC26GA4UD, LC26GA4UR, LC26GA5U, LC26GA5UD, LC26GA5UR, LC26GD4U, LC26GD4UD, LC26GD4UR, LC26GD6U, LC26GD6UD, LC26GD6UR, LC26GDU, LC3242U, LC326D40U, LC32BD60U, LC32D40U, LC32D41U, LC32D42, LC32D42U, LC32D43, LC32D43U, LC32D4U, LC32D4UJ, LC32D50U, LC32D5U, LC32D62, LC32D62U, LC32D64U, LC32D6U, LC32D7, LC32D7U, LC32DA5U, LC32E67, LC32E67U, LC32G4, LC32G4U, LC32G4UD, LC32G4UR, LC32GA5U, LC32GA5UD, LC32GA5UR, LC32GD4U, LC32GD4UD, LC32GD4UR, LC32GD6U, LC32GD6UD, LC32GD6UR, LC32GP1U, LC32GP2U, LC32GP3U, LC32GP3UB, LC32GP3UR, LC32GP3UW, LC32HT1U, LC32HT2, LC32HT2U, LC32HT3, LC32HT3U, LC32LE700UN, LC32M41U, LC32M43U, LC32PX5M, LC3742U, LC37BD60U, LC37D40U, LC37D42, LC37D42U, LC37D43, LC37D43U, LC37D4U, LC37D4UJ, LC37D5U, LC37D62, LC37D62U, LC37D64U, LC37D6U, LC37D7, LC37D7U, LC37D90U, LC37DA5U, LC37DB5U, LC37DW99, LC37DW99U, LC37G4, LC37G4U, LC37G4UD, LC37G4UR, LC37GB5U, LC37GD4U, LC37GD4UD, LC37GD4UR, LC37GD6U, LC37GD6UD, LC37GD6UR, LC37GP1U, LC37HT3, LC37HT3U, LC37M43, LC37M43U, LC40C32U, LC40C37U, LC40C45U, LC40E67U, LC40E67UN, LC40E77U, LC40E77UN, LC40LE700UN, LC4242DU, LC42BD80U, LC42BT10, LC42BT10U, LC42D43, LC42D43U, LC42D62, LC42D62U, LC42D64, LC42D64U, LC42D65U, LC42D65UT, LC42D72, LC42D72U, LC42D85U, LC42HT3, LC42HT3U, LC45D40U, LC45D70U, LC45DG5U, LC45GD4U, LC45GD5U, LC45GD6U, LC45GD7U, LC45GX6U, LC46BD80U, LC46BD80UN, LC46D43, LC46D43U, LC46D62, LC46D62U, LC46D64, LC46D64U, LC46D64UA, LC46D64UB, LC46D65U, LC46D82, LC46D82U, LC46D85U, LC46D85UN, LC46D92, LC46D92U, LC46E77U, LC46E77UN, LC46LE700UN, LC46SE941U, LC46SE941UG, LC46SE941UR, LC46SE94U, LC52BD80U, LC52D43, LC52D43U, LC52D62, LC52D62U, LC52D64, LC52D64U, LC52D65U, LC52D82, LC52D82U, LC52D85U, LC52D85UN, LC52D92, LC52D92U, LC52E77U, LC52E77UN, LC52LE700UN, LC52LE920UN, LC52SE941U, LC52SE941UG, LC52SE941UR, LC52SE94U, LC57D90U, LC60C46U, LC60C52, LC60C52U, LC60E77UN, LC60E88UN, LC62C42, LC62C42U, LC65AD93U, LC65D64, LC65D64U, LC65D90U, LC65D93, LC65D93U, LC65E77UM, LC65SE94U, LCC3242, LCC3242U, LCC3742, LCC3742U, LCC4254U, LCC4643, LCC4643U, LCC4662, LCC4662U, LCC4677UN, LCC5262U, LCC5277UN, LCC6554U, LCG25C35U, LCG5C26U, LCG5C32U, RRMCGA331WJSA, RRMCGA759WJSA, RRMCGA806WJSA, TUGA1US, TUGD10U, TUGD10UT

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Product description

The replacement for original SHARP RRMCGA806WJSA Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original SHARP RRMCGA806WJSA Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.



We also have the official Sharp manuals for this remote as well!

Part Number: GA806WJSA
Catalogue No.: 64199
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    Shipping was fast, package was securely done, price was decent and the remote works like charm. The remote is identical to the one I threw against my bedroom door and broke. Will use these guys again if I ever get PO and break another remote ;-)

    by ROCCO on June 01, 2016.
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    by Frank on May 25, 2016.
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