SAMSUNG AA3200012A IR Receiver Module

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Notice: The original SAMSUNG AA3200012A ir receiver module is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the SAMSUNG AA3200012A ir receiver module is stocked!

SAMSUNG AA3200012A IR Receiver Module is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: HCM4215WX, HCM4216W, DT21G5, HCL4715W, HCL4715WX, HCL473W, HCL473WBX, HCL473WBX/XAC, HCM4215W, HCM4215WX/XA, HCM4215WX/XAA, HCM4216WX, HCM4216WX/XA, HCM4216WX/XAA, HCM422W, HCM422WX, HCM422WX/XA, HCM422WX/XAA, HCM4715W, HCM473W, HCM5525W, HCM5525WX, HCM5525WXXAA, HCM553W, HCM553WX, HCM553WX/XAA, HCM653W, HCM653WX, HCM653WX/XA, HCM653WX/XAA, HCN4226W, HCN4226W3S/XAA, HCN4226WX, HCN4226WX/XAA, HCN436W, HCN4727W, HCN4727W5S/XAA, HCN4727WX, HCN4727WX/XAA, HCN473W, HCN473WX, HCN473WX/XAA, HCN529W, HCN529WX, HCN529WX/XAA, HCN5527W, HCN5527WX, HCN5529W, HCN5529WX, HCN5529WX/XAA, HCN553W, HCN559WX/XAA, HCN653W, HCN653WX, HCN653WX/XAA, HCP4241W, HCP4241WX, HCP4252W, HCP4252WX, HCP4363W, HCP4363WX, HCP4741W, HCP4752W, HCP4752WX, HCP5241W, HCP5252W, HCP5252WX, HCP5256W, HCP5256WX/XAA, HCR4241W, HCR4245W, HCR4245WX/XAA, HCR4351W, HCR4355W, HCR4355WX/XAA, HCR4741W, HCR4751W, HCR4755W, HCR5241W, HCR5245W, HCR5245WX/XAA, HCR5251W, HCS4755W, HL61A510J1F, HL67A510J1F, HLP4663W, HLP4663WX/XA, HLP4667W, HLP5063W, HLP5067W, HLP5663W, HLP5663WX/XA, HLP5667W, HLP6163W, HLP6163WX, HLP6167W, HLR4264W, HLR4266W, HLR4266WX/XAA, HLR4664W, HLR4667W, HLR4667W1X/XAA, HLR4667WAX/XAA, HLR4667WX/XAA, HLR4667WX/XAP, HLR5056W, HLR5056WX/XAA, HLR5064W, HLR5066W, HLR5067W, HLR5067W1X/XAA, HLR5067WX/XAP, HLR5067WXXAA, HLR5078W, HLR5078WX/XAA, HLR5656W, HLR5656WX/XAA, HLR5662W, HLR5667W, HLR5667W1X/XAA, HLR5667WAX/XAA, HLR5667WX/XAA, HLR5668, HLR5668W, HLR5668WX/XAA, HLR5678W, HLR5678WX/XAA, HLR6156W, HLR6156WX/XAA, HLR6164W, HLR6167W, HLR6167W1X/XAA, HLR6167WAX/XAA, HLR6167WX/XAA, HLR6167WX/XAP, HLR6168, HLR6168W, HLR6168WX, HLR6168WX/XAA, HLR6178W, HLR6178WX/XAA, HLR6767W, HLR6767WAX/XAA, HLR6768W, HLR6768WX/XAA, HLR7178W, HLR7178WX/XAA, HLR7178WX/XAP, HLS4265W, HLS4266W, HLS4266WX/XAA, HLS4666W, HLS4666WX/XAA, HLS5065w, HLS5065WX/XAA, HLS5066W, HLS5086W, HLS5086WX/XAA, HLS5087, HLS5087W, HLS5087WX/XAA, HLS5088W, HLS5088WX/XAA, HLS5665W, HLS5666W, HLS5679, HLS5679W, HLS5679WX/XAA, HLS5686C, HLS5686CX/XAA, HLS5686W, HLS5686WX/XAA, HLS5687W, HLS5687WX, HLS5687WX/XAA, HLS5688W, HLS5688WX/XAA, HLS6165W, HLS6165WX/XAA, HLS6166W, HLS6167W, HLS6167WX/XAA, HLS6186W, HLS6186WX/XAA, HLS6187W, HLS6187WX/XAA, HLS6188W, HLS6188WX/XAA, HLS6767W, HLS6767WX/XAA, HLS7178, HLS7178W, HLS7178WX/XAA, HLT5055W, HLT5055WX/XAC, HLT5656W, HLT6156W, HLT6156WX/XAA, HLT6756W, HLT6756WX/XAA, HLT7288W, HLT7288WXXAA, HPL5025, HPL5025D, HPL5025DX, HPL5025X, HPM5027, HPM5027X, M5400, PCK5315R, PCL5415, PCL5415RBX, PCL545R, PCL545RBX, PCM5415R, PCM545R, PCN5425R, PCN5425RX, PCN5425RX/XAA, PCN5425RXSCXAA, PDP4290, PDP5090, PPM42S2X, PPM42S2X/XAA, PPM50H2, PPM50H2X, PPM50H2X/XAA, PS42P2S, PS42P2ST, PT4250A, PT4298HD, PT4299HD, PT4799HD, PT50DL14, PT50DL14X/SMS, PT50DL24, PT50DL24X/SMS, PT5250A, PT5299HD, PT5492, PT5499HD, PT5598HD, PT5598HDI, PT61DL34, PT61DL34X/SMS, PTH5498, RPT50V24D, RPT50V24DX/SMS, SMO150QN, SMO151QN, SMO210DN, SMO211QN, SP42L6HR, SP42Q2HL, SP43H3HT, SP43Q5HL, SP43T7HPR, SP43T8HLR, SP43T9HER, SP46L3HR, SP46L3HXR, SP46L5HR, SP46L6HR, SP47Q2HL, SP47Q5HL, SP50K3HD, SP50K3HV, SP50L2HX, SP50L3HR, SP50L3HX, SP50L6HR, SP50L6HX, SP52Q2HL, SP52Q7HFR, SP52Q7HR, SP54T8HC, SP54T8HL, SP54T8HLR, SP54T8HX, SP55W3HF, SP56K3HD, SP61K3HD, SP61K3HV, SP61L3HR, SP61L3HX, SP61L6HR, SP62T8HER, SP67L6HX, SP71L8UH, SP72K8UH, SPL4225, SPL4225D, SPL4225DX, SPL4225X, SPM4227, SPM4227X, ST42W5P, ST47W3P, ST47W3PSX, ST54J9P, ST54T6, ST54T8P, ST54T8PCS/XAX, ST54T8PCX/XAX, ST55W3P, ST62J9P, ST62T6, ST62T8P, ST65W3P, TSL2793HF, TSL3294HF, TSN3084WHD, TSN3084WHDXX, TSN3084WHDXXAA, TXM2792F, TXM2792FX, TXM2796HF, TXM2797HF, TXM2797HFX, TXM2798HF, TXM2798HFX, TXM3096WHF, TXM3097WHF, TXM3097WHFXX, TXM3098WFX, TXM3098WHF, TXM3098WHFXX, TXM3281HF, TXM3292F, TXM3296HF, TXM3296HFX, TXM3297HF, TXM3297HFX, TXM3298HF, TXM3298HFX, TXM3298HFX/XAA, TXN1634F, TXN1634FX, TXN1634FX/XAA, TXN2034F, TXN2034FBX, TXN2034FBX/XAA, TXN2034FX, TXN2034FX/XAA, TXN2434F, TXN2434FBX, TXN2434FBX/XA, TXN2434FBX/XAA, TXN2434FX, TXN2434FX/XAA, TXN2668WHAX, TXN2668WHF, TXN2668WHFXX, TXN2668WHFXXAA, TXN2670WHF, TXN2670WHFXX, TXN2670WHFXXAA, TXN2670WHFXXAC, TXN2734F, TXN2734FBX, TXN2734FBX/XAA, TXN2734FX, TXN2734FX/XAA, TXN2745FP, TXN2745FPNXX, TXN2745FPNXXAA, TXN2745FPX, TXN2745FPX/XAA, TXN2771HF, TXN2771HFX, TXN2771HFX/XA, TXN2771HFX/XAA, TXN2771HFX/XAC, TXN2775HF, TXN2775HFX, TXN2775HFX/XAA, TXN2791HF, TXN2791HFX, TXN2791HFX/XAA, TXN2798HF, TXN2798HFX/XA, TXN2798HFX/XAA, TXN3071, TXN3071WHF, TXN3071WHFXX, TXN3071WHFXXA, TXN3071WHFXXAA, TXN3075, TXN3075WHF, TXN3075WHFXX, TXN3075WHFXXAA, TXN3098, TXN3098WHF, TXN3098WHFX/XA, TXN3098WHFX/XAA, TXN3235F, TXN3235FX/XA, TXN3245FP, TXN3245FPNXX, TXN3245FPNXXAA, TXN3245FPX, TXN3245FPX/XAA, TXN3271HF, TXN3271HFS/XAC, TXN3271HFX, TXN3271HFX/XA, TXN3271HFX/XAA, TXN3275HF, TXN3275HFX, TXN3275HFX/XAA, TXN3298HF, TXN3298HFX/XA, TXN3298HFX/XAA, TXP1634, TXP1634X, TXP1634X/XA, TXP1634X/XAA, TXP2034, TXP2034X, TXP2034X/XAA, TXP2434, TXP2434X/XAA, TXP2664W, TXP2664WX/XAA, TXP2665W, TXP2670WH, TXP2670WHX, TXP2670WHX/XAA, TXP2675WH, TXP2675WHX, TXP2734, TXP2734X, TXP2734X/XAA, TXP2745P, TXP2745PX, TXP2764, TXP2764X/XAA, TXP2775H, TXP3064W, TXP3066W, TXP3071WH, TXP3071WHX, TXP3071WHXXAA, TXP3075WH, TXP3075WHX, TXP3076WH, TXP3076WHX, TXP3235, TXP3264, TXP3271H, TXP3271HX/XAA, TXP3275H, TXP3275HF, TXP3275HX, TXR1635, TXR1635X/XA, TXR1635X/XAA, TXR2035, TXR2035X/XA, TXR2035X/XAA, TXR2035X/XAC, TXR2435, TXR2435GX/XAA, TXR2435X/XA, TXR2435X/XAA, TXR2435X/XAC, TXR2675WH, TXR2675WHX/XAA, TXR2678WH, TXR2678WHX/XAA, TXR2734, TXR2735, TXR2735X, TXR2735X/XA, TXR2735X/XAA, TXR2764, TXR2764X/XAA, TXR2765, TXR2765AX/XAA, TXR2765X/XAA, TXR2779, TXR2779H, TXR2779HX/XAA, TXR3065W, TXR3075WH, TXR3079WH, TXR3079WHX, TXR3079WHX/XA, TXR3079WHX/XAA, TXR3080W, TXR3080WH, TXR3080WHKXXAA, TXR3080WHX/XAA, TXR3081WH, TXR3081WHX/XAA, TXR3264, TXR3265, TXR3265AX/XAA, TXR3265X/XAA, TXS2779H, TXS2783, TXS2783X, TXS2783X/XAA, TXS3064WR, TXS3079WH, TXS3080WH, TXS3080WHX/XAA, TXT3092WH, TXT3092WHX/XAA, TXN2670, TXN2771, HLS6765W, HLS5055W, HLT5655W, HL67A510, HL67A510J1FXZA, HD43, DW21G5, HCL4715, HCM4215, HCM422, HCM653, HCM553, PCL545, HCL473, HCM4216, HCM5525, HCP4241, HCP5241, HCP4741, HCP4252, HCP5252, HCP4752, HCP4363, HCP5256, HCR4245, HCR4751, HCR4351, HCR4745, HCR5245, HCR4355, HCR4755, HCR5251, HLR6768, HLS6187, HLS5687, HLS5088, HLS6188, HLS5688, HLT5055, HLT5655, HLT5656, HLT6756, HLT6156, PCL6215, PS42P2, SP42Q2, SP47Q2, SP54T8, SP52Q2, SP43H3, SP43L2, SP50L2, SP61L2, SP46L5, SP56L5, SP50L6, SP61K3, SP50K3, SP56K3, SP67L6, SP72K8, ST42W5, ST43T6, TXP1430, TXP2030, TXP2036, TXP2028, TXP2022, TXP2728, TXP2730, TXP3266, TXP3064, TXP2665, TXP2664, TXP2766, TXP3066, TXP2775, TXP3071, TXP3275, TXP2670, TXP3271, TXP2745, TXP3075, TXP2675, TXP3076, TXR2028, TXR2728, TXR2664, TXR3065, TXR3064, TXR2678, TXR3075, TXR2675, TXR3079, TXR3080, TXS2782, TXR3081, TXS2779, TXS3082, TXS3064, TXS3065, TXS3079, TXS3080, TXM2796, TXM3097, TXM3098, TXM3297, TXM2797, TXM2798, TXM3296, TXM3298, TXN2668, TXN2745, TXN2775, TXN2798, TXN3234, TXN3245, TXN3271, TXN3275, TXN3298, BP5900107A, CL14A8L, CL15A8L, CL21A8W, CL21A8L, CL25A6W, CL21A9W, CL25A6P, CL15A8W, CL21S8W, CL25K4W, 4666W/5066W/5666W/6166W, AA3200012A, AA5960002B, CL25M2MQ2X, CS21M20MQZSKLG, HCP4241W5S, PCL5415R, PCL5415RX, PT5499HDX, PT5598HDIX, PTH5498B5S, TXN3071WHFX, TXN3298HFX, TXP2034X/XAC, TXP3076WHX/XAA, TXR2435GX, TXR2678WHX, TXR3079WHKXXAA, TXS2779HX, TXS3064WRX, TXS3080WHX, TXT3092WHX, HCN653W, PPM42S2, 245BW, 42HD43A, 42HD43B, 42HDT43C, 52HD53A, CL17M2MQ, CL21A11MQ, CL21M21EQ, CL21M21MQ, CL21M21PQ, CL21M2MQ, CL21M5MQ, CL21M6MQ, CL21M6W, CL25M21EQ, CL25M2MQ, CL25M5MQ, CL25M6MQ, CL25M6P, CL25M6W, CL25M6WKX/GSU, CL28A20HE, CL29A10PQ, CL29M21FQ, CL29M21MQ, CL29M21PQ, CL29M2MQ, CL29M5MQ, CL29M5WKX/RCL, CL29M6P, CL29M6PQ, CL29T21PQ, CL29Z30HM, CL29Z30HS, CL29Z30MQ, CL29Z6HM, CL29Z6PQ, CL29Z7HE, CL32A20HE, CL32Z30DS, CL32Z30HM, CL32Z6HM, CL32Z7HE, CL34A10PQ, CL34A10PQVXSTR, CL34M9P, CL34Z6HM, CL34Z6PQ, CL34Z7HE, CMP5400S, CMP6200S, CS14Y53R, CS29Z6HMQ, CS29Z7HWQ, CS34A7HP, CS34Z7HWQ, CSM2077DV, CSM2077DVBXX, CSM2077DVX, CSN2077DV, CSN2077DVX, CT17M6MQ, CT21M7WKX/XTC, CT29A10HR, CT29Z7P, CT32Z30HDS, CT32Z30HE, CT32Z7P, CT34Z7P, CZ21M63N, D53A, DS21G5

Compatible with models: CL29M16MQDXRCL, CT20D8BW6X, CT20F3FX/XAP, CT21H4LFX/XTC, HLM4365WX, HLM437WX, HLM5065WX, HLM507WX, HLM617WS, HLM617WS/XAA, HLM617WX, HLN4365W, HLN4365W1, HLN4365W1X, HLN4365W1X/XAA, HLN4365WX, HLN4365WX/XAA, HLN437W, HLN437W1, HLN437W1X, HLN437W1X/XAA, HLN437WX, HLN467W, HLN467W1, HLN467WX, HLN5065W, HLN5065W1, HLN5065W1X, HLN5065W1X/XAA, HLN5065WX, HLN507W, HLN507W1, HLN507W1X, HLN507WX, HLN507WX/XAA, HLN567W1, HLN567WX, HLN567WX/XAA, HLN617W, HLN617W1, HLN617W1X, HLN617W1X/XAA, HLN617WX, HLN617WX/XA, HLN617WX/XAA, HLP4674WX/XAA, HLP5674WX/XAA, HLR4677W, HLR5677W, TXL2767BX/XAA, TXL2767S, TXL2767S/XAA, TXM1367, TXM1367X, TXM1491FX, TXM1491FX/XAA, TXM1967, TXM1967X, TXM1997, TXM1997X, TXM2790FX, TXN1430FX, TXN1430FX/XA, TXN1430FX/XAA, TXN2020X, TXN2020X/XAA, TXN2022X, TXN2022X/XAA, TXN2030, TXN2030FX/XAA, TXN2034, TXN2036, TXN2036FX, TXN2036FX/XAA, TXN2434, TXN2668, TXN2670, TXN2725S/XAA, TXN2726, TXN2726X, TXN2726X/XAA, TXN2730, TXN2730F, TXN2730FS/XAA, TXN2730FX, TXN2730FX/XA, TXN2730FX/XAA, TXN2734, TXN2745, TXN2771, TXN2775, TXN2798, TXN3071, TXN3075, TXN3098, TXN3234, TXN3245, TXN3271, TXN3275, TXN3298, TXP1430, TXP1430X, TXP1430X/XAA, TXP1634, TXP2022, TXP2028, TXP2030, TXP2030X, TXP2034, TXP2036, TXP2036X, TXP2036X/XAA, TXP2730X, TXR2728GX/XAA, TXT2082QX/XAA, TXT2082X/XAA, TXT2085QX/XAA

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Product description


Model: AA3200012A
Part Number: AA3200012A
UPC: Samsung
Associated Number: AA32-00012A
Catalogue No.: 9034

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