J20310BLJU1 CRK10A1
(No Longer Available)

RCA J20310BLJU1 TV Remote Control

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The original RCA J20310BLJU1 Remote Control is substituted by RCA CRK10A1 remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $9.95

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We recommend the following replacement

  • CRK10A1/213722
    CRK10A1 Remote Control


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RCA J20310BLJU1 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 13GP240C03, 13GP240F03, E13345D, F19201BKTX1, F19201BKTX2, F19203BKJX2, F19203BKTX1, F19203BKTX2, F19205GY, F19205GYTX1, F19205GYTX2C2, F19205GYTX2C3, F19206, F19206BKTX1, F19206BKTX1A, F19206BKTX1A2, F19206BKTX1A3, F19206BKTX2C2, F19206BKTX2C3, F19207BC, F19207BCTX1A, F19207BCTX1A2, F19207BCTX1A3, F19207BCTX2C2, F19207BCTX2C3, F19220BKTX1, F19220BKTX2, F19221BCTX1, F19240, F19240GY, F19240GYTX1, F19240GYTX1B, F19240GYTX1B2, F19240GYTX1B3, F19240GYTX2D2, F19240GYTX2D3, F19251GY, F19251GYTX1, F19251GYTX1N2, F19251GYTX1N4, F19251GYYX1, F19261, F19261TX1, F19261TX1A4, F19261TX3, F19261TX3A7, F19261TX3A9, F19262, F19262TX1, F19262TX1A4, F19262TX3A7, F19262TX3A9, F19281, F19281TX1, F19281TX1B4, F19281TX3B7, F19281TX3B9, F19425, F19431, F20209GYTX1M, F20301SF, F20301SFFA1, F20301SFFA3, F20301SFJX1, F20301SFJX3, F20301SFTX1, F20301SFTX3, F20301SFTX4, F20351SF, F20351SFFB1, F20351SFFX1, F20351SFJX1, F25209BC, F25209BCTX1AA2, F25209BCTX1AA3, F25209WT, F25209WTTX1, F25209WTTX1AA, F25209WTTX1AA2, F25209WTTX1AA3, F25210BKFE1, F25210BKJX1, F25210BKTX1, F25216, F25216BC, F25216BCTX1AB2, F25216BCTX1AB3, F25216WT, F25216WTTX1AB, F25216WTTX1AB2, F25216WTTX1AB3, F25250BC, F25250BCFE, F25250BCFE1, F25251WN, F25251WNFE1, F25251WNFE2, F25251WNJX1, F25251WNJX2, F25261, F25261TX1, F25261TX1AA4, F25261TX3AA7, F25261TX3AA9, F25261TX4AA9, F25281, F25281TX1, F25281TX1AB4, F25281TX3, F25281TX3AB7, F25281TX3AB9, F25281TX4, F25281TX4AB9, F25441, F25441TX51, F25441TX51AF9, F26251ET, F26251ETFE1, F26251ETFE2, F26251WN, F27240WT, F27240WTFE1, F27240WTJX1, F27242, F27242GY, F27242GYTX1, F27242GYTX1AB, F27242GYTX1AB2, F27242GYTX1AB3, F27242GYTX2, F27242GYTX2AB4, F27242GYTX3, F27242GYTX3AB9, F27242GYTX4, F27242GYTX4AB9, F27242TX3AB7, F27242TX3AB9, F27250, F27250BC, F27250BCFE1, F27251WNFE1, F27351WN, F27351WNFE1, F27441TX51AF9, G25100ATKF1, G25100ATLF1, G25341WK, G25342AT, G25342ATCX1, G25342ATKF1, G25343WK, G25343WKCX1, G25343WKDX1, G25343WKKF1, G25343WKLF1, G27341WK, G27342WK, G27342WKKF1BH, G27343HP, G27344HP, G27344HPKF1BH, J20310BL, J20310BLJU1, J25230BL, J32330SB, M14000, M14000TC, M14001, M14001TB, M14001M15, M1400M15, M20001TX1A2, M20001TX1A3, M20303BL, M20303BLJX1, MR19011TX1A4, MR19011TX3A7, MR19011TX3A9, MR19035TX1B4, MR19035TX3B7, MR19035TX3B9, MR20035TX3B9, MR20310YX51F5, MR25011TX1AA4, MR25035TX1AB4, MR25035TX3AB7, MR25035TX3AB9, MR25035TX4AB9, MR27035TX1AB4, MR27035TX3AB9, MR27035TX4AB9, MR27300TX3AB9, MR27310TX51AF9, MR29310TX51AF9, SA20200, SA20200FB1, SA20200YX1, SA25000, SA25000FE1, X13101GS, X19150SG, X19150SGTX1, X19150SGTX2, X20101GS, X20101GSFA1, X20101GSJX1, X20101GSTX1, X20101GSTX2, X20102SG, X20102SGJX1, X20102SGJX2, X20102SGJX3, X20102SGJX4, X20102SGTX1, X20102SGTX3, X20102SGTX4, X20103SGJX1, X20103SGTX1, X20103SGTX2, X20131EB, X20131GS, X20131GSFA1, X20131GSJX1, X20131GSTX1, X20132GSJX1, X20132SG, X20132SGJX1, X20132SGJX2, X20132SGTX1, X20132SGTX2, X25101GS, X25101GSFE1, X25101GSJX1, X25103SG, X25103SGFE1, X25103SGFE2, X25103SGJX2, X25215WN, 20GH155, 20GH350, 34HF81, 40H80, 43H70, 43H72, 43HX70, 50A11, 50A50, 50A60, 50A61, 50H72, 50HX70, 55A60, 56H80, 61A60, 61A61, 61H70, 65H81, C20200, C20200BX1, C20200YX1R2, C20200YX1R4, C21220JX1, CVE21110, CVE21110JX1, E09301BT, E09301BTC03, E09302BCQD, E09302BCF24, E09305, E09305WH, E09305WHJD, E09305WHF24, E10202BKC15, E13150BK, E13150BKF03, E13201BK, E13201WNF03, E13208, E13208GY, E13208GYTB, E13209BC, E13209BCTB, E13308, E13308A, E13309, E13309A, E13309A, E13318, E13318H, E13319, E13319H, E1331BKF25, E13320, E13320H, E13320SE, E13320SEC03, E13320SEC04, E13320SEF04, E13321FWC04, E13321KWC04, E13323SE, E13323SETC, E13323SEC15, E13331BC, E13331BKZD, E13331BKC25, E13333, E13333WHZD, E13335GYF25, E13341, E13341B, E13345

Compatible with TV models: 213722, 226107, 226108, 226552, 227803, 240959, 259274, X13101GS, X13101GSC04, X13101GSF04, X19150SG, X20101GS, X20102SG, X20131GS, X20132SG, X25101GS, X25103SG, X25106SG, X255101

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original RCA J20310BLJU1 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original RCA J20310BLJU1 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: J20310BLJU1
Part Number: 240959
UPC: ge
Catalogue No.: 32077
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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