RCA CRK52A TV Remote Control

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Notice: The original RCA CRK52A remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the RCA CRK52A remote control is stocked!

RCA CRK52A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: E09435GBC01, F20517WNN03, 82668A01, 82668A02, 82678A01, 82678A02, A513B21BS, CMT2179, E09435, E09435GB, E09435GBC01, E09435GBF01, E09436, E09436BT, E09436BTC01, E09436BTF01, E09436BTF0l, E09525, E09525KH, E09525KW, E09525KWF01, E09525KWF0l, E09535KH, E09535KW, E09535KWC01, E09535KWF01, E13159EG, E13159EGF01, E13159EGF02, E13159EGF0l, E13165, E13167, E13167WN, E13167WNF01, E13167WNF02, E13167WNF0l, E13168, E13168NG, E13168NGF01, E13168NGF02, E13169, E13169GM, E13169GMC01, E13169GMC02, E13169GMF01, E13169GMF02, E13169GMF0l, E13170, E13170FH, E13170FW, E13170FWF01, E13170FWF02, E13230, E13230WN, E13230WNC01, E13230WNF01, E13230WNF02, E13230WNF03, E13230WNF0l, E13231, E13231GM, E13231GMC01, E13231GMF01, E13231GMF02, E13231GMF0l, E13232, E13232EG, E13232EGF01, E13232EGF02, E13232EGF0l, E13233, E13233KHF01, E13233KW, E13233KWC01, E13233KWF01, E13233KWF02, E13240WN, E13240WNF01, E13240WNF03, E13240WNF0l, E13241, E132416M, E13241GM, E13241GMC01, E13241GMF01, E13241GMF0l, E13250, E13250BT, E13253, E13253KW, E13253KWC01, E13253KWF01, E13254KW, E13360, E13360GT, E13360GTF01, E13360GTF0l, E13361GTC01, E13361GTF01, E13362FT, EER397S, El3168NGF0l, El3169GMC01, El3169GMF02, El3170FWF0l, El3230WNF02, El3231GMC01, El3233KWF02, El3253KWC01, El3253KWF0l, Ell3233KWC01, Ell3233KWF0l, EMR348ER, EMR348WR, EMR349FR, EMR355W, EMR358AR, EMR358HR, EMR358WR, EMR359ER, EPR358, EPR358AR1, EPR358HR, EPR358WR1, EPR359DR1, F09435, F09436, F19220, F20154WNA04, F20479, F20479WNA03, F20479WNN03, F20507, F20507WN, F20514, F20514WN, F20514WNA01, F20514WNA02, F20514WNA03, F20514WNA04, F20514WNN01, F20514WNN02, F20514WNN03, F20514WNN04, F20515, F20515EG, F20515EGA01, F20515EGN01, F20515WN, F20516, F20516B4, F20516BH, F20516BHA01, F20516BHA02, F20516BHA03, F20516BHN01, F20517, F20517WN, F20517WNA01, F20517WNA02, F20517WNA03, F20517WNA04, F20517WNN01, F20517WNN02, F20517WNN03, F20517WNN04, F20518, F20518WN, F20518WNA02, F20518WNA04, F20518WNN04, F20519, F20519AK, F20519AKA01, F20519AKA02, F20519AKN01, F20519AKN03, F20533, F20533BM, F20533BMA01, F20533BMA02, F20533BMA04, F20535, F20535DW, F20535DWA01, F20535DWA02, F20535DWA03, F20535DWA04, F20535DWN03, F20538, F20538DG, F20538DGA01, F20538DGA02, F20538DGA03, F20538DGA04, F20538DGN01, F20538DGN02, F20538DGN03, F20549, F20549HN, F20549WN, F20549WNF01, F20549WNF0l, F20550, F20550AK, F20550AKF01, F20550AKF0l, F20552, F20552EZ, F20552EZF01, F20552EZN01, F20556AK, F20558, F20558WN, F20558WNF01, F20558WNF0l, F25150, F25150WN, F25150WNF01, F25150WNF0l, F25151, F25151GG, F25151GGF01, F25151GGF0l, F25152, F25152WN, F25152WNF01, F25152WNF0l, F26010, F26010WN, F26010WNF01, F26012, F26012WN, F26012WNF01, F26012WNF0l, F26012WNU01, F26030, F26030WN, F26030WNF01, F26030WNF0l, F29518, F29518WN, FMR468, FMR468WR, FMR471, FMR471ER, FMR476, FMR476WR, FMR478, FMR478ER, FMR486WR, FMR491, FMR491DR, FMR505, FMR510, FMR510WR, FMR514, FMR514TR, FMR600SERIES, FMR620WR, FMR622TR, FMR623ER, FMR710, FMR710TR, FPR400SERIES, FPR471T, FPR472TR, FPR472TR1, FPR472TR2, FPR473B, FPR474BR, FPR474BR1, FPR474BR2, FPR476DR1, FPR476DR2, FPR477E, FPR478ER, FPR478ER1, FPR478ER2, FPR483ER1, FPR485BR1, FPR487WR1, FPR487WR3, FPR489WR1, FPR500, FPR500W, FPR505W, FPR510, FPR510WR, FPR510WR3, FPR515, FPR515WR, FPR515WR1, FPR515WR2, FPR515WR3, FPR518, FPR518WR1, FPR518WR3, FPR620, FPR710, FPR710TR, FPR710TR1, FPR710TR2, FXR469, FXR469ER, FXR469ER1, FXR469ER2, FXR469WR1, FXR469WR2, FXR620, FXR620WR, FXR620WR1, FXR620WR2, G25119, G25119HP, G25119HPKF1, G25119HPMF1, G25119NP, G25171, G25171TN, G25171TNM01, G25171TNM0l, G25179, G25179TK, G25179TKM01, G25179TKM0l, G25179TR, G26131, G26131/CTC149, G26131TN, G26131TNK01, G26131TNL01, G26133, G26133TN, G26133TNC01, G26133TNL01, G26135, G26135PN, G26135PNK01, G26137, G26137/CTC149C, G26137PN, G26137TN, G26137TNK01, G26137TNL01, G26139, G26139HP, G26139HPK01, G26141, G26141TN, G26141TNM01, G26141TNM0l, G26145, G26145PN, G26145PNM01, G26145PNM0l, G26149, G26149HP, G26149HPM01, G26149NP, G26231, G26231TN, G26231TNM01, G26231TNM0l, G26231TNY01, G26233, G26233TN, G26233TNM01, G26233TNM0l, G26235, G26235PN, G26235PNM01, G26235PNM0l, G26235PNP01, G26239, G26239TK, G26239TKM01, G26239TKM0l, G26239TKY01, G26251TN, G26251TN1, GMR651, GMR651TR, GMR655, GMR655HR, GMR659, GMR659PR, GMR811, GMR811PR, GMR815, GMR815HR, GMR815L, GMR819, GMR819PR, GMR821, GMR821TR, GMR823, GMR823TR, GMR825, GMR825TR, GMR831, GMR831PR, GMR833, GMR833PR, GPR791, GPR791TR1, GPR791TR2, GPR795, GPR795FR1, GPR795FR2, GPR799, GPR799PR, GPR799PR1, GXR651, GXR651TR1, GXR651TR2, GXR659, GXR659PR1, GXR659PR2, JMR984WR, JPR960ER3, JPR960HR3, JPR960WR1, JPR960WR2, JPR960WR3, JPR960YR1, JPR966NR3, JPR966WR1, JPR966WR2, JPR966WR3, JPR966YR2, JPR968AR1, JPR968BR2, JPR968ER2, JPR968ER3, JPR968GR3, JPR968HR2, JPR968HR3, JPR968MR1, JPR968MR3, JPR968NR3, JPR968TR1, JPR968TR3, JPR968WR1, JPR968WR2, JPR968WR3, JPR984WR2, S20515AK2, S20521, S20521HN, S20521WN, S20521WNF01, S20521WNF0l, S27442, SP2040EE, SW900P, TRX1420R, TXT1930, TXT2540, TXT2540A01, TXT2540A02, X25620, X25620WNN01, X25621, X25621EBN01, X26620, X26621, X26720, X26720WNN01, X26721, X26721EBN01, 13167WN, 13GP410F01, 13GP411, 13GP411F01, 13GP413, 13GP413F01, 173916, 19GX310N01, 25GC340, 25GC340K01, 25GC341, 25GC341K01, 25GC342K01, 25GT320, 25GT320N01, 25GX309N01, 25GX310N01, 26GT430N01, 6852507M, 81932, 81933, 81933A01, 82033, 82033A01, 82033B01, 82033C01, 82040, 82040A01, 82040B01, 82040C01, 82041, 82041A01, 82041B01, 82041C01, 82042A01, 82062, 82062A01, 82062C01, 82070A01, 82070A02, 82074A01, 82074A02, 82543, 82543A01, 82543A02, 82545, 82545A01, 82545A02, 82548, 82548A01, 82548A02, 82558, 82558A01, 82558A02, 82568, 82568A01, 82568A02, 82649A02, 82650, 82650A01, 82650A02, 82651, 82651A01, 82651A02, 82652A01, 82652A02, 82660, 82660A01, 82660A02, 82664A02, 82665, 82665A01, 82665A02, 82668

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Product description

PN: 187986


Model: CRK52A
Part Number: 187986
Associated Number: EIA55391313
Catalogue No.: 711
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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