CRK59B RR62A Proscan
(No Longer Available)
RR62A Proscan

RCA CRK59B TV Remote Control

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The original RCA CRK59B Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR62A Proscan remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $18.99

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  • RR62A Proscan/RR62A
    RR62A Proscan Remote Control


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RCA CRK59B Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 197461, 204935, G26285PN, G26289TK, G26291, G26295, G26295PH, G26295PN, G26299TK, G26685WK, G26825PN, G27150, G27150WK, G27201, G27201WK, G27210, G27211, G27211WK, G27219TK, G27220, G27221, G27221WK, G27229, G27229TK, G28685HP, G35800CK, P26051, P46100, P46100TN, P46101WK, 211682, 211687, 226419, 240959, 259274, 2780CMKKF1, 2784CMKLF1, 2785CMKLM1, 27GC802, C1190, CT19B5, F20570, F20572, F20572EM, F20575, F20651, F20685SM, F20705, F20706, F26051, F26051EMBLK, F26651EM, F27139, F27139GGFE1, F27181, F27181DG, F27182, F27182DW, F27183, F27183WN, F27185, F27185DW, F27186SM, F27187, F27187BT, F27188, F27188BT, F27189ET, F27189ETNX1, F27201, F27201GG, F27201GGFE1, F27201GGNE1, F27202, F27202FTFB1, F27202FTNX1, F27203, F27203WN, F27204, F27204EMFB1, F27204EMFX1, F27700, F31221, F31221WN, F31223, F31223GG, F35010, F35700SB, F35720SB, F46101, FT27202FT, G25180WN, G25181, G25181WK, G25181WN, G25189TK, G25483521837153WN, G26280, G26280TN, G26281, G26281TN, G26282, G26282WK, G26285

Compatible with TV models: 20GT372, 20GT372FB1, 20GT372NB1, 212238, 213722, 221112, 221245, 224264PS60682, 226107, 226108, 226552, 227803, 233063, 240959, 259274, 25GC742, 25GC742KF1, 25GC742MF1, 25GC744, 25GC744KF1, 25GC744MF1, 26GC751, 27GC802, 27GC802MF1, 27GC804, 27GC805, 27GC805P, 27GC805P01, 27GT609, 27GT609F, 27GT609F01, 27GT612NE1, 31GT656, 31GT656NM1, 35160FM1, 35651, 35652, 35653, 35GT680, 35GT680NM1, 35GT680NX1, 35GT681, 35GT681FM1, 35GT681JX1, 46GW940, 46GW941, 46GW950, 46GW950N01, 46GW950N02, 46GW950N03, 46GW951, 46GW951CG1, 46GW952, 46GW952C, 46GW952CG1, 46GW952DG1, 82670, 82671, 82679, 82680, 82682, BS35180, C27GE520TX1, CD3700, CD3700F, CTC170RA, ED3600, ED3600F, F20570, F20570HN, F20570WN, F20570WNFB1, F20571EM, F20571EMFB1, F20571EMNB1, F20575, F20575EM, F20600, F20600ET, F20600ETFB1, F20600ETNB1, F20685, F20705, F20705DG, F20705DGN01, F20706FB1, F20706FT, F20706FTFB1, F20706FTNB1, F20706NB1, F25190, F25190SE, F25190SEFE1, F25190SENX1, F26050, F26050WN, F26050WNFE1, F26051, F26051EM, F26051EMFE1, F26051EMNE1, F26071ES, F26071ESFB1, F26071ESNB1, F27150, F27150SE, F27150SEFB1, F27150SEFE1, F27150SEJE1, F27181, F27181DG, F27182, F27182DW, F27183, F27183WN, F27185, F27185DW, F27186SM, F27186SMFE1, F27187, F27187BTN01, F27187BTN02, F27188, F27188BT, F27188BTN01, F27188BTN02, F27189ETNX1, F27191, F27191DG, F27191DGF01, F27191DGF02, F27191DGW01, F27191DGW02, F27193BT, F27193BTN01, F27193BTN02, F27194SM, F27194SMF01, F27194SMW01, F27194SMW02, F27196BTN01, F27196BTN02, F27201GG, F27201GGFE1, F27201GGNE1, F27202FTFB1, F27202FTNX1, F27203WN, F27203WNFE1, F27203WNFE11, F27203WNFE12, F27204EMFB1, F27204EMFX1, F27227, F27227EM, F27227EMFB1, F27227EMNB1, F27228, F27228AE, F27228ET, F27228ETNX1, F27230EMFB1, F27230EMJX1, F27230ESFB1, F27230ESNB1, F27235ETNB1, F27235ETNX1, F27700, F27700MGFB1, F27700MGJX1, F27701BKFE1, F27701BKJX1, F27702SBFE1, F27702SBJX1, F27703SBJX1, F27730EMFB1, F27730EMJX1, F27731BKFE1, F27731BKJX1, F27732SBFE1, F27732SBJX1, F27733SBFE1, F27733SBJX1, F31221WN, F31221WNN01, F31221WNN02, F31222SB, F31222SBN01, F31222SBN02, F31223GGNM1, F31223GGNM11, F31223GGNM12, F31224, F31224GG, F31224GGNM1, F31224GGNX1, F31226ESJM1, F31226ESNM1, F31672, F31700GGFX1, F31700GGJX1, F31703GGJX1, F35010STNM1, F35050, F35050ST, F35050STNM1, F35050STNX1, F35100STNM1, F35100STNM2, F35700, F35700SBFM1, F35700SBJX1, F35720SB, F35720SBFM1, F35730STFM1, F35731MBFM1, F35731MBFM2, F35731MBJX1, F35750STFM1, F35750STJX1, F35751MBFM1, F35751MBJX1, F35753MBJX1, F46101, FF240895, G25180, G25180WKKX1, G25180WKMF1, G25181WKMF1, G25189, G25189TK, G25189TKKF1, G25189TKMF1, G25290TN, G25290TNMF1, G26280, G26281, G26282WK, G26285PN, G26289TK, G26290, G26290TN, G26290TNMF1, G26290TNPF1, G26291, G26291WK, G26291WKKF1, G26291WKKF2, G26291WKMF1, G26291WKMF2, G26295PH, G26295PHMF1, G26299, G26299TKKF1, G26299TKMF1, G26400, G26400TN, G26400TNKF1, G26400TNMF1, G26400TNPF1, G27150, G27150WK, G27201, G27201WK, G27201WKKM2, G27201WKKM3, G27201WKLM1, G27201WKLM4, G27210, G27211, G27212, G27212TN, G27219, G27219TK, G27220TN, G27220TNKF1, G27220TNKF11, G27220TNKF12, G27220TNMF1, G27220TNMF11, G27220TNMF12, G27220TNMF2, G27220TNMF21, G27220TNMF22, G27221, G27221WK, G27221WKKF1, G27221WKKF2, G27221WKMF1, G27221WKMF11, G27221WKMF12, G27221WKMF2, G27229TK, G27229TKKF1, G27229TKKF11, G27229TKKF12, G27229TKLF1, G27229TKMF1, G27229TKMF11, G27229TKMF12, G27390, G27390TN, G27390TNM01, G27390TNM02, G27391WKL01, G27391WKL02, G27391WKL03, G27396CP, G27396CPL01, G27396CPL02, G27399CR, G27399CRP01, G27399CRP02, G27399CRP0L, G27400, G27400WK, G27400WKKM1, G27400WKKM2, G27400WKLM1, G27400WKLM3, G27750WKALM1, G27750WKDX1, G27750WKLM1, G27751ATLM1, G28685HP, G31121TN, G31121TNN01, G31121TNN02, G31129WK, G31129WKL01, G31129WKL02, G31151WKLM1, G31159TPLM1, G31163BTL01, G31163BTL02, G31750WKALM1, G31750WKDX1, G31750WKLM1, G35300WKL01, G35301WKL01, G35301WKL02, G35302WKLM1, G35302WKLX1, G35303SKLM1, G35310, G35310WKLM1, G35310WKLX1, G35311CKLM1, G35311CKLX1, G35350WKL01, G35350WKL02, G35351CPL01, G35351CPL02, G35800CKLM1, G35830, G35830WKDX1, G35830WKDX2, G35830WKLM1, G35830WKLM2, G35850CKLM1, GM215721, GM215760, GM215761, P335182, P46100, P46100TND01, P46100TND03, P46100TNN01, P46100TNN02, P46100TNN03, P46101, P46101HK, P46101WKCG1, P46101WKDG1, P46130WK, P46150, P46150WK, P46150WKN01, P46150WKN02, P46731ATDX1, P46731ATLG1, P46733, P52150, P52150CP, P52150CPD01, P52150CPD02, P52150CPN01, P52150CPN02, P527123, P52731WKLG1, P52750, P535153, P535182, P5355653, P586802, P60682, P935680, PA3400F, PA3600F, PA3700F, PS257151, PS2652, PS27110F01, PS27110W01, PS27110W02, PS27111JX1, PS27111NX1, PS27112FX1, PS27112JX1, PS27113FB1, PS27113FB2, PS27113JX1, PS27113JX2, PS271151, PS27120F01, PS27120W01, PS27120W02, PS27121, PS27121NE1, PS27121NX1, PS27122FX1, PS27122JX1, PS27123FB1, PS27123JX1, PS2715, PS27150F01, PS27150W01, PS27150W02, PS27151, PS27151NX1, PS27151NX2, PS27152FX1, PS27152JX1, PS27153, PS27153FX1, PS27153JX1, PS31122FX1, PS31122JX1, PS31150F01, PS31150F02, PS31151, PS31151NM1, PS31151NM2, PS31680, PS32120, PS32153, PS351153, PS3512, PS35120NM1, PS35120NX1, PS35122FX1, PS35122JX1, PS35123FM1, PS35123JX1, PS35150, PS35150NM2, PS35152, PS35152FX1, PS35152JX1, PS35153, PS3515303, PS35153212236, PS35180, PS35182, PS3535682, PS3562, PS35622, PS35622LW1, PS3563, PS3565, PS35650L01, PS35650L02, PS35651, PS35651LG1, PS35651LG2, PS35651LG3, PS35651LG4, PS35651LM1, PS35652, PS35652LG2, PS35653, PS35653LW1, PS35680, PS35682, PS35693, PS5070, PS52382, PS52650, PS52652, PS52652LG1, PS52680, PS52680CG1, PS52682, PS52682CG1, PS52682LW1, PS526862, PS526882, PS552682, PS5652, PS60680, PS60680CG1, PS60682, PS60682LW1, PS6068Z, PS61682, PS86080Z, PSN27153, PSN35152, PSN35653, PSN52652, PSN60682, PSNP535152, PSNPS27153, PSNPS35153, PSNPS35652, PSNPS35682, PSNPS52652, SP35653, TU3700F, X13101GS, X13101GSC04, X13101GSF04, X19150SG, X20101GS, X20102SG, X20131GS, X20132SG, X25101GS, X25103SG, X25106SG, X255101

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Product description

The replacement for original RCA CRK59B Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original RCA CRK59B Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

P/N: 226419, 207873,211682
Replaced By: 226419

Model: CRK59B
Part Number: 211682
Catalogue No.: 815
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 4 AAA

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