RCA CRK53D TV Remote Control

Notice: The original RCA CRK53D remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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RCA CRK53D Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: CRK53D, E13152GS, X20163WNN02, X20163WNN04, X20321, X20321EB, X20321EBF01, X20323, X20323WN, X20323WNF01, X20323WNN01, X20341, X20341EB, X20341EBF01, X20343, X20343WN, X20343WNF01, X26001, X26001EB, X26001EBF01, X26003, X26003WN, X26003WNF01, X26005, X26005EB, X26005EBF01, X26007, X26007WN, X26007WNF01, X26007WVF01, X26021, X26021EB, X26021EBF01, X26023, X26023W, X26023WN, X26023WNF01, X26023WNF0l, X26025, X26025EB, X26025EBF01, X26027, X26027WN, X26027WNF01, X26027WNF0l, X26041, X26041TN, X26041TNC01, X26041TNK01, X26041TNW01, X26049, X26049TK, X26049TKK01, X26049TKW01, X26051, X26051TN, X26051TNM01, X26051TNY01, X26059, X26059TK, X26059TKM01, X26059TKM0l, X26059TKY01, E13153, E13153WN, E13153WNC03, E13153WNF01, E13153WNF02, E13153WNF03, E13153WNF0l, E13154, E13154GS, E13154WN, E13154WNC03, E13154WNF01, E13154WNF0l, E13155, E13155WN, E13155WNC01, E13155WNC03, E13155WNF01, E13155WNF03, E13155WNF0L, E13163EG, F20163, F20163WN, F20163WNA02, F20163WNA04, F20163WNN02, F20163WNN04, F20330GS, F20343, F20343WN, F20343WNF01, F20345, F20345WN, F20345WNFB1, F20345WNNB1, F2063WNN04, F25143WN, F25143WNF01, F25143WNF0l, F25163, F25163WN, F25163WNFC1, F25163WNNC1, G25043TN, G25043TNP01, X13135, X13135EB, X13135EBC01, X13135EBC02, X13135EBC03, X13135EBF01, X13135EBF02, X13135EBF03, X13137, X13137WN, X13137WNF01, X13137WNF02, X13137WNF03, X13137WNF0l, X20133WN, X20161, X20161EB, X20161EBA01, X20161EBA02, X20161EBA04, X20161EBN01, X20161EBN02, X20161EBN04, X20163, X20163WN, X20163WNA01, X20163WNA02, X20163WNA04, X20163WNN01

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

PN: 192108


, RCA192108

Same As: CRK53C
RM732 147322411


Model: CRK53D
Part Number: 192108
Catalogue No.: 4235
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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    Worked Perfectly

    by Anonymous on January 11, 2016.
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