RCA CRK50A TV Remote Control

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Notice: The original RCA CRK50A remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the RCA CRK50A remote control is stocked!

RCA CRK50A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 179472, 192551, F20591EG, F20591EGF01, F20591EGF0l, F20595, F20595BH, F20595BHF01, F20595BHN01, F20597, F20597AK, F20597AKF01, F20597AKF0l, F20597AKN01, F20680, F20680WN, F20680WNF01, F20680WNF0l, F20681, F20681D6, F20681DG, F20681DGF01, F20681DGN01, F20683DW, F20683DWF01, F20683DWF0l, F20683DWN01, F20684, F20684MK, F20684MKF01, F20684MKF0l, F25165, F25165GG, F25165GGFC1, F26020, F26020WN, F26020WNF01, F26020WNF0l, F26026, F26026MK, F26026MKF01, F26026MKF0l, F26040, F26040AK, F26040AKF01, F26040AKF0l, F26040WN, F26040WNF01, F26040WNF0l, F26041, F26041DG, F26041DGF01, F26041DGU01, F26043, F26043MK, F26043MKF01, F26043MKF0l, F26100, F26100AK, F26100AK01, F26100AKF01, F26100AKF0l, F26101, F26101NG, F26101NGF01, F26101NGF0l, F26103, F26103EG, F26103EGF01, F26103EGF0l, F26105, F26105MK, F26105MKF01, F26105MKF0l, F26120, F26120WN, F26120WNF01, F26120WNF0l, F26121, F26121DG, F26121DGF, F26121DGF01, F26121DGU01, F26122, F26122MK, F26122MKF01, F26122MKF0l, F26150, F26150BH, F26150BHF01, F26155, F26155AK, F26155AKF01, F26155AKF0L, F26155AKF0lF27159WNF0l, F27120, F27120WN, F27120WNFE1, F27159, F27159WN, F27159WNF01, F27160, F27160WN, F27160WNF01, F27160WNF0l, F27170, F27170DG, F27170DGF01, F27170DGF0l, F27171, F271710DG, F27171CP, F27171CPF01, F27171F01, F27172, F27172MK, F27172MKF01, F27172MKF0l, F27174, F31220, F31220WN, F31220WNN01, FEC430B, FPR2670, FPR2670T, FPR2670T1, FPR2670T2, FPR2675, FPR2675E, FPR2675E1, FPR2675E2, FPR2675El, G25170, G25170WK, G2626, G26261, G26261TN, G26261TNC01, G26261TNK01, G26261TNL01, G26265, G26265TK, G26265TKK01, G26265TKK0l, G26269, G26269HP, G26269HPC01, G26269HPC0l, G26269HPK01, G26269HPL01, G26271, G26271TN, G26271TNC01, G26271TNL01, G26273, G26273TN, G26273TNK01, G26275, G26275CK, G26275CKK01, G26275CKK0l, G26275CKL01, G26350, G26350P01, G26350TN, G26350TNP01, G26351, G26351TN, G26351TNP01, G26352, G26352TK, G26352TKP, G26352TKP01, G26352TKP0l, G26353, G26353TN, G26353TNP, G26353TNP01, G26353TNZ01, G26354, G26354SB, G26354SBP01, G26354SBP0l, G26359, G26359HP, G26359HPM01, G27130, G27130TN, G27130TNK01, G27331, G27331TN, G27331TNM01, G27331TNM0l, G27335, G27335TK, G27335TKP01, G27335TKP0l, G27339, G27339HP, G27339HPM01, G27360, G27371, G27371TN, G27371TNM01, G27371TNM0l, G27371TNP01, G27371TNPO1, G27372, G27372TN, G27372TNP01, G27372TNPO1, G27373, G27373CP, G27373CPP01, G27373CPP0l, G31120, G31120TN, G31120TNN01, GPR2570P, GPR2600SERIE, GPR2630, GPR2630T, GPR2630T1, GPR2630T3, GPR2631, GPR2631T, GPR2631T1, GPR2631T2, GPR2635, GPR2635T, GPR2635T1, GPR2635T2, GPR2635Tl, GPR2639, GPR2639P, GPR2639P2, GPR263L, GPR263lT2, GPR263lTl, GPR2641, GPR2641T1, GPR2641T2, GPR2643, GPR2643P1, GPR2643P2, GPR2643Pl, GPR2645, GPR2645T, GPR2645T1, GPR2645T2, GPR2645Tl, GPR2649, GPR2649P, GPR2649P1, GPR2649P2, GPR2649P4, GPR2649Pl, GPR264L, GPR264lT2, GPR264lTl, GPR2653, GPR2653E1, GPR2653E2, GPR2653El, GRP2639P, J20010DW, J20100DW, J20100DWN02, J20100DWN04, J20100GG, J20101DW, J20101GG, J20101GGN02, J20125, J20125DW, J20125DWN02, J20125DWN04, J20126DW, J20126DWN02, J20126DWN04, J20150DWN02, J20150ED, J20220DW, J20275DW1, J20275DWN01, J20525DW, P42000, P42000T, P420020, PPR400, PPR400P, RMY122, S20522WN, S20522WNFB1, TVBR1302, TVBR1304, XS3051D, 196437, 226107, 240959, 259274, 46GW750C, 52731WK, 6854228P10, CFS1130S, CRK50A, CTJ1351R, F20347, F20347WN, F20530WN, F20530WNFA2, F20530WNNA2, F20532DW, F20532DWA02, F20532DWA04, F20536E14, F20536EH, F20536EHA01, F20536EHA02, F20536EHA04, F20536EHN01, F20537CN, F20537CP, F20537CPA01, F20537CPA02, F20537CPA03, F20537CPA04, F20537CPN03, F20537CPN04, F20539DG, F20539DGA02, F20539DGA04, F20539DGN02, F20551, F20551HN, F20551WN, F20551WNFB1, F20551WNNB1, F205550AK, F20556AK, F20566, F20566AK, F20566AKF01, F20566AKF0l, F20567, F20567CP, F20567CPF01, F20567CPN01, F20569GG, F20569GGF01, F20569GGF0l, F20569GGN01, F20580, F20580WN, F20580WNN01, F20581, F20581EG, F20581EGF01, F20581EGF0l, F20581EGN01, F20583, F20583MK, F20583MKF01, F20583MKF0l, F20583MKN01, F20590, F20590HG, F20590HGF01, F20590HGF0l, F20590HGN01, F20591

Compatible with TV models: 09GP104, 09GP104F, 173916, 181045, 181570, 183496, 186343, 191568, 194584, 207136, 20GH100H, 20GH110, 20GH420, 20GH420N02, 20GH420N04, 20GH421, 20GH421N04, 20GH425, 20GH425N04, 20GT370, 20GT370FB1, 20GT370N, 20GT370NB1, 20GT606, 20GT606F, 20GT606F01, 20GT606F0l, 20GT610, 20GT610F01, 20GT610N01, 20GT612, 20GT612F/N, 20GT612F01, 20GT612F0l, 20GT612FN, 20GT612N01, 210491, 213722, 226107, 226108, 226552, 227803, 240959, 259274, 25CG72, 25GC725, 25GC725KX1, 25GC725M, 25GC725MF1, 25GC729, 25GC729FM1, 25GC729M, 25GC729MF1, 25GH300, 25GT534, 25GT534F, 25GT534FC1, 25GT534N/F, 25GT534NC1, 25GT534NF, 26GC640, 26GC640K01, 26GC641, 26GC641C01, 26GC641L01, 26GC642, 26GC642K01, 26GC660, 26GC660C, 26GC660C01, 26GC660C0l, 26GC661, 26GC661C, 26GC661C01, 26GC661C0l, 26GC671, 26GC671P, 26GC671P01, 26GC671P0l, 26GC672, 26GC672P, 26GC672P01, 26GC672P0l, 26GC728, 26GC728M, 26GC728M01, 26GC728M0l, 26GC729, 26GC729P, 26GC729P01, 26GC729P0l, 26GC730, 26GC730M, 26GC730M01, 26GC730M0l, 26GT540, 26GT540F, 26GT540F01, 26GT540F0l, 26GT620, 26GT620F01, 26GT622, 26GT622F01, 26GT623, 26GT623F, 26GT623F01, 26GT623U01, 26GT624, 26GT624F, 26GT624F01, 26GT624F0l, 26GT730, 26PP5870, 27GC691, 27GC691P, 27GC691P01, 27GC691P0l, 27GC801, 27GC801M, 27GC801M01, 27GC801M0l, 27GT610, 27GT610F, 27GT610FE1, 27GT651, 27GT651F, 27GT651F01, 27GT651F0l, 2GT612N01, 31GT653, 31GT653N, 31GT653N01, 46GW700, 46GW700C, 46GW750, 46GW750C, 52731WK, 6854228, 6854228P10, 82683, 82683A01, 82683B01, 82683B0l, 82685, 82685A01, 82685B01, 82685B0l, 84500, 949845, 9GP104, 9GP104F01, 9GP104F0l, CFS1130S, CP4761, CRK49D, CRK50A, CRK50C, CRK50K, CRK53A, CTJ1351R, F20347, F20347WN, F20530, F20530WN, F20530WNFA2, F20530WNNA2, F20532, F20532DW, F20532DWA02, F20532DWA04, F20536, F20536EHA01, F20536EHA02, F20536EHA04, F20536EHN01, F20537, F20537CP, F20537CPA01, F20537CPA02, F20537CPA03, F20537CPA04, F20537CPN03, F20537CPN04, F20539, F2053908, F205390G, F20539DG, F20539DGA02, F20539DGA04, F20539DGGRY, F20539DGN02, F20551, F20551WNFB1, F20551WNNB1, F20566, F20566AK, F20566AKF01, F20567, F20567CP, F20567CPF01, F20569, F20569GG, F20569GGN01, F20580, F20580WNN01, F20581, F20581EGF01, F20581EGN01, F20583, F20583MKF01, F20583MKN01, F20590, F20590HG, F20590HGF01, F20590HGN01, F20591, F20591EG, F20591EGF01, F20595, F20595BH, F20595BHF01, F20595BHN01, F20597, F20597AK, F20597AKF01, F20597AKN01, F20680, F20680WN, F20680WNF01, F20681, F20681DGF01, F20681DGN01, F20683, F20683DW, F20683DWF01, F20683DWN01, F20684, F20684MKF01, F20851EG, F25165, F25165GG, F25165GGFC1, F26020, F26020WNF01, F26026, F26026MK, F26026MKF01, F26040, F26040AKF01, F26040WN, F26040WNF01, F26041, F26041DGF01, F26041DGU01, F26043, F26043MK, F26043MKF01, F26101, F26101NGF01, F26103, F26103EG, F26103EGF01, F26120, F26120WN, F26120WNF01, F26121, F26121DG, F26121DGF01, F26121DGU01, F26122, F26122MK, F26122MKF01, F26150BHF01, F26155, F26155AKF01, F27120, F27120WNFE1, F27159, F27159WNF01, F27160, F27160WNF01, F27170, F27170DGF01, F27171, F271710DG, F27171CPF01, F27171F01, F27172, F27172MKF01, F27174, F31220, F31220WNN01, FEC430B, FPR2670, FPR2670T1, FPR2670T2, FPR2675, FPR2675E1, FPR2675E2, G25170, G26251, G26261, G26261TNC01, G26261TNK01, G26261TNL01, G26265, G26265TK, G26265TKK01, G26269, G26269HPC01, G26269HPK01, G26269HPL01, G26271, G26271TNC01, G26271TNL01, G26273, G26273TNK01, G26275, G26275CKK01, G26275CKL01, G26350, G26350P01, G26351, G26351TN, G26351TNP01, G26352, G26352TK, G26352TKP01, G26353, G26353TNP01, G26353TNZ01, G26354, G26354SB, G26354SBP01, G26359, G26359HP, G26359HPM01, G27130, G27130TNK01, G27331, G27331TNM01, G27335, G27335TK, G27335TLP01, G27339, G27339HP, G27339HPM01, G27371, G27371TN, G27371TNPO1, G27372, G27372TN, G27372TNPO1, G27373, G27373CPP01, G31120, G31120TN, G31120TNN01, GPR2600SERIE, GPR2630, GPR2630T1, GPR2630T3, GPR2631T1, GPR2635T1, GPR2635T2, GPR26369P, GPR2639P2, GPR2641, GPR2641T1, GPR2641T2, GPR2643P1, GPR2643P2, GPR2645T1, GPR2645T2, GPR2649P1, GPR2649P2, GPR2649P4, GPR2653, GPR2653E1, GPR2653E2, J20010DW, J20100DWN02, J20100DWN04, J20100GGN04, J20101DH, J20101DWN04, J20101GGN02, J20101GGN04, J20125DWN02, J20125DWN04, J20126DWN02, J20126DWN04, J20150DWN02, J20150DWN04, J20151DWN02, J20151DWN04, J20200DWN01, J20200DWN02, J20220DW, J20275DWN01, J20420, J20525DWN01, J27330BL, P20539, P42000, P420020, PPR400, PPR400P, RCU8700MSL, S20522WN, S20522WNFB1, T610, TVBR1302, TVBR1304, X13101GS, X13101GSC04, X13101GSF04, X19150SG, X20101GS, X20102SG, X20131GS, X20132SG, X25101GS, X25103SG, X25106SG, X255101, X26051TN, XS3051D

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Product description


Model: CRK50A
Part Number: 179472
Catalogue No.: 715
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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