RCA RCR311TBM2 TV/DVD Combo Remote Control

Notice: The original RCA RCR311TBM2 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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RCA RCR311TBM2 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV/DVD Combo models: 13R400TD, 20F410, 20F410T, 20F410TECX, 20F510, 20F530TECS, 238545, 244876, 24F510T, 24F510TD, 24F530T, 24V510, 24V510T, 24V510TFX01, 24V510TFX02, 27F530, 27F530T, 27F530TY, 27F530TYX1, 27F530TYX1FCS, 27F530TYX3, 27F530TYX3KCS, 27R410TYX3KAM, 27R411, 27R411T, 27R411TYX1, 27R411TYX1FHM, 27R411TYX3, 27R411TYX3KHM, 27V350, 27V530, 27V530T, 27V530TYX1FBK, 27V530TYX2FBK, 27V530TYX3FBK, 27V530TYX4FBK, 27V531T, 32F530, 32F530T, 32F530TY, 32F530TYX1, 32F530TYX1CD4, 32F530TYX2, 32F530TYX2CD5, 32F531T, 32F531TYX1LWW, 32F531TYX3GWW, 32V430, 32V430T, 32V430TYX1, 32V430TYX1GYN, 35F530T, 35V432T, 35V432TYX7, 35V432TYX7MYN, 36F530, 36F530T, 36F530TYX1CE3, 36V430T, 36V430TYX1, 36V430TYX1HYN, 36V430TYX7, 36V430TYX7MYN, LCDS2022, LCDX2619W, LCDX2620W, PS36625, RCR311TBM1, RCR311TBM2, 20F510TD, 20F510TDA

Compatible with TV/DVD Combo models: 13V400T, 13V400TW, 14F400T, 266542, D52W27D, D52W27DYX1, D52W27DYX10, D52W27DYX2, D52W27DYX22, D52W27DYX23, D52W27DYX32, D52W27DYX33, DRC8000N, E13320, HD40W55YX1C, HD52W20, HD52W55, HD52W55YX1C, HD52W56, HD52W56YX1C, HD52W57, HD52W57YX1, HD52W57YX1C, HD52W58, HD52W58YX1, HD52W58YX1B, HD56W58, HD56W58YX1, HD56W58YX1B, RCR311TJM1, RS2030, RTD155, RTD250

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description


PN: 260605


1615802A, 03292 K3D

Model: RCR311TBM2
Part Number: RCR311TBM1
Associated Number: 260605
Catalogue No.: 5104
This remote control controls units : TV/DVD Combo
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    My original remote stopped working on the volume , it's a very old DVD surround system. Its disappointing that I could get the correct remote which will do the volume as well.

    by Anonymous on July 21, 2014.
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    It's a replacement for a remote that was missing. It works fine.

    by Anonymous on March 23, 2014.
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    Item worked very well with my older system.

    by Anonymous on March 13, 2014.
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    Replaced a remote in my RV.

    by Anonymous on March 18, 2013.
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