194323 SEEMN
(No Longer Available)

RCA 194323 Remote Control

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The original RCA 194323 Remote Control is substituted by RCA SEEMN remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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  • SEEMN/194330
    SEEMN Remote Control


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RCA 194323 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: 19PC2742W, 19EC1742W, 17AC2642W, 25EM2844P, 25EM2845P, 25EM2846L, 25EM2847K, 25YM0848P, 25EM2849P, 25EM1840P, 25EM1842P, 17AC1642W, 19ECK743W, 19ECK746W, 25EM1848P, 19EC2742W, 13AC1542W, 13AC2542, 13AC1542, 13AC2542W, 25EM1846L, 25EM2840P, 25EMK844P

Compatible with models: 13AC1542W, 13AC2542W, 17AC1642W, 17AC2642W, 19EC1742W, 19EC2742W, 19ECK743W, 19ECK746W, 19PC2742W, 25EM1840P, 25EM1842P, 25EM1846L, 25EM1848P, 25EM2840P, 25EM2844P, 25EM2845P, 25EM2846L, 25EM2847, 25EM2847K, 25EM2849P, 25EMK844P, 25YM0848P, 25YMO848P, 6852036C, 6852125, CTC92, EC395W, ED330, ED339WR, ED348WR, ED395W, ED398, ED398WR, ED399WR, EER318WR, EER327, EER327WR, EER328WR, EER338WR, EER348WR, EER398WR, FC493W, FC498WR, FC499FR, FC530WR, FCX498WR, FCX499FR, FD468, FD488WR, FD498WR, FD530SR, FEC465WR, FEC467, FEC467WR, FEC468WR, FEC469FR, FER450W, FER465, FER465WR, FER467WR, FER468WR, FER469FR, FER469WR, FER525SR, GC260, GC645H, GC658, GC678S, GC684H, GC688S, GC702S, GC704, GC705H, GC708S, GC715H, GC734, GC735H, GC738S, GC744H, GC744L, GC748S, GC755, GC756, GC758S, GC760SR, GC764LR, GC765, GC765HR, GC768SR, GC778SR, GC815, GC818, GC830S, GC930ER, GC930SR, GC935HR, GC936TR, GC9385R, GC938SR, GC938SR/CTC92, GD610S, GD628S, GD645H, GD648, GD649SR, GD678S, GD680S, GD688, GD708S, GD715H, GD730S, GD734, GD735H, GD760, GD760TR, GD760YR, GD764, GD764LR, GD765, GD765HR, GD768SR, GD778SR, GD930AR, GD930SR, GD935HR, GD936, GD936TR, GD938SR, GD980SR, GD985HR, GD988SR, GEC679SR, GEC689SR, GER619SR, GER622S, GER623FR, GER623SR, GER630T, GER635H, GER636HR, GER636TR, GER639SR, GER659S, GER679SR, GER681SR, GER684, GER685HR, GER685LR, GER689, GER689FR, GER689SR, GER690S, GER690TR

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original RCA 194323 Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original RCA 194323 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

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