Panasonic TRT14 Remote Control

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Panasonic TRT14 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: TU9321NS, TT5937RW, TT5947PW, MATWT5935RW, TL9211LW, TL9329NP, TL9819PP, TL9819QB, TL9819QP, TL9829PP, TL9880PW, TL9880QW, TL9880RW, TL9883PK, TL9883QK, TL9884, TL9884PS, TL9884QS, TT4257RW, TT5249XW, TT5545MT, TT5575NW, TT5819, TT5819NW, TT5819WW, TT5937QW, TT5937SW, TT5947P, TT5988PW, TT5988QW, TT9269UP, TT9301NW, TT9548WW, TT9800PW, TT9800QW, TT9800RW, TU8712QK, TU9321, TU9323NP, TU9327NU, TU9820PW, TU9823QK, TU9824PS, TU9824QS, TU9828PP, TU9828QP, TU9829QS, WL9419P, WL9429PP, WL9680PW, WL9680QW, WL9680RP, WL9683PK, WL9683QK, WL9683RK, WL9684PS, WL9684QS, WT5935, WT5935RW, WT9400QW, WU9412QW, WU9428PK

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Product description

The original Panasonic TRT14 Remote Control is available for special order.
The original Panasonic TRT14 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: TRT14
Part Number: TRT14
Catalogue No.: 24336

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