Panasonic EUR7613Z7B TV Remote Control

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  • EUR7613Z7A
    EUR7613Z7A Remote Control


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Panasonic EUR7613Z7B Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with TV models: 13R18, 13R19, 1967, 19gt357, 20G13, 20G13X, 20G23, 20G3, 20G33, 20R15, 20R15X, 2701ORION, 27SF14, 32G21U, 35GT25B, 36G23, 47WXC43G, 4T32D10B, 51DX80, 51G44A, 60EX01B, 61DX80A, 6865330, 6865335D, 6865350, 6865600D, AG1150, AG450, AG455MP, AG455UP, AG456, AG456U, C120G23, C127SF14, C132G31, C2000, C227G20T, C27G21, C32G12V, C727G14, C727G31, C727G33, C727SF25, C732G33W, CARC61EX, CDQDF66, CDQF44, CDQF44EUC, CDQF88, CE27SF12T, CE27SF14V, CF2776K, CF27E55, CI32G31, CLT2580S1, CP20G22, CP36G32Z, CQDF200U, CQDF201U, CQDF2023U, CQDF202U, CQDF203U, CQDF302W, CQDF401U, CQDF402U, CQDF44, CQDF44ELA, CQDF44EUC, CQDF600, CQDF600EU, CQDF600U, CQDF66, CQDF66ELA, CQDF66EUC, CQDF800U, CQDF802U, CQDF88, CQDF88ELA, CQDF88EUC, CQDFX150U, CQDFX301, CQDFX301U, CQDFX302U, CQDFX400U, CQDFX501, CQDFX501U, CQDFX700U, CQDFX99EUC, CQDP101U, CQDP102U, CQDP133, CQDP133U, CQDPF66EUC, CQDPX151U, CQDPX152U, CQDPX153U, CQFR320, CQFR320U, CQFX321AN, CQFX421AN, CQFX620U, CQHR1003U, CQHX1003N, CQHX1083N, CQHX1083U, CQHX2083N, CQHX2083U, CQR235U, CQR253U, CQR255, CQR2558EUC, CQR255SEUC, CQVX1300W, CQVX2000, CQVX2000U, CQVX2200, CQVX2200U, CQVX2300W, CR27D30, CR27G23, CR32G33, CRT27G32V, CT020G5, CT0G22, CT0G24, CT1075561, CT1381VY, CT1384VY, CT1384Y, CT1386, CT1386VYD, CT1387, CT1387VY, CT1387VYD, CT1389VYD, CT13R10R, CT13R10XR, CT13R12, CT13R12T, CT13R12T2, CT13R13, CT13R13T, CT13R13TM, CT13R14, CT13R14U, CT13R15, CT13R15U, CT13R16, CT13R16V, CT13R17, CT13R178, CT13R17B, CT13R17BF, CT13R17V, CT13R18, CT13R18B, CT13R18W, CT13R19, CT13R19CW, CT13R19W, CT13R1R, CT13R20, CT13R20R, CT13R22, CT13R22T, CT13R23U, CT13R24DV, CT13R25, CT13R25DW, CT13R27, CT13R27W, CT13R27WF, CT13R28, CT13R28W, CT13R3, CT13R30, CT13R30A, CT13R31, CT13R31B, CT13R31CB, CT13R32, CT13R32CE, CT13R32E, CT13R37, CT13R37S, CT13R37SF, CT13R38, CT13R385, CT13R38S, CT13R38SG, CT13R3W, CT13R4, CT13R40, CT13R40A, CT13R40CA, CT13R41, CT13R41B, CT13R41CB, CT13R42, CT13R42CE, CT13R42E, CT13R42EC, CT13R4A, CT13R5, CT13R50, CT13R50DA, CT13R51DB, CT13R52, CT13R52DE, CT13R5B, CT17D30B, CT1936ST, CT19R10, CT19R10R, CT19R10XR, CT19R10XR1, CT19R11S, CT19R11S1, CT20006E, CT2001H2U, CT2001H3U, CT2001HS, CT2002H1W, CT2002HW, CT2003H, CT2003H1W, CT2003HV, CT2005, CT2005S, CT2005SB, CT2006, CT2006S, CT2006SE, CT2007F, CT2010SV, CT2010SV1, CT2011SV, CT2012SW, CT2013, CT2013SA, CT2014, CT2014S, CT2014SB, CT2016, CT2016SE, CT2017F, CT2017F1, CT2022, CT2022H, CT2022HBCF, CT2022HBF, CT2022HC, CT2022HE, CT2022HR, CT2022HRC, CT2022HRCE, CT2022HRE, CT2023W, CT2032SU, CT2036, CT2036ST, CT2036ST1, CT2040SS, CT2041, CT2041ST1, CT2042SU, CT2045, CT2045SS, CT20523, CT20610T, CT20614, CT20621U, CT20622, CT20622V, CT20623, CT20623DW, CT20623W, CT2081VY, CT2084VY, CT2084VYA, CT2084Y, CT2086, CT2086VYD, CT2087, CT2087VY, CT2087VYD, CT2089VY, CT2089VYB, CT2089VYD, CT2090, CT20D10, CT20D10B, CT20D10DB, CT20D11, CT20D11DE, CT20D11E, CT20D12DF, CT20D12DF1, CT20D20B, CT20G10, CT20G10CT, CT20G10CT1, CT20G10T, CT20G10T1, CT20G12DV, CT20G12V, CT20G13, CT20G13DW, CT20G13W, CT20G13W1, CT20G13XW, CT20G14, CT20G14A, CT20G14DA, CT20G20, CT20G20CT, CT20G20CT1, CT20G20T, CT20G20T1, CT20G21, CT20G21CU, CT20G21U, CT20G21V, CT20G22, CT20G224, CT20G22DV, CT20G22V, CT20G23, CT20G23DW, CT20G23PW, CT20G23W, CT20G24, CT20G24A, CT20G24D, CT20G24DA, CT20G2A, CT20G2Z, CT20G3, CT20G30, CT20G30T, CT20G30T1, CT20G31, CT20G31U, CT20G32, CT20G32V, CT20G33, CT20G33W, CT20G34, CT20G34A, CT20G3W1, CT20G4, CT20G4A, CT20G5, CT20G5B, CT20G5CB, CT20G6, CT20G6DE, CT20G6E, CT20G7D, CT20G7DF, CT20G7DF1, CT20GT20T, CT20GTB, CT20R10, CT20R10HR, CT20R10R, CT20R11CS, CT20R11S, CT20R12, CT20R12T, CT20R12T1, CT20R12T2, CT20R14, CT20R14V, CT20R15, CT20R15W, CT20R15XW, CT20R16, CT20R16A, CT20R3T, CT20R3T1, CT20R5, CT20R5B, CT20R5CB, CT20R6, CT20R6CE, CT20R6E, CT20S10R, CT20S11, CT20S11CS, CT20S11S, CT20S12S, CT20S15, CT20S15K, CT20S15R, CT20S1R, CT20S2, CT20S21S, CT20S25, CT20S2CS, CT20S2S, CT20SL13, CT20SL13G, CT20SL15, CT20SL15N, CT20SX10, CT20SX10B, CT20SX10CB, CT20SX11, CT20SX11CE, CT20SX11E, CT20SX12D, CT20SX12DF, CT20TG23, CT21D10B, CT21D30, CT21G12V, CT21G14, CT21G21, CT21G22, CT21G34A, CT21G5, CT21G5X, CT21R11PS, CT21R16, CT21R5, CT21R5X, CT21S11PS, CT227G12V, CT22G12V, CT22SF14V, CT236G23, CT24G31, CT24SL13, CT24SL13G, CT24SL13UG, CT24SX10, CT24SX10B, CT24SX10CB, CT24SX11, CT24SX11CE, CT24SX11E, CT24SX11UE, CT2502, CT2502H1W, CT2502HV, CT2503, CT2503H, CT2503H1W, CT2503HV, CT2512, CT2512H, CT2512HC, CT2512HCE, CT2512HE, CT2522, CT2522H, CT2522HC, CT2522HE, CT2530HA, CT2580VY, CT2581VY, CT2584, CT2584VY, CT25D10B, CT25G24A, CT25G5, CT25G5B, CT25G5UB, CT25G6, CT25G6CE, CT25G6E, CT25G6UE, CT25G7, CT25G7E, CT25G7F, CT25G7F1, CT25G7UF, CT25G7UF1, CT25S10, CT25S10H2U, CT25S10HT, CT25S10HT1, CT25S10HXT, CT25S10LR, CT25S10PR, CT25S10R, CT25S10VR, CT25S1PR, CT25SF14, CT25SF25, CT25SF25W, CT26G33, CT26SF26A, CT26WC15, CT26WX15, CT26WX15N, CT2701, CT270108, CT27014, CT2701G, CT2707D, CT2707DF, CT2707DUF, CT2708G, CT2708UG, CT270G31, CT2710, CT2712, CT2714, CT2722, CT2722H, CT2722HC, CT2722HCE, CT2722HE, CT2724A, CT2727G33, CT2730HA, CT27323W, CT2733HF, CT2736ST, CT273G, CT273W, CT2741SFS, CT2742SF11, CT2742SFT, CT2742SFT1, CT2747SFT, CT2752SFT, CT2754, CT2755S, CT2755SS, CT2756ST, CT2757SCU, CT2757SU, CT275F12, CT275F14, CT275F14V, CT275F25, CT275F25W, CT275F26, CT275SF25, CT27611, CT27612, CT27612V, CT27614, CT27614A, CT27620, CT27620T, CT27621, CT27621U, CT27622, CT27622V, CT27623, CT27623W, CT27624, CT27624A, CT27630T, CT27631, CT27631U, CT27633, CT27633W, CT27633WW, CT2764, CT2764A, CT2765, CT2765B, CT2768, CT2768S, CT2768SDV, CT2768SV, CT2769, CT2769S, CT2769SCW, CT2769SW, CT276G33, CT2771SB, CT2771SUB, CT2772, CT2772SCE, CT2772SE, CT2772SUE, CT27824A, CT2784, CT2784VY, CT2785, CT2785BY, CT2785VY, CT2785Y, CT2786, CT2786VYD, CT2787, CT2787VY, CT2787VYD, CT2788YD, CT2789VYD, CT278F14, CT278F25, CT27911U, CT27924, CT2794, CT27AX11E, CT27B23, CT27C24, CT27C31V, CT27CT27G24, CT27D10, CT27D10B, 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CT27G311, CT27G314, CT27G316, CT27G31I, CT27G31REMOTE, CT27G31U, CT27G32, CT27G3233, CT27G32U, CT27G32V, CT27G33, CT27G33CW, CT27G33U, CT27G33UW, CT27G33W, CT27G34, CT27G34A, CT27G34A1, CT27G34UA, CT27G3IU, CT27G3UW, CT27G3W, CT27G3W1, CT27G4, CT27G43W, CT27G4A, CT27G5, CT27G5B, CT27G5CB, CT27G5UB, CT27G6, CT27G6DE, CT27G6E, CT27G6UE, CT27G7, CT27G75DF, CT27G7D, CT27G7DF, CT27G7DF1, CT27G7DUF, CT27G7DUF1, CT27G7F, CT27G7SDF, CT27G7SDF1, CT27G7SDUF, CT27G7SDUF1, CT27GA, CT27GH24, CT27GS, CT27GSDF, CT27GT1U, CT27HC15, CT27HC15N, CT27HL14, CT27HL15, CT27HL15N, CT27HL15UN, CT27S1, CT27S15, CT27S15R, CT27S18, CT27S18US, CT27S19, CT27S19T, CT27S1LR, CT27S1PR, CT27S1R, CT27S1VR, CT27S2, CT27S21, CT27S21U, CT27S21V, CT27S22W, CT27S25, CT27S2S, CT27S2S1, CT27S2US, CT27S3, CT27S3CT, CT27S3T, CT27S4CU, CT27S6, CT27S61, CT27S61S, CT27S61US, CT27S7, CT27S725W, CT27S7CA, CT27S8, CT27SC13, CT27SC15, CT27SF11, CT27SF115, CT27SF11S, CT27SF12, CT27SF12C, CT27SF12T, CT27SF12T1, CT27SF12TQ, CT27SF13, 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Product description

The original Panasonic EUR7613Z7B Remote Control is available for special order.
The original Panasonic EUR7613Z7B Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model: EUR7613Z7B
Part Number: EUR7613Z7B
Catalogue No.: 64686
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    excellent replacement, worked perfectly right out of the box, very reasonable price

    by Frank on August 14, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Exactly as described

    by Stephen on July 27, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Remote did not work on my tv. Ihave a model ct27sl15 Panasonic TV. Is there some reason it would not work.

    by Roy on May 28, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Remote is fine but no instructions were sent and this is a replacement for one that is no longer made.

    by Janice on May 26, 2016.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    Thanks for helping me find a replacement for my old remote

    by Anonymous on October 06, 2015.
    Was this review helpful? Yes / No

    your company was great easy to order and got when quickly. out of the package it was working nothing to program. great job.

    by Anonymous on September 15, 2015.
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