Panasonic EUR511502 TV Remote Control

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  • EUR7613Z7B
    EUR7613Z7B Remote Control


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Panasonic EUR511502 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 4T32D10B, CT20D10, CT21R5, CT25G5, CT27G5, CT29G5, CT32G5, CTZ1418, CTZ1428, CTZ2118, CTZ2128, CTZ2138, CTZ2148, CT20SX10, CT27SX10, CTF2510, CT24SX10, CTF22110, CTF2910, CT20SX11, CT24SX11, CT27D10, CT32D10, CT2772, CT3274, CT36D11, CT27D11, CT36D31, CT27SX11, CT32SX31, CT27SX31, CT36SX31, CT13R31, CT13R41, CT27D31, CT32D31, CT27S8, CTF2921, CTF2941, CTF3441, CTF2911, CTF2931, CTF3431, CT13R5, CT20D10, CT20G5, CT20R5, CT25G5, CT27G5, CT32G5, CTZ1418, CTZ2118, CTZ2138, CTF2521, CTF2511, CT27D21, CT32D11, CT27D21UE, CT27D21, CT27D31, CT27SX31, CT32D31, CT32SX31, CT36D31, CT36SX31, CTF2521, CT20SX10CB, CT20SX12D, CT24SX10CB, CT24SX11CE, CT20D10B, CT20D10DB, CT20D11DE, CT20D11E, CT20D12DF, CT20D12DF1, CT20D20B, CT20SX10, CT20SX10B, CT20SX11, CT20SX11CE, CT20SX11E, CT20SX12DF, CT21D10B, CT24SX10, CT24SX10B, CT24SX11, CT24SX11E, CT24SX11UE, CT270108, CT27AX11E, CT27D10, CT27D10B, CT27D10DB, CT27D10G, CT27D10UB, CT27D11, CT27D11D, CT27D11DE, CT27D11E, CT27D11UE, CT27D1O, CT27SX10, CT27SX10B, CT27SX10CB, CT27SX11, CT27SX11CE, CT27SX11E, CT27SX11UE, CT32010, CT32D10, CT32D108, CT32D10B, CT32D10U, CT32D10UB, CT32D11, CT32D11CE, CT32D11E, CT32D11UE, CT32D20, CT32DD11E, CT36D11, CT36D11CE, CT36D11E, CT36D11UE, CT36D30, CT36D30B, CT36D30CB, CT36D30UB, CT36D31CE, CT36D31E, CT36D31UE, CTF2110XB, CTF2510XB, CTF2910XB, PANCT27SX11, CT13R31, CT13R41, CT13R5, CT2005, CT2014, CT20G5, CT20R5, CT21G5

Compatible with TV models: CR27D30, CT17D30B, CT21D30, CT27D16, CT27D30, CT27D30B, CT27D30UB, CT27D31, CT27D31CE, CT27D31E, CT27D31UE, CT27D3C, CT27D80B, CT27DD30, CT27SF37, CT27SF37B, CT27SX11/U, CT27SX31, CT27SX31CE, CT27SX31E, CT27SX31UE, CT27XF37, CT27XF37CB, CT3274SCE, CT3274SE, CT3274SUE, CT32D11CE, CT32D11E, CT32D11UE, CT32D30, CT32D30B, CT32D30BUB, CT32D31, CT32D31CE, CT32D31E, CT32D31UE, CT32SF37, CT32SX31, CT32SX31CE, CT32SX31E, CT32SX31UE, CT36030, CT36D30, CT36D30B, CT36D30UB, CT36D31, CT36D31CE, CT36D31E, CT36D31UE, CT36D3IE, CT36SF37, CT36SX31, CT36SX31CE, CT36SX31E, CT36SX31UE, CT36SZ31UE, CTD36D30, EUR501371, EUR511151C, MZ01500383, P61D30B, PT51D30, PT51D30B, PT51D31CE, PT56D30, PT56D30B, PT61D30, PT61D30B, PT61D30CB, PT61D31CE, PT61D33XG, PTM5133XG

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original Panasonic EUR511502 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original Panasonic EUR511502 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

P/N EUR511502

For Models:
4T32D10B, CT32D11CE, CT32D11E, CT32D11UE, CT36D11CE, CT36D11E, CT36D11UE, CT20D12DF, CT20SX11, CT20SX11E, CT20SX12DF, CT21D10B, CT27AX11E, CT27D10, CT27D10B, CT27D10DB, CT27D11, CT27D11D, CT27D11DE, CT27D11E, CT27D1O, CT27SX11, CT27SX11E, CT32010, CT32D10, CT32D108, CT32D10B, CT32D10U, CT32D11, CT32D20, CT32DD11E, CT36D11, PANCT27SX11, EUR7613Z60Z10, CT25L8G, CT27D12D, CT27D12DF, CT27SX12A, CT27SX12D, CT27SX12F, CT32C8, CT32SX12, CT32SX12F, CT36D12DF, CT36SX12, CT36SX12F, EUR7713010, CT25L8S, CT27L8, CT27L85, CT27L8S, CT27L8SG, CT32G19, CT32G19J, CT32L8, CT32L8G

Model: EUR511502
Part Number: EUR511502
Catalogue No.: 2828
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    I use the remote for the TV, VCR and camera inputs. I also use it for a sleep timer. My cable box remote does the rest.

    by Anonymous on November 15, 2013.
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