EUR511000 EUR7613Z7B
(No Longer Available)

Panasonic EUR511000 TV Remote Control

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The original Panasonic EUR511000 Remote Control is substituted by Panasonic EUR7613Z7B remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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We recommend the following replacement

  • EUR7613Z7B
    EUR7613Z7B Remote Control


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Panasonic EUR511000 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 27SF14, C127SF14, CT28G21, CT31G12, CT32012V, CT32611, CT32612, CT32612B, CT32612V, CT32G11, CT32G112, CT32G11U, CT32G11UU, CT32G12, CT32G127, CT32G12U, CT32G12UV, CT32G12V, CT32G12Y, CT32G2, CT37G12, CT47SF14, CTG27G12, CTG2945LV, CVT27G12, EUR511000, EUR511000A, GT20622, GT27G21, OVL779, PANCT20G21, PANCT20G22, PANCT27G11, PANCT27G12, PANCT27SF14, PANCT32612V, PANCT32G11, PANCT32G12, PANCT47SF14, SC440, TNQ2AE007, TNQ2AE0071, ZT27SF14V, CT20G21, CT20G31, CT20G32, CT27G11, CT27G12, CT32G12, CT27G2, CT32G2, CT27SF14, CT32G11, C27G21, C32G12V, CE27SF14V, CP20G22, CT0G22, CT2041, CT2042SU, CT20621U, CT20622, CT20622V, CT20G20T, CT20G21, CT20G21CU, CT20G21U, CT20G21V, CT20G22, CT20G224, CT20G22DV, CT20G22V, CT20G2Z, CT20G31, CT20G31U, CT20G32, CT20G32V, CT21G12V, CT21G21, CT21G22, CT227G12V, CT22G12V, CT22SF14V, CT25SF14, CT2712, CT2757SCU, CT2757SU, CT275F14, CT275F14V, CT27611, CT27612, CT27612V, CT27621, CT27621U, CT278F14, CT27911U, CT27F12, CT27F14, CT27G10T, CT27G11, CT27G112, CT27G114, CT27G11CU, CT27G11U, CT27G11UU, CT27G11V, CT27G12, CT27G12CV, CT27G12U, CT27G12UV, CT27G12V, CT27G12Z, CT27G1U, CT27G2, CT27G210, CT27G21U, CT27G21V, CT27GT1U, CT27S4CU, CT27SF14, CT27SF1401, CT27SF141, CT27SF14C1, CT27SF14U, CT27SF14V, CT27SF14V.CT32012V, CT27SF14V1

Compatible with TV models: AG2560, AGDV2000, AGDV2000P, CDP750, CT1478RL, CT2000H, CT20G22DV, CT20G22V, CT20G32V, CT2753SCV, CT2768, CT2768SDV, CT2768SV, CT27D11E, CT27G12CV, CT27G12UV, CT27G12V, CT27G21U, CT27G22, CT27S21, CT27SF14V, CT27SF14V1, CT3268, CT3268SDV, CT3268SV, CT32G11UU, CT32G12CV, CT32G12UV, CT32G12V, CT32G23UW, CT32S21, CTG1953R, CTG2059, CTG2059R, CTG2059R1, CTG2095R, CTH2780R, CTM1032R, CTM1033R, EUR57157, GT27G21, IDP950C, M27, NVF115BD, NVFJ600AM, NVFJ600PM, NVFJ700AM, NVFJ700BDX, NVH20G, NVHP10RAM, NVP03RAM, NVSD10AM, NVSD10BR, NVSD2AM, NVSJ200A, NVSJ200AM, NVSJ202SA, NVSJ205AM, NVSJ207AF, NVSJ400PM, NVSJ400PMP, NVSJ500, NVSJ500AM, PANCT27G33, PT43CBGV2, PT46G41CV, PT46G41LV, PT46G41PV, PT46G41TV, PT46G41V, PT46G41VV, PT46G41XV, PT51G41V, PT51G42V, PT61G41V, PTB1010E, PTB1010EF, PTB1010U, PTB1010UF, PTB2010U, PTB2010UF, PTG4073R, PTH4064R, PTH4073, PTH4073R, PV8662, PVDS1000, PVM1368, SADA10, SCHT250, SLS550, SLS551C, SP2530DE, SP2530DE1, SP2728U, SP2729, SP2729UV, SP2730DE, SP3118U, SP3118UU, SP3128U, SP3128UU, SP3229UV, SP3229V, TC25P22R, TC29P22L, TC29P80R, TC29V1R, TC29V30R, TC33V2L, TC33V2PX, TC43GF10M, TT6236CW, TT9808CW, TT9809CW, TX25L10X, TX25S90PX, TX29S90, TX29S90X, TX33V2X, TZPC140

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original Panasonic EUR511000 Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original Panasonic EUR511000 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


PN: EUR511000A

Model: EUR511000
Part Number: EUR511000A
Catalogue No.: 2186
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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