PHILIPS RC4345/01B TV Remote Control

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Notice: The original PHILIPS RC4345/01B remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the PHILIPS RC4345/01B remote control is stocked!

PHILIPS RC4345/01B Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 37, 32PF7320, 32PF7320A, 32PF7320A/37, 32PF7320A/37B, 32PF7320A37, 32PF7320A37B, 32PF9630, 32PF9630A, 32PF9630A/37, 32PF9630A/37B, 32PF9630A37, 32PF9630A37B, 37PF7320, 37PF7320A, 37PF7320A/37, 37PF7320A/37B, 37PF7320A17, 37PF7320A37, 37PF7320A37B, 37PF7321D37, 37PF9431D, 37PF9431D/37, 37PF9431D/37B, 37PF9431D37, 37PF9431D37B, 42PF5321D37, 42PF7220, 42PF7220A, 42PF7220A/37, 42PF7220A37, 42PF7320A, 42PF7320A/37, 42PF7320A37, 42PF9431D, 42PF9431D/37, 42PF9431D37, 50PF7220, 50PF7220A, 50PF7220A/37, 50PF7220A37, 50PF7320, 50PF7320A, 50PF7320A/37, 50PF7320A37, 50PF9431D, 50PF9431D/37, 50PF9431D37, RC4345, RC4345/01, RC4345/01B, 42PF7520Z, 37PF5320, 42PF5320, 42PF7320, 42PF7420, 42PF7320Z, 42PF9630, 42PF5620, 50PF7220A/37B, 50PF7220A37B, 50PF7320A/37B, 50PF7320A37B, 42PF7220A/37B, 42PF7220A37B, 42PF7320A/37B, 42PF7320A37B, 26PF5321D37, 26PF5321D/37, 26PF5351D/37, 26PF5351D37, 32PF5321D/37, 32PF5321D37, 32PF7321D/37, 32PF7321D37, 32PF7421D/37, 32PF7421D37, 37PF7321D/37, 42PF5321D/37, 42PF5321D/85, 42PF5321D85, 42PF5421D/37, 42PF5421D37, 42PF7321D/37, 42PF7321D37, 42PF7421D/37, 42PF7421D37, 50PF7321D/37, 50PF7321D37, 26PF5321D, 26PF5351D, 32PF5321D, 32PF7321D, 32PF7421D, 37PF7321D, 42PF5321D, 42PF7321D, 50PF7321D, 26HF5334D, 310431102721, 32PF7320A/37A, 42PF7421D, 313923812241, 313923812242, 37B

Compatible with TV models: 26HF5334D, 26PF5320, 26PF5320/28, 26PF5320/28B, 26PF532028, 26PF532028B, 26PF5321, 26PF5321D, 26PF5321D/37, 26PF5321D/37B, 26PF5321D37, 26PF5321D37B, 26PF5351D, 26PF5351D/37, 26PF5351D37, 32PF5320, 32PF5320/28, 32PF5320/28B, 32PF532028, 32PF532028B, 32PF5320A/28, 32PF5320A28, 32PF5321, 32PF5321/28, 32PF5321/77, 32PF5321/78, 32PF532128, 32PF532177, 32PF532178, 32PF5321D, 32PF5321D/37, 32PF5321D/37B, 32PF5321D37, 32PF5321D37B, 32PF7321D, 32PF7321D/37, 32PF7321D/37B, 32PF7321D37, 32PF7321D37B, 32PF7421D, 32PF7421D/37, 32PF7421D/37B, 32PF7421D37, 32PF7421D37B, 37PF5320, 37PF7320, 37PF7321D, 37PF7321D/37, 37PF7321D/37B, 37PF7321D37, 37PF7321D37B, 37PF9631D, 37PF9631D/37, 37PF9631D/37B, 37PF9631D37B, 42PF5320, 42PF5321, 42PF5321/28, 42PF532128, 42PF5321D, 42PF5321D/37, 42PF5321D/85, 42PF5321D37, 42PF5321D85, 42PF5421D/37, 42PF5421D37, 42PF5620, 42PF7320, 42PF7320/77, 42PF732028, 42PF732077, 42PF7320Z, 42PF7321, 42PF7321/77, 42PF7321/78, 42PF732177, 42PF732178, 42PF7321D, 42PF7321D/37, 42PF7321D37, 42PF7420, 42PF7421D, 42PF7421D/37, 42PF7421D/37B, 42PF7421D37, 42PF7421D37B, 42PF7520Z, 50PF7320, 50PF7321D, 50PF7321D/37, 50PF7321D37, 50PL9200, 50PL9200D, 50PL9200D/37, 50PL9200D/37B, 50PL9200D37, 60PL9200, 60PL9200D, 60PL9200D/37, 60PL9200D/37B, 60PL9200D37, 60PL9220D, CFDS400, CFDS500, CFDS550, DCH520, DCH520EM, DCH520RF, XBV441, XBV441/VCR, XBV442, XBV442/DVD, XBV442CP, XBV443, XBV443/DVD, XBV443CP, ZDX313, ZDX313/DVD, ZNV400

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

MODEL: RC4345 / 01B
PN: 313923811631


Model: RC4345/01B
Part Number: 313923811631
Catalogue No.: 36893
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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