PHILIPS RC282902/01 TV Remote Control

Notice: The original PHILIPS RC282902/01 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the PHILIPS RC282902/01 remote control is stocked!

PHILIPS RC282902/01 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with TV models: 13PR19, 13PR19C, 13PR19C121, 14LW192, 14LW1922, 14LW192221, 19PR19, 19PR19C, 19PR19C1, 19PR19C121, 19PR19C122, 19PR19C125, 19PS56, 19PS56C, 19PS56C1, 19PS56C121, 19PS56C122, 19PS56C125, 19PT10, 19PT10C, 19PT10C125, 19R19C125, 20LL290122, 20LL291125, 20LW29, 20LW292, 20LW292222, 20LW292225, 20LW293, 20LW293225, 20LX290322, 20LX290325, 20PT30B1, 20PT30B122, 21LW39, 21LW392, 21LW392221, 21LW393, 21LW393221, 25Feb, 25PT10, 25PT10C, 25PT10C121, 25PT15, 25PT15C, 25PT15C1, 25PT15C121, 25TR19, 25TR19C, 25TR19C1, 25TR19C121, 25TR19C125, 25TS56, 25TS56C, 25TS56C1, 25TS56C121, 25TS56C2, 25TS56C221, 25TS56C225, 25TS56C299, 26LL59, 26LL590, 26LL590121, 26LL590221, 26LL5911, 26LL591121, 26LW59, 26LW592, 26LW592221, 27MS54, 27MS5402, 27ms5402/17, 27MS540217, 27TP84, 27TS57C101, 29LL69, 29LL690, 29LL690121, 29LL690221, 313914854260, 313914854340, 313922881450, 313922881451, 483521837245, 483521837283, 483521917709, 483521917712, EP9125C221, MAGTS2556C, MS3250, MS3250C, MS3250C121, MS3250C129, MS3250C199, MS3250C321, MS3250C99, MS3250CC331, MS3250CC399, MS3250CK21, MS3250CK99, MS3252S, MS3650, ms3650c, MS3650C127, MS3650C129, MS3650C199, MS3650C327, MS3650C399, MS3650C99, MS3652, MS3652S, MS3652S327, MS3652S399, MS3652S427, N9410UD, PA9027C101, PR1219C, PR1319, PR1319C, PR1319C121, PR1319L, PR1319X, PR1390, PR1390C, PR1390C1, PR1390C121, PR1913C, PR1920, PR1920C, PR1920C1, PR1920C121, PR1920C122, PR1920C125, PR1920C6, PR1920C601, PR1920C699, PR1920L, PR1956, PRC1920, PS1920C, PS1956, PS1956C, PS1956C121, PS1956C122, PS1956C125, PS1966C122, PS1966C125, RC0732/17, RC0801/17, RC282901/01, RC2829010, RC28290101, RC28290104, RP1920C, T52556C, TR2519, TR2519C, TR2519C121, TS2556, TS2556C, TS2556C1, TS2556C121, TS2556C221, TS2559C, TS255GC, TS2566C, TS2575C, TS2575C121, TS2746C101, TS2757C101, TS2774C101, TVRA641AT, VRA6418AT, VRA641AT, VRA641AT01, VRA64AT, VRA64IAT, VRA651, VRAG41AT, VRB644, VRB665AT, XR1391, XR1391C121, XS1956, XS1956C, XS1956C1, XS1956C121, XS1956C122, XS1956C125, XS2556, XS2556C, XS2556C121, XS2757C101

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description


Model: RC282902/01
Part Number: 313922881471
Catalogue No.: 61568
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    Replacement remote arrived in three days. Was well packaged and was immediately put to use. It worked perfectly. I recommend to anyone needing a replacment remote to shop here.

    by Anonymous on September 27, 2013.
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