PHILIPS RC19335004/01 TV Remote Control

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Notice: the original PHILIPS RC19335004/01 Remote Control is NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS NEW. We suggest buying our refurbished below. Refurbished Remote Controls are guaranteed to work like NEW, but may have a few scuffs.

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  • RC19036001/01A/313923804303
    RC19036001/01A Remote Control


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PHILIPS RC19335004/01 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 20PS35S1, 20PS35S301, 20PS35S399, 20PS40C101, 20PS40S, 20PS40S301, 20PS40S302, 20PS40S399, 20PT633R01, 20PT633R37, 20PT633R99, 20PT643R, 20PT643R01, 20PT643R17, 20PT643R37, 20PT643R99, 21PT633R85C, 21PT643R85C, 21PT643R99, 25PT533S, 25PT533S37C, 25PT533S99, 25PT633R85C, 27PT543S37A, 27PT543S99, 29PT543S44A, 29PT543S85A, 29PT563S85A, 29PT633R85A, 29PT633R85C, 29PT663R85A, 29PT663R85C, 32PT543S, 32PT543S37A, 32PT543S37G, 32PT543S99

Compatible with TV models: 13PR11M, 13PR11M121, 13PR11M199, 13PR11M99, 13PR12W, 13PR12W121, 13PR12W199, 13PR12W99, 14LW10, 14LW102, 14LW1022, 14LW102221, 14LX10, 14LX100, 14LX1001, 14LX100121, 14PT6441, 14PT6441/37, 19OS40, 19OS40C, 19P540, 19P540C, 19PR11, 19PR11C, 19PR11C1, 19PR11C121, 19PR11C122, 19PR11C125, 19PR11C199, 19PR11C322, 19PR11C399, 19PR16, 19PR16C, 19PR16C1, 19PR16C121, 19PR16C122, 19PR16C125, 19PR16C199, 19PS30, 19PS30C, 19PS30C1, 19PS30C121, 19PS30C122, 19PS30C125, 19PS30C199, 19PS30C99, 19PS35, 19PS35S, 19PS35S3, 19PS35S321, 19PS35S322, 19PS35S399, 19PS40, 19PS40C, 19PS40C121, 19PS40C122, 19PS40C125, 19PS40C199, 19PS40C2, 19PS40C99, 19PS40L, 19PS40S, 19PS45, 19PS45S, 19PS45S1, 19PS45S121, 19PS45S122, 19PS45S199, 19PS45S3, 19PS45S301, 19PS45S321, 19PS45S322, 19PS45S399, 19PS45S99, 19PS4C, 19R540, 19R540C, 19S40C, 20LL20, 20LL200, 20LL200122, 20LL200125, 20LL200131, 20LL200132, 20LX20, 20LX200, 20LX200122, 20LX200125, 20LX200131, 20LX200132, 20LZ20, 20LZ202, 20LZ202221, 20LZ202222, 20PS35S, 20PS35S/17, 20PS35S301, 20PS35S399, 20PS35S99, 20PS40, 20PS40C1, 20PS40C101, 20PS40C121, 20PS40S, 20PS40S/171, 20PS40S1, 20PS40S171, 20PS40SF, 20PT5441/37, 20PT544137, 20PT6245, 20PT6245/37, 20PT624537, 20PT63, 20PT633R, 20PT633R/71, 20PT633R01, 20PT633R37, 20PT633R71, 20PT633R99, 20PT6341, 20PT6341/37, 20PT6341/37B, 20PT634137, 20PT64, 20PT6425, 20PT6425/37, 20PT642537/B, 20PT6431, 20PT6431/35R, 20PT6431/37C, 20PT6431/37R, 20PT643137, 20PT643F, 20PT643F35R, 20PT643R, 20PT643R/17, 20PT643R/71, 20PT643R01, 20PT643R17, 20PT643R37, 20PT643R71, 20PT643R99, 20PT6441, 20PT6441/37, 20PT6441/37B, 20PT644137, 20PT6446, 20PT6446/37, 20PT6446/37P, 20RF40, 20RF40S, 20RF40S325, 20RF40S399, 21PT6331/44R, 21PT633144R, 21PT643144R, 21PT83, 21PT839B85, 237PT541, 24PT633R, 24ST2200, 25P540S, 25PF40S, 25PS40, 25PS402, 25PS405, 25PS40C, 25PS40S, 25PS40S1, 25PS40S121, 25PS40S125, 25PS40S199, 25PS40S3, 25PS40S321, 25PS40S325, 25PS40S399, 25PS40S99, 25PT53, 25PT533R, 25PT533S, 25PT533S/17, 25PT533S17, 25PT533S37, 25PT533S37C, 25PT533S99, 25PT6341/85, 25PT634185, 26LL50, 26LL500, 26LL500121, 26LL500131, 27PT54, 27PT541, 27PT541S, 27PT541S37A, 27PT543, 27PT5431/35R, 27PT543144R, 27PT543185R, 27PT543F, 27PT543F35A, 27PT543S, 27PT543S/17, 27PT543S17, 27PT543S37, 27PT543S37A, 27PT543S99, 27PT5441, 27PT5441/37, 27PT544137, 27PT5445, 27PT5445/37, 27PT5445/37B, 27PT544537, 27PT6341, 27PT6341/07, 27PT6341/07P, 27PT6441, 27PT6441/37, 27PT644137, 27PT6442, 27PT6442/37, 27PT644237, 27PTS441/37, 29PT643R85A, 29PT6441/44, 29PT644144, 29PT644185, 29PT663144, 29PT663S85A, 313922886461, 313922886462, 313922886463, 32PT54, 32PT541S, 32PT541S37G, 32PT543S, 32PT543S/17, 32PT543S37A, 32PT543S37G, 32PT543S99, 32PT5441, 32PT5441/37, 32PT544137, 32PT563R, 32PT563R85G, 33PT5441/85, 33PT544185, 37X, 85, HC0119C322, RC19335004/01, RC19335004/01A, RCLU011

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original PHILIPS RC19335004/01 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original PHILIPS RC19335004/01 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

MODEL: RC19335004/01
PN: RC19335004/01, 313922886464, RCLU011

Model: RC19335004/01
Part Number: 313922886463
UPC: Philips
Associated Number: RC19335004/01P
Catalogue No.: 12018
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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