PHILIPS RC1113124/01 TV Remote Control

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Notice: The original PHILIPS RC1113124/01 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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PHILIPS RC1113124/01 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 27MT5005D, 27MT5005D/37, 27MT5005D/37B, 27MT5005D37, 27MT5005D37B, 27MT6005D, 27MT6005D/37, 27MT6005D/37B, 27MT6005D37, 27MT6005D37B, 32MT5015D, 32MT5015D/37, 32MT5015D/37B, 32MT6015D, 32MT6015D/37, 32MT6015D/37B, 32MT6015D37, 32MT6015D37B, 51MP6100D, 51MP6100D/37, 51MP6100D/37B, 51MP6100D37, 51PP91, 51PP9100, 51PP9100D, 51PP9100D/37, 51PP9100D37, 60PP91, 60PP9100, 60PP9100D, 60PP9100D/37, RCLU022

Compatible with TV models: 06010W28A000X, 13MT1432, 13MT1432/17, 13MT1432/17B, 13MT143217, 13MT143217B, 13MT1433, 13MT1433/17, 13MT1433/17B, 13MT143317, 13MT143317B, 13MT143S, 13MT143S99, 13MT1532, 13MT1533, 13PR20, 13PR20C121, 19PR20C1, 19PR21, 19PR21C, 19PR21C1, 19PR21C121, 19PR21C122, 19PR21C125, 19PR21C222, 19PS57, 19PS57C, 19PS57C121, 19PS57C125, 20MS233S, 20MS233S99, 20MT1335S, 20MT133S, 20MT133S99, 27MT6005D/37, 27PT9015D, 27PT9015D/37, 27PT9015D37, 313912540563, 313922883601, 32PT7005D, 32PT7005D37, 32PT9005D, 32PT9005D/37, 32PT9005D37, 6710V00072A, 996500023731, 996500025975, MVD2704, PR1320, PR1320C, PR1320C121, PR1921, PR1921C, PR1921C1, PR1921C121, PR1921C125, PS1947, PS1947C, PS1947C1, PS1947C121, PS1947C125, RC1113124/01

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

MODEL: RC1113124 / 01
PN: 31392381031


Model: RC1113124/01
Part Number: 313923810931
Catalogue No.: 35721
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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