483521917595 RR7656 PHILIPS
(No Longer Available)

PHILIPS 483521917595 TV Remote Control

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The original PHILIPS 483521917595 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR7656 PHILIPS remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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  • RR7656 PHILIPS/RR7656
    RR7656 PHILIPS Remote Control


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PHILIPS 483521917595 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 20T101, 27T500C101, 32T600, 32T600C101, FP3291, FP3291A, FP3291A101, FP4760, MAGTP25908, MAGTP2590B, RNH9804K01, RP2545, RP2545A1, RPK723, RRK810, RS1960W2, RS1970C121, T52560, TD2770C, TP2270C, TP2590, TP2590B101, TP259OB, TP2770, TP2770C, TP2770C1, TP2770C101, TP2770C102, TP2770C103, TP2770E106, TP277OC, TP2781C101, TP2790B, TP2790B101, TP3290, TP3290B101, TPP2770C, TS2570, TS2770, TS277UC, TV27700, UR414DA, UR414SDA

Compatible with TV models: 25T200C1, 25TSC601, 27600C101, 27T500, 27T600, 27TSC6, 27TSC621, 32F400, 32T600, 32T600C1, 32T607C102, 32XS50, 47TP60, 52TP52, 52TP54, 53TP30, 53TP60, 53TP60C, 53TP60C103, 7P6041C101, 7P6051C101, AZ758317, CP4610, CP4778, CP5210, CT2741, CT2746, CT3210, CVK300AV01, FP2784A101, FP2784A102, FP2786, FP2786B, FP2786B101, FP2786B102, FP3284A101, FP3291, FP3291A, FP3291A1, FP3291A101, FP4610, FP4611, FP4630, FP5210, FP5230, FP5360, FS4620, FW3555C1, FW5360, G170GF, G175CDBA02, GNB12700, GNB12802, GNB12902, HD2650, M144DBAA02, M174DCAA01, MP2988C1, MP2989C1, MS2678C1, MS2679C1, MS2953C1, MS2954C1, MS2955C1, MS2956C1, MX3274B, PR1312C, RP1945, RP1945W101, RP2545, RP2545A1, RP2545A104, RP2546, RP2574, RP2575, RP2575A102, RP2575A103, RP2575A205, RPK723, RPK723CH01, RPK723CH02, RPS730, RPS730A101, RRK810, RS2080, RSK440AK03, RSK451, T927982B, TP2590, TP2590B, TP2590B1, TP2590B101, TP2770, TP2770C1, TP2770C101, TP2770C102, TP2770C106, TP2782, TP2790, TP2790B1, TP2790B101, TP2790B102, TP2792B, TP2792B101, TP2792B102, TP2792B103, TP2792C, TP2794, TP2794B101, TP2794B102, TP27982B, TP326B, TP3272C, TP3290, TP3290B1, TP3290B101, TP3296B, TP3296B101, TP3537C, TR2512, TS2542C, TS2570, TS2582C, TS2760C1, TS3270, XP2590, XP2590B1, XP2590B101, XS2550, XS2550C1, XS2761, XS3270B1

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917595 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917595 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


P/N: 483521917595

Model: 483521917595
Part Number: G174CCAA02
Catalogue No.: 4699
This remote control controls units : TV

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