483521917589 RR7656 PHILIPS
(No Longer Available)

PHILIPS 483521917589 Remote Control

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The original PHILIPS 483521917589 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR7656 PHILIPS remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $14.95

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We recommend the following replacement

  • RR7656 PHILIPS/RR7656
    RR7656 PHILIPS Remote Control


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PHILIPS 483521917589 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: 13R200C101, 32TP72C1, FP52519, FP5251G101, FP5251G104, FP5370G101, PTV710AH01, TP2526C102, 47UP70, 47UP72, 47UP72G198, 53UP70, 53UP72, CS4536P1, FP3272, FP4620W, FP4640W104, FP4770, FP5240, FP5240W, FP5240W104, FP5251, FP5370G, FPS272A, HD2715C202, MAGPR1914C, MAGTP2782C, MAGTS2773, PR1312C, PR1914C, PR1916C, PS1952C, PS1960, PS1962C, PS1962C121, RK4482, RK4910, RK6070AK03, RP2545A, RP2545A104, RP2786B1, RS2080C1, RX4325WA0Z, SLV441, TP2525, TP2526, TP2526C103, TP2782C, TP27882C, TP3272C, TP3272C103, TR2512, TR2512C, TRC2512C, TS2542C, TS2582, TS2582C, TS2582C101, TS2752C, TS2753C101, TS2773C, TS2776, TS2776C, TS2776C103, TS3262C, 46UP40, 46UP40W, 47UP70G101, 47UP72G104, FP240W, FP4640W, FP4640W101, FP4650, FP4650W101, FP4651G101, FP4770G101, FP5240W101, FP5240W102, FP5250W, FP5250W101, FP5250W102, FP5250W104

Compatible with models: 2527COLOR, 25TS72, 25TS72C1, 25TS72C101, 25TS72C103, 25TS72C202, 25TS72C204, 25TSC6, 25TSC60, 25TSC601, 25TSC60101, 25TSC62104, 25TSC62110, 27600C101, 27K221, 27K221SB, 27PS82, 27PS82C1, 27PS82C101, 27PS82C102, 27PS82C103, 27T502, 27T502C1, 27T502C101, 27T502C102, 27T502C103, 27T502C104, 27TP82, 27TP82C1, 27TP82C101, 27TP82C103, 27TP82C104, 27TSC6, 27TSC60, 27TSC601, 27TSC60101, 27TSC62, 27TSC621, 27TSC62102, 27V504, 31H332SA01, 32T607C102, 32TP72, 32TP72C1, 32TP72C101, 32TP72C103, 47TP60, 53TP30, 53TP60C, 53TP60C103, 7P6041C101, 7P6051C101, AV1977A1, AV1977A102, AV2726, AV2726B, AV2726B1, AV2726B101, AV2726B198, AV2726B199, AV2767A1, AZ758317, C5831CPN01, CC2545, CLB378AR03, CP4620, CP4778, CP5220, CVK300AV01, CX9716, DS1962C, FP2772, FP2772A1, FP2772A101, FP2772A102, FP2772A103, FP2772A2, FP2772A204, FP2774, FP2774B1, FP2774B101, FP2774B102, FP2774B103, FP2774B2, FP2774B204, FP2784A101, FP2784A102, FP2786, FP2786B, FP2786B101, FP2786B102, FP3272, FP3272A, FP3272A1, FP3272A101, FP3272A102, FP3272A2, FP3272A203, FP3272A204, FP3274, FP3284A101, FP3291A, FP4611, FP4611W101, FP4620, FP4620RW, FP4620W, FP4620W101, FP4620W103, FP4620W199, FP4622, FP4625, FP4625W1, FP4625W103, FP5220, FP5220W, FP5220W101, FP5220W103, FP5220W199, FP5222, FS2762, FS2762A1, FS2762A101, FS2762A102, FS2762A103, FS2770, FS2770B101, FS2770B102, FS2770B103, FS3262, FS3262A1, FS3262A101, FS3262A103, FS3270, FS3270B101, FW3555C1, FW5360, G170GF, G175CDBA02, HD2515C101, HD2650, HD2715, HD2715C, HD2715C2, HD2715C201, HD2715C202, HD2715C203, M144DABA02, M144DABA03, M145DABA02, M145DBBA02, M146SBAA01, M175DBBA02, MDRIF33, MX3274B, PR1312C, PR1915, PR1915C, PR1915C1, PR1915C121, PS1952C, PS1962, PS1962C, PS1962C1, PS1962C101, PS1962C121, PS1962C122, PS1980, PS1980B, PS1980B121, RC7320, RC7320AS01, RJ4348, RJ4349, RJ4484AK01, RJ8530, RK6070AK04, RK8530, RKK191, RLJ926PE01, RLS430AK02, RNF610, RNF921, RNF980, RNH601, RNH601WA01, RNH613, RNH958, RNH980, RP1945, RP1945W101, RP2545, RP2545A1, RP2545A104, RP2546, RP2574, RP2575, RP2575A102, RP2575A103, RP2575A205, RPH542, RPH713CH02, RPJ514AK01, RPJ700WA01, RPK550, RR2040C1, RS1980, RS2041WA01, RS2080, RS5556CH03, RSH423, RSH432, RSL43046, RX4856, Sub483521917706.483521917589, T927982B, TP2525, TP2525C201, TP2526, TP2526C, TP2526C1, TP2526C101, TP2526C102, TP2526C103, TP2526C2, TP2526C204, TP2526C205, TP2526CT204, TP2574, TP2574C, TP2574C1, TP2574C101, TP2575, TP2575C1, TP2575C101, TP2590, TP2592, TP2592B1, TP2592B101, TP2592B102, TP2770, TP2774, TP2774C1, TP2774C101, TP2777, TP2777C1, TP2777C101, TP2777C102, TP2777C103, TP2779, TP2779C1, TP2779C101, TP2782, TP2782C1, TP2782C101, TP2782C102, TP2782C103, TP2782C104, TP2792B, TP2792B101, TP2792B102, TP2792B103, TP2792C, TP2794, TP2794B101, TP2794B102, TP27982B, TP3170, TP3170C1, TP3170C101, TP3269, TP3269C, TP3269C1, TP3269C101, TP3269C102, TP326B, TP3270, TP3272, TP3272C, TP3272C101, TP3272C103, TP3287, TP3287C101, TP3287C103, TP3296B, TP3296B101, TP3537C, TP3569, TP3569C, TP3569C101, TP3587, TR2512, TS2542C, TS255, TS2552C203, TS2560, TS2560B1, TS2560B101, TS2560C, TS2560C1, TS2566C121, TS2572, TS2572C, TS2572C1, TS2572C101, TS2572C103, TS2572C105, TS2572C2, TS2572C202, TS2572C204, TS2582C, TS2756, TS2756C, TS2756C101, TS2756C102, TS2756C103, TS2760, TS2760C, TS2760C1, TS2760C101, TS2760C102, TS2760C2, TS2760C203, TS2760C207, TS2773, TS2773C, TS2773C1, TS2773C101, TS2773C102, TS2773C103, TS2773C104, TS2773C105, TS3270, TS3270B, TS3270B1, TS3270B101, TS3270R101, TS3272, TS3272C1, TS3272C101, TS3272C103, TS3293, TS3562C, XS1962, XS1962C1, XS1962C121, XS2761, XS2761C1, XS2765, XS3268, XS3270, XS3272, XS3272C, XS3272C1, XS3272C101, XS3272C103, XS5660, XS5660C1, XS5660C101, XS5660C102, XS5660C103, XS5660C104

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Product description

The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917589 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917589 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Replacement: YQ20773A, 312124792031

Model: 483521917589
Part Number: 483521917589
UPC: Philips
Catalogue No.: 11991

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