483521917481 RR7656 PHILIPS
(No Longer Available)

PHILIPS 483521917481 Remote Control

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The original PHILIPS 483521917481 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR7656 PHILIPS remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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  • RR7656 PHILIPS/RR7656
    RR7656 PHILIPS Remote Control


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PHILIPS 483521917481 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: RS2041WA01, RJ8530, MDRIF33, RLJ926PE01, 2527COLOR, PS1952C, 27K221, FP4620W, RSH423, RSH432, RNH958, RNH980, RS1980, TR2512, RK8530, RPH542, RPK550, 27K221SB, RPJ700WA01, RX4856, RJ4484AK01, RK6070AK04, RS5556CH03, RNF610, CX9716, RJ4349, RR2040C1, RNF921, RPH713CH02, RNF980, TP2525, RNH601, RNH613, RC7320, RC7320AS01, 31H332SA01, C5831CPN01, CC2545, CLB378AR03, RJ4348, RKK191, RLS430AK02, RNH601WA01, RPJ514AK01, RSL43046

Compatible with models: CLJ242, CLJ2424, CLJ2426, CLJ242AK01, CLJ242PE01, CLJ246, CLJ246PE01, M0222ABD02, R4075B, R4075BWA01, R4075BWA02, R4075BWA03, R4075BWA04, R5071, R5071A, R5071AWA01, R5075B, R5075BWA01, R5882A, R5882APE02, R5882B, R5882BPE02, R5883, R5883B, R5883BAK01, R5883BPE01, R5883W, R5932, R5932A, R5932APE01, R5932PE01, R5932PE03, R6980A, R6980AAK01, R6982, R6982A, R6982AE02, R6982APE, R6982APE02, R6982PE02, RG4254, RG4254WA01, RG4332, RG4332WA01, RG4332WA07, RG4549AK, RG4549AK01, RG4550, RG4550AK01, RG4950, RG4950AK01, RG4956, RG4956PE01, RG5940, RG5940AK01, RG5940AK02, RG5946, RG5946PE01, RG5946PE02, RG5946PE05, RG5950, RG5950AK01, RG5960, RG5960AK01, RG5960AK02, RH4332, RH4332WA01, RH4332WA03, RH4340, RH4340WA01, RH4340WA02, RH4340WA03, RH4340WA04, RH4540, RH4540WA01, RH4542, RH4542AK01, RH4550, RH4550WA01, RH4551, RH4551AK01, RH4558, RH4558AK01, RH4558AK07, RH4950, RH4950AK01, RH4952, RH4952AK01, RH4956, RH4956PE01, RH5940, RH5940AK, RH5940AK01, RH5948, RH5948PE01, RH9940, RH9940AK01, RH9946, RH9946PE01, RH9953, RH9953HP01, RJ4330, RJ4330WA01, RJ4330WA02, RJ4334, rj4340, RJ4340WA01, RJ4342, RJ4344, RJ4348, RJ4349, RJ4484, RJ4484AK01, RJ4558, RJ5540, RJ5540AK01, RJ5542, RJ5542CH01, RJ6020, RJ6024, RJ6024AK01, RJ6024HP01, RJ6026, RJ6026PE01, RK8550, RKF178, RKF198, RKF198CH02, RKH178, RKH190, RKJ178, RKJ178WA01, RKJ178WA02, RKJ190, RKJ190WA01, RKJ195, RKJ195CH01, RKJ195CH02, RLF351, RLF351AK01, RLH350, RLH350AK01, RLH351, RLH351AK01, RLH353, RLH353HP01, RLJ320, RLJ320WA01, RLJ352, RLJ352AK01, RLJ356, RLJ356PE01, RLJ912, RLJ912AK01, RLJ916, RLJ916PE01, RLJ922, RLJ922AK01, RLJ926, RLJ926PE01, RNF337, RNF337PE01, RNF338, RNF338AK01, RNF351, RNF352, RNF352AK01, RNF352AK05, RNF354, RNF354HP01, RNF354HP02, RNF354HP05, RNF356, RNF356PE01, RNF356PE03, RNF356PE05, RNF357, RNF357PE01, RNF372, RNF372AK01, RNF601, RNF601WA01, RNF610, RNF610CH, RNF610CH01, RNF610CH02, RNF921, RNF921AK01, RNF922, RNF922PE01, RNF924, RNF924HP03, RNF980, RNF980AK01, RNF981, RNF981AK01, RNF981AK04, RNH352, RNH352AK01, RNH354, RNH354HP01, RNH601, RNH601WA01, RNH611, RNH611CH01, RNH611CH02, RNH921, RNH921AK01, RNH926, RNH926AK01, RNH926PE01, RNH937, RNH937PE01, RNH938, RNH938PE01, RNJ608, RPF590, RPF702, RPF702AK01, RPJ510, RPJ514, RPJ516, RPJ516PE01, RPJ700, RPJ700WA01, RPJ930, RPJ936, RPJ936PE01, RPK591, S143CCAB02, SWR462, SWR523, TF2623, XJ4348, XJ4488

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917481 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917481 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

P/N: 483521917481, FP4620W, 483521917589, 483521917656, 483539517303, MD2000

Model: 483521917481
Part Number: RC7320
UPC: Philips
Catalogue No.: 10869

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